4 Best Commercial Wood Chippers Reviews

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When winter has passed and you have dead leaves, twigs and branches lying all over, you might want to tidy things up. You not only need to clear the leaves, twigs and branches to make the yard neat, but also need to put it to better use.

However, cleaning your yard when there is a pile of branches and debris isn’t easy. However, making the use of landscaping tools and equipment can make the otherwise tedious job a walk in the park. Such equipment include wood chippers/leaf shredders. 

But, to get the best, you have to get out and look for the best commercial wood chippers out there.

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A good shredder can mulch any falling twigs, and branches in your yard. It can also shred anything from grass, leaves, debris and more. 

4 Best Commercial Wood Chippers Reviews

1. GreatCircleUSA Wood Chipper Shredder Mulcher

Are you looking for the best commercial wood chippers that will offer you perfect plant-person service and help bridge the gap between you and nature? You can’t go wrong with this device.

The powerful and efficient chipper packs an impressively powerful 7HP 212cc of horizontal 4-stroke gas engine that will quickly turn the rugged branches and twigs from your garden to mulch at no effort.

It also features powerful 4 Y-hammers that help break down branches while the steel blades shred the twigs without breaking a sweat. 

The multi-function capacity chipper comes with three functionalities – the side chute for limb/chipping (max. 3’’), top loading hopper for volume shredding (1/2’’ max) and a Universal vacuum kit that easily attaches to the backside leaf inlet.

The kit helps suck up debris and leaves for leaf mulching. The vacuum kit is sold separately. 

Besides, the easy access to the vacuum inlet means faster debris and leaves loading. That way, it saves you and your dear back the unnecessary inconvenience of bending over to load the top Hopper.

Unlike other chippers, you don’t need to pull sticks and twigs through the input tube of the chipper. The chipper sucks them through it.   

 Safety is very important. This chipper is designed with the safety of the operator in mind. But always make sure you are operating it based on the manufacturer’s instructions. 

They also provide an easy-to-follow through ‘assemble and run’ manual that works for anyone, even those with limited to no technical skills. It also works well even when the terrain isn’t as good.

The bag attachment – the side loading catch bag that holds all the shredded or chopped items –  looks good. The only blooper some users have reported is that you have to blow it severally to secure it.  But that’s enough to scare you if you have experience working with wood chippers. 

Works well even when the terrain is highly uneven.  


  • Highly durable
  • Multi-function capacity
  • High power and efficiency, even while on heavy duty work
  • Safe to use
  • No more time wasted in raking
  • Sucks twigs, branches into the chipper tube
  • Great balance plus high mobility


  • There were reported cases of bolts shearing when in use. But were easily corrected by performing better maintenance. 
  • Can’t reattach (VVV) bag when the machine is running.
  • Fairly loud when operating – a characteristic of gas powered engines.

2. Sun Joe CJ603E 15-Amp Electric Wood Chipper/Shredder

Unlike other wood chippers discussed here, this chipper from SnowJoe is electric-powered.

The highly versatile device packs a powerful 15-Amp electric motor (120V and 60Hz), making it ideal for turning brush, twigs, leaves and branches into nutrient-rich mulch. 

It runs slower compared to other devices, reducing noise level. It is also self-feeding. So you won’t have to force branches and twigs into the hopper.  Sun Joe CJ603E chips branches up to 1.7’’ diameter, providing useful mulching. That is why it is also one of the best chipper shredders for composting.

When it comes to portability, the device features a compact design packed with 7’’ wheels that fosters easy movement. So you won’t have problems taking it wherever the prunnings or trimmings needs to be shredded.

And, finally for your safety, the device comes with a safety hopper that prevents the electric motor from running when opened. The device is easy to assemble and requires little to no maintenance at all. What’s more? Sun Joe gives you a two-year warranty so you know you have nothing to lose. 


  • Highly versatile
  • Powerful, 15-amp motor
  • Safe to use
  • Highly portable, compact design
  • 2-year warranty.
  • Easy to assemble


  • Runs slower compared to other devices out there
  • Takes a smaller load not good for large yards.

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3. Patriot products CSV – 3100B 10 HP Briggs and Stratton Gas-Powered Leaf Shredder/ Wood Chipper

If you have a pile of debris in your yard and an underpowered chipper, you will probably spend hours on end feeding them into the chipper.

This chipper, however, is one of the best commercial wood chippers out there. As a result, it makes it a perfect solution for you if you are looking for an exceptionally powerful wood chipper.

This ten-horse monster can shred literary anything that fits the receivers. Designed to perform and last, the chipper’s engine features a perfect, overhead valve design that fosters cleaner, cooler and more efficient operation. It is ideal for property owners or anyone who deals with piles of debris on a daily basis.

The chipper works smoothly and quietly thanks to its 10HP commercial engine to make mulch out of 3’’ branches. The swinging Y-hammer system makes shredding of leave and debris a breeze. The large wheels make it easy or you to move it across the yard. 

Assembling the Patriot is quite easy and straightforward. You only need one person to do it. Besides, its components are easily serviceable. 

Generally it is a great wood chipper and one of the best leaf shredders for compost out there.

 However, it has a number of deficiencies that may be easily overcome if you are willing to spend a few additional dollars on accessories. If you want more functionality, the shredder comes with a number of accessories that you have to buy separately. 

  • The Patriot Wood Chipper Tow Bar offers you a convenient way to move your chipper around by connecting it to a RV, garden tractor or a riding lawn mower. 
  • The Patriot Gator Grabber – makes it easy for you to feed the leaves into the hopper – and without the need to bend over. 
  • Then the Patriot Jumbo Collection Bag intended to hold twice the volume that is collected by the chippers standard size collection bag. That way, you can shred more leafs or accommodate more chippings before you need to empty the bag.
  • And finally, The Patriot Chipper Buddy – makes it easy and safer for you to clear material from your wood chipper leaf shredder. 


  • Easy to assemble – takes about 30 minutes 
  • Highly powerful
  • Highly durable
  • Easy to manoeuvre on the ground
  • Bullet proof – one full choke can start it off 


  • A bit of deficiencies: can be overcome by spending some cash on accessories.
  • The 10HP engine can be tough to start
  • Shredder hopper small – hence needs to be slow fed

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4. Tazz heavy Duty 212cc

This is another incredibly compact wood chipper that offers you wonderful performance.

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The device is perfect for you if you have a smaller yard. The highly dependable wood chipper packs a 212cc viper engine and all-season 11’’ wheels that never go flat.

What makes this device feature more impressive?  It also comes with a number of accessories including an optional vacuum kit. This kit features a large rotor and a unique air gate – a combination that creates a 20% more vacuum (suction) compared to most wood chipping devices out there.

The grinding chamber, on the other hand, features sturdy hammers and knives that help reduce the debris to 1/20 of its original volume. Tazz 30520 easily devours hardwoods including oak, maple, and others. 

Smaller size makes it easy to move around while the rugged, easy-to-use debris bag features a bottom-out zipper that makes it easier for you to empty the chippings after operation. The manufacturer Tazz, also gives you a five-year warrant if you bought the product at or after 15th, March, 2017. 


  • Self-feeding, thanks to the powerful vacuum kit.
  • Safe to use
  • Can work with or without the collection bag
  • 5-year warranty


  • Limited space to work – especially when assembling the device.
  • Not ideal for large-scale wood ship/debris shredding

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Heavy duty electric wood chipper buyer guide

Leaf shredders/wood chippers are super useful. As a result, there are a ton of brands out there raring to fill in the demand. If you want to get the best commercial wood chippers for yourself, you need to know the characteristics of the material the chipper is going to work on. 

Here two tips that will help you make a brilliant decision:

  • Electric wood chippers – smaller in size and a great for executing smaller shredding jobs around the yard. They are very portable and shred small branches. Heavy duty electric wood chippers, however,  can handle up to diameters of 1 3/8’’. But, if you are going to work on larger limbs, you will do well with sturdier, gas-powered models.  
  • Gas – powered chippers – These ones are ideal for bigger jobs. They are designed to handle limb diameters ranging from 1.5’’ to 3’.  Gas-powered chippers come with two blades – rotating disk and drum-type blades. The former cuts an angle of 45O meaning they will work best on straight-grained woods.  However, if the bulk of your work comprises a lot of stringy, soft kinds of wood, their blades will clog up and render them ineffective. Drum-type blades, on the other hand, are usually horizontal and pull the material that is fed to them.  As a result, they can handle different types of woods – whether dry or wet.

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If you are a forester, gardener or have to clear leaves, debris, twigs or branches on a regular basis, purchasing one of the best commercial wood chippers out there isn’t a bad idea.

However, the size of the chipper you will need will be determined by your needs. For example, if you have a big yard and good budget, you need to get a chipper that will get the clean-ups done pretty fast.  In that case, the CSV-3100B will do a great job.

If you are running on a relatively low budget, GreatCircleUSA will do the trick. Or, any other chipper reviewed here. But, at the end of the day, make sure you are not tossing your money in the bin.

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