Creative covers for septic tanks

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If not concealed, septic tanks can be an eyesore and its good practice to get an eye-pleasing septic tank camouflage for your well-manicured property.

The good news is that there are plenty of creative covers for septic tanks that you can deploy in your yard to disguise the location of your septic system.

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This article will educate you on ways to creatively provide effective concealment of the septic tank cover without messing with the system itself.

And as you’ll discover, some of them are quite straightforward.

Creative covers for septic tanks: basic ideas

Of course, the whole concept involves figuring out a way to mask and enhance the looks of your otherwise immaculate environs.

Here are some ideas including practical large septic tank covers suggestions:

·  Disguising above ground septic system using artificial rocks

Many gardening enthusiasts use rocks to cover septic tanks and it works magically.

All you have to do is place a lightweight landscape rock on the lid to hide the landscape’s unsightliness.

You can use your creative talents to carve out cute fake rock septic tank covers from locally available boulders (it takes some effort) or order one of the septic tank rock covers on sale online.

These types of covers exist in many sizes and decorations so you’re sure of getting an option that blends in perfectly with the surroundings. 

Here are a few options:

Best septic tank rock covers

1.      Dekorra Fake Rock cover for septic tank lid

This durable artificial rock is UV protected and won’t fade or crack whether under hot or wintry conditions.

It’s immensely lightweight so you won’t break a sweat when you want to move it to allow septic tank maintenance.

Most importantly, it looks awesome because of its real-like rock features.

2.      EMSCO Landscape Rock -Natural Sandstone Appearance

This irregularly shaped architectural rock looks extremely natural and can be another fantastic option for disguising above ground septic system.

Like Dekorra fake rock cover, it withstands severe weather elements and comes with twin stakes to help you anchor it to the ground to prevent unwanted occurrences like tipping in wind.

The company avails countless rock color choices and a wide variety of shapes and sizes.

·        Use a septic cover planter for landscaping the septic tank

If for some reason you dislike the proposal of rock covers, consider positioning a suitably-sized planter (with some flowers or other beautiful plants such as shrubs).

This will attract eyes to the septic, yes but because of the charming appearance and not the ugliness.

Crucially, growing the plants in your chosen planter keeps their roots from harming the septic system itself. 

Take a look at these examples:

Recommended decorative septic tank covers

1.      Decorative 35-Inch Basin Septic Planter

This planter’s heavy-duty polyethylene construction helps it resist fading, corrosion, and cracks and will arrive together with one 2-piece 8-inches deep planter insert to hold potting soil.

It also comes with a stainless steel security ring to help you fasten it to your septic tank lid.

2.      Kotulas wishing well septic cover Garden Planter (with a Hanging Flower Bucket)

This is in our opinion the best planter in the market not just because of its generous base but also due to the uniquely suspended planter bucket.

Plus, the rustic-looking look (thanks to the burnished fir wood frame) is super pretty.

It measures 23.62-in.(L) x 21.65-in.(W) x 44.88-in.(H).

·  Go for decorative septic tank lids

Another innovative and straightforward idea you can opt for is beautifying the original lid mounted by the plumber with a decorative pattern.

You can hire a provider to do the job for the best results.

He/she will share with you their best works and let you settle on one that most appeals to you.

An inspirational design will transform your blot to an ornamental masterpiece.

An example here would be mosaic septic tank cover markings made using small colorful mosaic stepping stones or tiles on the lid (tiles are usually glued).

Still, you can choose to paint all the old septic tank lids using the same colors as the environment instead of letting the top of your septic system ruin your beautiful backyard.

· Mount decorative landscape ornaments

As you might be aware, installing heavy items on top of the septic tank lid can potentially cause damage since they put extra pressure on your septic system.

But all is not lost- there are a handful of lawn ornaments that you can safely mount there to keep the blemish out of sight while bringing intrigue to your back garden.

These include statues, bird feeders, and such garden accents.

Check that you’ll be able to easily shift your selected ornaments when necessary before buying.

· Plant grass to hide the lid

For maintenance reasons, it’s always important to access the exposed septic tank lid and you have to be careful here.

In essence, you’re supposed to plant low-growing, cascading grasses around your lid in a pattern that covers it smartly.

You may afterward top-dress the area with materials like nutrient-rich composted mulch to quicken growth.

The area will be a sight to behold after about one year of growth.

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Creative covers for septic tanks: other alternatives

Here are more recommendations to try if you have found some of the above methods inconvenient or pricey- rocks can be, for instance, quite expensive.

1.      Grow flowers on the lid on a tire-based ‘planter’

This may not bring out a faultless impression, especially in the early days but it nevertheless hides the tank lid in the end.


  • You measure the septic tank lid and look for a tire large enough to cover it (it should be bigger than the lid).
  • Next, put a material such as plywood (scrap) or properly-sized piece of metal sheet on one side of this tire.
  • Now drill a couple of holes in your tire and attach rope handles.
  • Then, carry the tire and set it over the lid.
  • Lastly, fill it with soil then plant your favorite flowers.

Water and care for these flowers until mature enough to hide the nastiness.

2.      Construct a rock garden

Here you build a movable rock garden using a basic wooden tray.


  • Design a wood tray sized big enough to surround your step tank lid (leave marginal room to provide good coverage). The best materials for this assembly are scrap plywood and 2x4s.
  • You will still drill holes in your 2x4s to add rope handles.
  • Finally, place the completed tray over the septic tank lid and proceed to build a rock garden in and around it.

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Wrapping it up

As you can see, you are spoilt for choice when it comes to creative covers for septic tanks.

Indeed, you could invent other solutions that fit in your yard seamlessly with a bit of imagination and inspiration including using old wine barrels as an alternative to a tire if you opt to grow flowers.

Having said that, you should avoid trees (they can pierce your septic system) and vegetable gardens (because of possible contamination).

Be sure to talk to a professional septic pumping and maintenance service if in doubt about any of your DIY ideas (or the hacks we have shared here). 

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