Best Grease for Mower Spindles

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You need blood to keep your body working optimally. In the same way, grease is the blood that flows through the arteries and veins of the movable joints and bearings of your lawn mower.

If you want your lawn mower to post a topnotch performance and serve you a little longer, you need to invest in high-quality and reliable grease.

Investing in the best grease for mower spindles will protect your mower spindles from friction, water and rust.

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It will also improve the durability and performance of your mower. However, these properties are widely dependent on the type of grease you are using on your mower.

What is a Lawn Mower Spindle?

These are the essential parts of your mowers cutting deck. The decks, pulleys and spindles work together to rotate the mower’s blades for a smooth cut. If the parts are not well-greased, they will wear out due to friction.

This might cause the parts to break or even bent – and as a result, it prevents them from spinning. You know what that means: reduced productivity and extra costs of repairs and replacement.

Best Grease for Mower Spindles reviews

Getting great grease requires you to dive deeper in research – and that might eat on your productive time. However, we love doing the dirty job for you so that you can shop with confidence.

In this review, we have rounded up 3 best grease for mower spindles for you so that you can shop with confidence:

1.     Stens 770-123″00″ Grease

If you are looking for grease that bears sufficient consistency that works perfectly for gear boxes, disc drives, and lawn mower parts, this grease will be a great pick for you.

Why are we including Stens 770-123” 00” Grease in our list of best grease for mower spindles? Firstly, the manufacturer, Stens is renowned for manufacturing high quality material and spares parts that keep outdoor home improvement equipment performing better.

Thanks to their exceptional performance, Stens replacement parts are favorite among landscape and lawn professionals.

 Secondly, the grease is capable of handling extreme temperature and pressure situations. Thirdly, the container contains an easy to handle shape that is great for holding and also pouring the grease safely into the required location. Lastly, the product’s quality and effectiveness is topnotch. These are some of the reasons it attracts and commands love from different people.

The grease we were using on Cub Cadet Xt1 Enduro Series riding mower wasn’t good. Unbeknown to us, we used to spend too much on what we thought was usual repairs and replacements.

When we shared the problem with our friend who is a mechanic, he suggested Stens 770-123″00″ Grease. We were hesitant at first. Later on, we decided to give it a go. I would say, this is great stuff – and especially so if you need one for that space that requires an ‘in-between’ kind of consistency – the kind that runs in between the normal ‘‘grease’’ and the SAE 90/140 or SAE 80/90 gear oil.

It is an easy to do kind of a loose paste that doesn’t drip once applied to the spindles. It’s already 2 years down the line. and impressively, no major repairs or replacements done.

Overall, it is great grease for your money.


  • The packaging is great, making it easy to handle the grease bottle
  • The grease has sufficient consistency that is great for lawn mowers


  • The grease might be harmful to small children. Make sure you are keeping away from it.
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How do you load a mini grease gun?

2.     Briggs & Stratton Grease Gun Refill Kit 100058

This is another made-in-the US grease we are including in our list of the best grease for mower spindles.

Most of the time, this grease is available for use in Briggs & Stratton grease guns so that the grease package works as the cartridge for the grease gun. If you have this grease gun, purchasing the grease should be a no brainer.

Why do we love it? There are a number of plus points we like about this grease. It ticks all the right boxes – the package is easy to install, the grease is easy to apply. Besides, the grease leaves no mark on your hands after application.

Looks like everyone loves taking a shot of their own poison. While my love for Tens 770-123″00″ Grease runs deep, my dad can’t do anything other than the Briggs & Stratton grease.

He owns a Briggs & Stratton grease gun; I guess that is why going for the grease is a no brainer for him. Or, probably the quality slays him. He orders the tubes in bulk. Besides, the grease fits the gun perfectly and works great on the joints of the spindles.

Each grease package offers you 3 cartridges that help you refill your Briggs & Stratton grease quick enough so you can easily grease your lawn mowers spindle ready for the next tasks.

What’s more? The grease’s quality is ideal for different uses, and never lags when it comes to performance.


  • It is clean and effective.
  • It offers long-term protection against rust, friction, and other problems.
  • easy to install and apply


  • It will take some time to effectively master how to use this grease.

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3.     Deere Original Equipment Grease #TY6341

If you are looking for top-quality protection of your mower spindles, you can’t do without this grease.

Why are we including it in our list of the best grease for mower spindles? Firstly, the grease comes from John Deere, a brand renown for manufacturing high-quality products.

No doubt their grease is no exception when it comes to providing perfect lubrication needed to protect your mower from rust, and friction. The John Deere Original Equipment Grease is highly effective especially on high-speed parts of the mower spindles.

The grease is also suitable for lubricating wheel bearings, suspension systems, universal joints, anti-friction and also plain-bearings.

When I bought my Branson tractor, I could not wait to buy John Deere grease because I wanted so badly to have it run like a typical John Deere. Well, jokes aside, the grease works miracles for me. I’m not sure how others fair, but it is 6 years down the line and I hardly have to repair or replace the pulley systems, bearings and other parts of the mower spindles. I’m not sure whether I am going to need another brand in the future. 


  • High quality grease
  • Great price
  • Works against environmental contamination


    You need to carefully handle the grease, though.

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 best grease gun for your money

Final Words

Greasing your mower spindles will prevent you from incurring losses due to repairs and replacements.

But not all greases will work just fine. We have compiled a list of the best grease for mower spindles out there that we believe will be of great help to you. If you don’t have much time, just take a walk of faith, and get one that you feel suits your needs.

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