Led lights for zero turn mowers reviews

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Aftermarket lights for zero turn mowers are an option if the existing headlights have stopped working (where applicable) or you’re getting ready for nighttime mowing.

We have sorted out these handy adds on and we present our preferred choices in this guide.

Of course, we are assuming you want something that’s pretty bright and good enough to allow you mow at night.

If that’s you, here are the lights for zero turn mowers to help you create daylight if you must cut grass after dusk.

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Best LED lights for zero turn mower reviews       

These lighting kits are often designed for DIY installation and are a nice choice if you fancy do-it-yourself stuff.

Don’t fret if DIY projects are not your thing- we will teach you how to install led lights on lawn tractor after this.

1. Nilight LED Light Bar, 20-Inch 126w Spot Flood Combo,

This 126W high intensity LED product perfectly mixes and matches flood and spot beams and has one of the longest long illumination distances to go with a broader view.

The pure white 6000K-6500K color temperature helps it produce great natural white light effect when switched on at night.

Built-in heat-dissipating silicone gel along with the redesigned aluminum alloy housing means you’ll have it for over 30000 hours.

You’ll receive an adjustable mounting bracket with the package and it installs within minutes.


  • Waterproof (IP67), dustproof, and anti-corrosive.
  • High-quality unit (FCC, CE, and RoHS Certified).
  • Universal fit for lawn mowers.


  • Nothing major to report.

2. Northpole Light LED Light Bar

This is another light bar to consider as it provides a uniform beam pattern that will light up the yard impressively when it starts to get dark.

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The 18W bar offers 1980 lumens of brightness at 6000K color temperature and works great on zero turn mowers.

Despite being among the brightest options, it won’t draw too much power thanks to the eco-friendly consumption.

You are also guaranteed many seasons of grass trimming thanks to the tough design (Black painted reinforced aluminum housing, stainless steel mounting bracket, shatterproof lenses, IP67 waterproof LED construction, etc.)

It comes with a 1-year Worry-free warranty.


  • Incredibly easy to install.
  • Heavy duty.
  • Low energy draw.


  • The customer service is sometimes slow to respond.

3. Ambother Pods Light LED Bar

For those looking for the absolute maximum brightness, these Ambother LED pod lights are potentially the best option.

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Unlike any of the other alternatives, these produce an eyecatching 12800 lumens in total (6000K super bright white light) and will effectively turn mowing nights to day.

These are excellent all-round lights for zero turn mowers and provide extreme distant plus wider view area lighting because of the spot-flood combo beam design (15° spot/170° flood).

Like their competition, these meet IP67 waterproof international standard and are built for the long haul (they’re housed by aluminum alloy die-casting shell and are shockproof too).

In fact, the manufacturer promises over 100000 running hours!


  • Crisp lighting for night time cutting.
  • Amazing lifespan.
  • Fit for dozens of z-turn brands.


  • A tad pricier than Northpole 18w light.

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Zero turn mower lights shopping guide

Variables like lumens and the color band are big factors (because of brightness) but at the end of the day, there’s more to it than that.

Here is what else you should care about.

1.      Will it fit your z-turn mower?

You must be careful and choose lights with the right wattage and this call for you to have an idea about the output the alternator in your particular mower’s engine can achieve.

The best way to work out if it will work is by totaling the draw of all the electric devices (starting with the clutch), and see what’s left.

Be sure to select lights that can run with the unused draw to avoid running the battery down.

2.      Will it mount on your Z-Turn without too much hassle?

You don’t want to spend hours on end with jumper wires and electrical testing tools trying to figure out how to mount and have it work.

For this reason, select lights for zero turn mowers that have clearly illustrated directions to allow easily run the wiring and do all hookup.

3.      HID or LED?

People often split hairs debating HID vs LED and it’s good that we clear the air.

Overall, LED lights tend to be cheaper and have a longer lifespan since they have no moving parts/filaments.

Plus, most are shockproof.

On the other hand, HID lights are definitely more expensive but, in return, you get very bright lighting out the front.

The other major problem with HID is that they’re significantly more fragile compared to their rivals and that could sway your decision.

All said and done, most people seem to favor LED for lawn tractors perhaps because of their friendlier pricing.

And just so that you know, spot beam/pencil beam LEDs generally shine as bright and as far as HID lights.

4.      Others

  • Is there a switch or does the light turn on with a key? – Both options are available.
  • How great is the customer support? If it’s a high quality product, the manufacturer is likely to offer you an extended warranty and 24-hour friendly support (phone/email).

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How to wire lights on zero turn mower       

Before we start, understand that it’s best to fix the lights where they won’t become a hindrance.

Having said that, the roll bar, front of the caster wheel housing, or in front of the mower’s control levers happen to be some of the most practical positions for new lights for most folks.

The steps are not that intimidating as you’ll learn next (your manual has the complete procedure):

Step 1: Drill a suitably-sized hole (possibly 1/16 -1/8-inch bigger than your light’s mounts).

Step 2: Push the lights’ mount straight through the hole you’ve just made. Place the accompanying lock washer onto the mount and proceed to thread the mount’s retaining bolt onto the threads.

Step 3: Tighten the stud but make sure that the light stands in your desired position before doing this.

Step 4: Locate the battery and detach the negative cable end (the black one) from the battery terminal.

Step 5: Crimp an electrical connector to your LED light relay. Do the same for negative wire on your light.

Step 6: Route the two to battery area (crimp a wire with suitable length if necessary).

Step 7: Look for a bolt (on the frame) that you can connect the 2 wire connectors for the important light as well as light relay grounding. Attach them to the identified nut.

Check that that they’re not touching the deck or any moving part (Zip tie either of them out of the way where necessary).

Step 8: Feed the headlights positive wire to the lawnmower’s frame until you come to a convenient spot where you can easily connect it to the battery’s live cable.

Step 9: Cut the positive (red) battery cable with a wire cutter and secure the free positive light’s electrical wire to the positive inlet. Crimping a connector to the light cable will help you fasten it well.

Step 10: Again double check that the cabling doesn’t have contact with any moving components.

Step 11: Connect the negative cable back to its battery terminal and test your lights.

Don’t let bad weather or a tight schedule separate you from your mowing hobby. 

Just rig up the lights for zero turn mowers you have loved most and get down to work.

The only thing that could spoil the fun after night settles in is the insects swarming all over you and the mower.

Other than that- and it’s something you can control with chemical-based or even natural bug repellants- mowing at night can be enormously pleasurable.

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