Best Log Splitter Attachment for Skid Steer

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We all need firewood for different reasons. But, getting small branches that fit the wood stove or firebox isn’t always easy. At times, you might be required to split huge logs into small chunks that can conveniently be used in the fireboxes using axes, wedges or mauls.

However, you will be doing yourself a huge disfavor if you spend hours on end on an axe, wedges or mauls splitting logs for firewood. The hours you put in of hard work will produce a mere dozen of log woods and a horrid serving of blisters on your hands.

That is where log splitter attachments comes in.

To avoid courting all that mess, brilliant gardeners, home owners or estate managers are investing in good skid steer log splitters.

What is a log splitter?

A wood or log splitter is a tool that is used to split pre-cut logs or wood chunks into smaller splices. The machine uses a saw bench or chainsaw for cutting. Some are hydraulic, some are electrical and others have pistons to generate tons. 

Wood splitters for skid steer are meant for lighter jobs for cabin or home are usually 10-15 tons. However, there are other log splitters intended for professional or commercial use and are usually 30 tons plus.

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Best log splitter attachments for skid steer reviews

If you own a skid steer, it makes the job easier for you. You need to purchase a good log splitter attachment for skid steer that will help you perform different wood splitting tasks in your garden, or for commercial purposes – in the shortest time possible. You can also use it to clean up your yard or fetch firewood for different uses.

However, not all log splitters will work for your specific needs. 

In this review, we have rounded up top 3 log splitter attachments for skid steer out there.

1. Powerhorse 3-Pt. best skid steer log splitter – 22 Tons

Powerhorse is a 3- point log splitter, and one of the most celebrated leaders in wood cutting gardening equipment out there.

It is a portable and lightweight log splitter attachment for skid steer. That is why it is capturing the attention of most gardeners – both professionals and amateurs alike. Thanks to the 3-point hitches, splitter will easily attach to category 1 and 2 of the skid steers. It also effectively connects to the skids hydraulic system to power its 24’’ hydraulic cylinder.

Powerhorse features a user friendly design and a binary option that allows you to switch between horizontal and vertical operations effortlessly. The steel built I-beam supports the bracketing, and thus helps keep the log splitter not only durable but also long lasting.

For your convenience, the tool comes with a bolt-on cradle that will keep logs centred on the wedge. That way, you won’t have to worry about uneven cuts in case the logs roll off the I-beam. If you have large logs, you can easily convert vertical splitting, making the operation effortless.

However, the tool lacks an independent hydraulic system and relies heavily on the skid steer. If you don’t own a skid already, it becomes highly ridiculous to secure one just for the sake of your machine.


  • Highly powerful
  • Attaches easily to the skid steer with its attach mounting plate
  • Comes with a log cradle and an auto-return wedge.  
  • The log splitters hydraulic cylinder connects well with the skid steers hydraulic system to produce an exceptional splitting force.
  • Binary operations – It is easy to switch between horizontal and vertical.
  • Conveniently build for both category 1 and 2 skid steers.


  • Slightly expensive compared to other log splitter attachments for skid steers out there.
  • Highly depended  on Skid steer for mobility
  • I-beam susceptible to water damage

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2. Titan Attachments Hydraulic Log Wood Splitter Skid Steer

Are you looking for an industrial grade log splitter attachment for skid steer that will work magic for you? This splitter from Titan is one of the highly celebrated hydraulic log splitters out there that perfectly attaches to the skid steer.

It is robust and powerful than most competitors and easily caters to the needs of the gardeners.

Note that this is a multi-position wood splitter for skid steer. The tool is packed with a 30 ton cylinder that delivers more splitting force than most competitors out there. As a result, it can handle harder and wider logs of wood with a lot of ease.

Besides, the splitter is designed to offer you two splitting positions that you can utilize to quarter logs to a maximum of 24’’ in length. The binary operations – so you can switch between horizontal and vertical – as a result, allowing you the convenience you need while on the job.

The Titan’s standard skid steer mount plate fits perfectly on most machines. The flat face couplers, on the other hand, help keep pressure within the standard and high-flow systems.

It also comes with a four-way splitting blade that will give you the much needed efficiency you need and avoid getting stuck while on the job.  The universal tractor mount, on the other hand, can match any skid steer while Skid Steer Tach helps improve the overall efficiency of the splitting process.

This is a good choice for you if you are looking for the best skid steer log splitter attachment that will split even the most stubborn, wet and knotty logs, you can’t go wrong with this titan. 


  • It’s not as pricey compared to other attachments out there.
  • Attachment easy to attach to a bobcat or skid steer
  • The attachment’s universal truck mount that fits perfectly on different types of steers.
  • Very powerful. Packs a cylinder that generates a force of 30 tons.
  • Doesn’t allow clogs


  • Although the price is fair, the 1-year warranty doesn’t sound so good.
  • Some people complain that the log ejector bends easily.
  • It’s bulky – 570 pounds makes it hard to drag around the garden.

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3. Powerhorse Horizontal/Vertical Log Splitter –

If you are looking to upgrade to a heavy duty log splitter, this is a perfect for you. It packs a powerful hydraulic system that not only protects the hydraulic system components but also makes them more durable.

The Powerhorse is designed to perform and last longer. Thanks to Powerhorse’s 10 Micron Zinga-made filter, you no longer have to worry about contaminants clogging your system during and after operation. The 100 mesh strainer, on the other hand, acts pre-filter. As a result, it helps prolong the life of the pump, valves, and return line filter. It also constrains contaminants from as a suitables that arise during the operation.

Powerhorse filter removes contaminants created during operation or introduced when adding or changing oil going upstream of the return filter. But it is the vertical splitting capabilities of the log attachment that makes it one of the most favourite heavy duty log splitter attachments out there.             

Besides, it allows you to split larger logs than you normally would with other splitters. This model of Powerhorse can even split log s that are greater in diameter than the specified diameter. Especially if you are splitting a softwood.

But you will have to do several pass attempts. Thanks to the 2’’ ball coupler, you can easily tow this splitter to your work site. The high speed 8’’ allows you to tow it at a speed of 45mph.


●       Easy to start and use.

  • Ram Force – 22 Tons

●       Can splitter larger logs

●       Vertical splitting position ideal for bigger and longer logs.

●       Powerful, OHV 212CC Powerhorse engine

  • 14 seconds cycle time.


  • Some users reported mild engine issues

Final words

A good log splitter attachment for skid steer can be put in different uses. You can use it in your home garden/yard, cabin, motel, or your restaurant.  However, getting the best log splitter attachment that connects well to your skid steer and the job done isn’t as easy.

You have to do the dirty job of navigating through a heap of brands until you get your best. In this review, we have discussed two, highly celebrated log splitter attachments you might want to purchase.

You can buy one of the ones we have discussed here or spend hours on end of your productive time digging the internet for a different brand. But at the end of the day, make sure you are not going to toss your hard-earned money in the bin.

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