Umbrella for riding lawn mower/universal lawn tractor sunshade

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A good way of keeping shaded while you mow your way to a beautiful lawn is by mounting an umbrella on your mowing machine.

This guide got your back if you’re shopping for an umbrella for riding lawn mower.

Of course, prolonged exposure to the sun can cause skin care issues like wrinkles, dark spots, and even skin cancer.

So, why would you cut grass during those blazing hot, sunniest sections of the day without protection? 

Here are universal lawn tractor sunshades to save you from the sun (or a sudden spring showers) if you own a riding lawn mower.

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Umbrella for riding lawn mower – product reviews

These products could be worth to include in your shopping list as you get ready for a busy cutting season coming summer.

1.     International Resources Tractor -universal lawn tractor sunshade

The first way to stay dry and cool is by attaching this universal lawn tractor sunshade

It’s built to work on all types of tractors including riding mowers- it comes with a universal mounting bracket that adapts to various pieces of outdoor equipment.

And as with many other top-rated tractor umbrellas, the size (it’s about 4 ½ ft. x 4 ½ ft.) is sufficient to give you some much-needed coverage as you work on your lush, green property in extreme heat.

The shaft is constructed from 1¼ inches steel tubing and the canopy made of heavy-duty canvas/vinyl for extra durability.

The canopy is well supported too and it won’t be turned inside-out by strong winds.

The other unique thing about this affordable product is that it comes in a couple of bright colors making it a brilliant pick for those with a great taste of fashion.

The umbrella comes complete with the cover, frame, and mounting bracket.


  • Folds easily-push in the 4 clips.
  • Well-written instructions.
  • Rigid framework -withstands elements.


  • Wish it could be easier to detach.
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2.     Great Day TAP1000 – Umbrella for riding lawn mower

If you want to bring some comfort and a touch of class to your riding mower, then you’ll love the Great Day TAP1000 Tractor/lawn mower Canopy.

The UV-resistant, super-tough canopy (measures 36 in. wide x 46 in. long) is sure to stay fade-resistant for years.

On the same token, the metal frame is crafted from aircraft aluminum and further powder-coated for years of reliable service.

In fact, every other part is top, top quality despite its reasonable price point.

Another thing: It lets you easily adjust the base vertical structures and the roll-bar angle when attaching it to your riding lawn mower tractor so you mount it in no time.

It also removes in seconds (no tools).

Overall, it works amazingly well and the unit is adequately supported for those windy days. 


  • Excellent customer service from the vendor.
  • Simple mounting procedure
  • Works as expected.


  • No deal breakers worth mentioning.
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3.     Femco Tuff Top SS4444G ZTR Sunshade for Lawn Mowers

One of the best lawn tractor sunshades on the market, the Femco Tuff Top Universal lawn tractor Shade features an impressive tilting design to allow you to cut under low branches without issues.

Moreover, it’s the perfect shape and size to cover most riding mower models and keep you protected and shaded from the harmful sun rays (you get 13 square feet shade).

The canopy is made from high-density thermoplastic (with UV inhibitors) that’s weather-resistant.

Besides, the shade comes with a sturdy base along with a powder-coated steel frame so it’s likely to last for years.

Worried about installation? Fear not- you won’t need any tools or expert skills to get the job done.

We were also delighted that the frame comes out extremely easy when you want to store it in the shed.


  • Nice looking canopy.
  • Lasting construction.
  • Works for nearly riding mower including zero turn machines (square tubular R.O.P.S needed).


  • Drilling may be needed for installation in some riding mower models.
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What to look for when buying Umbrella for riding lawn mower

The following tips should help you get the right umbrella for your riding mower. 

·         Folding/collapsing for mowing under trees and storage

This you know: Mowing under branches can be pretty difficult with your umbrella open.

For this reason, go for an umbrella with a collapsible design because it won’t catch the twigs when cutting under low branches.

Another alternative is umbrellas with a tilting function – most will bend several degrees forward/backward with a simple push of a button.

·         Longevity

Durability is a primary consideration and separates an okay umbrella from an excellent one.

Products made of materials like Aluminum and steel (especially powder coated) last longer than umbrellas constructed of cheaper plastics and fabrics.

·         Installation

If you’re like me, you want a model that’s easy to install -I hate attachments that won’t fit without drilling or implementing other cumbersome modifications.

Luckily, most of the umbrellas people have been raving about can be fixed/uninstalled within seconds.

·         Size 

Next, you need to check the size of the canopy.

Tractor umbrellas come in a variety of sizes and you should go for dimensions that are big enough to shade you from the sun (or rain) effectively.

Of course, tiny sizes only protect you well when the sun/rain is straight.

·         Other factors

  1. Support: The structure should be sturdy and wind-resistant.
  2. Your special needs: You may, for instance, want a zero turn canopy with fan as it brings immense comfort to the hot, sunny days thanks to the clean, cool air coming from the fan.
  3. Colors: Why not buy a color that matches that of your mower? It could look awesome.

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Caring for Your Umbrella for riding lawn mower

Even the most expensive umbrella won’t retain its high-quality craftsmanship and appearance if it’s not well-cared for.

What you should understand is that there are no hard rules here and you’re simply required to comply with the listed care instructions in your owner’s manual for your selected umbrella model.

That said, it’s important that you store the umbrella safely during wintertime or lengthy periods of non-use.

The other basic thing is to detach the umbrella during testing weather conditions to prevent damage that could be brought by flying debris.

Summer is often filled with fiery hot days and surprise showers making an umbrella for riding lawn mower a necessity.

A quality model should give you dependable protection for years without fading/shredding. Hopefully, the tips we have shared in this guide will help you find it.

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