Rock drill for fence posts/ Best post hole digger for rocky soil

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A beautiful fence could transform your garden into a contemporary attraction in the entire neighborhood.

But you, naturally, have to first see out the less-than-thrilling process of drilling fence post holes.

Your day of drilling can be particularly hellish if you’re digging holes in a rocky yard.

And that’s where a rock drill for fence posts comes in.

Okay, I understand that some other options work when it comes to digging homes on formidable gravel and rocks including a rock drill attachment for skid steer.

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But overall, there could no better tool for making holes in your rocky yard than a drilling device specially made to make fence post holes in the hardest rocks.

Below we bring you a couple of brilliant tools for digging in rocky soil.

Rock drill for fence posts/ Best post hole digger for rocky soil reviews

The following tools drill through the toughest rocks like butter and could make the best post hole digger.

1.     XtremepowerUS  2-Stroke 63CC Gas Post Hole Digger 2-Man EPA Motor

The XtremepowerUS is a 63CC, 2-Stroke engine powered unit that puts out enough power to cut through pretty much any rock you throw at it.

Another awesome thing about this unit is the ergonomic handlebars (with nice fingertip throttle trigger along with switch control).

Because of this, power and speed control is conveniently at your fingertips.

It’s a very good machine and the engine starts right on the first pull (no annoying hard starts to frustrate you).

And there is real longevity in there: The steel constructed frame protects the engine from being hit and rough handling.

It’s worth noting that this post hole digger is made adaptable with nearly all standard auger bits with 3/4 inch shaft size so it’s likely to tackle myriad jobs.

What’s more, the 1.45 Gal tank is translucent so you can easily check the gas levels.

Overall, this gas powered unit dominates those stubborn rocks like nobody’s business and it’s another godsend for those scared of digging on rocks.

Note that it works best when 2 people are involved.


  • Starts in a breeze.
  • Tremendously strong.
  • Light enough to carry around.


  • Not much to complain about.
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2.     XtremepowerUS  Heavy-Duty 2200Watt  Jack hammer

The next tool we recommend if you’re looking to complete those boring holes without breaking your back is this electric heavy-duty demolition jack hammer.

It is easily one of the most powerful rock drills and at the same time, among the most effective rock diggers.

In fact, productivity is up there with the best due to the durable material and more forceful impact.

Its adjustable 360 degree foregrip gives you plenty of positions/work angles meaning more control on the job.

And thanks to its anti-vibration system, this is among the comfiest options out there.

Plus, it’s extremely stable seeing that it comes with an innovative design that distributes weight perfectly as you toil.

That you won’t need an air compressor makes it perhaps one of the most portable jack hammers in the market.

Considering that it’s sold with a carry case, gloves, and other handy accessories, we feel that it could be an excellent deal.

Note that it accepts 1-1/8 inch hex shank bits.


  • Busts up rocks fantastically.
  • Lasts and lasts!
  • Fair pricing.


  • No major issues.
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3.     Bosch Bulldog Xtreme – Rotary Hammer Power Drill (Corded)

Rotary hammer drills also do a good job when making holes on mighty hard ground and this monster from Bosch could be what you need to get a nice fence up.

This undisputed powerhouse of a rock drill makes light work of cutting through rock layers using its SDS bits point and is way easier to use than rock bars.

It offers extra quality in many ways including tool-free bit changes along with dust protection and exceptional impact.

The variable speed reversing trigger is also a handy feature that may help you achieve accurate bit starts.

Thanks to the proprietary vario-lock positioning, it seems to have more room to optimize your drilling angle- it actually rotates and locks into 36 different working positions.

Everything about this rock drill works beautifully: there’s precision, control, and impressive power (not surprising considering the talent the robust 7.5 Amp motor has!).


  • Well thought out handle design for comfort.
  • Works wonderfully.
  • Multifunctional- rotary hammer, rotation only, and hammer only modes.


  • No bits packed.
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4.     Landworks All-Electric Auger

Here’s a superb all-electric auger from the ever-brilliant toolmaker Landworks.

Thanks to its 3-gear brushless motor and a wide collection of settings (carbon-coated steel, threaded bolt design, and resilient battery), this Landworks auger power head is both powerful and versatile.

There’s excellent attention to detail in the design – more so in little touches such as the reverse torque control button to free it fast if stuck on rocks without you doing any shoveling.

One of this cordless rock drill’s most lovable attributes is its comfy feel and the ergonomic grip handles explain this.

It’s also a breeze to use and a nice LED light will light up your way if, for any reason, you feel like drilling at night.

A word of caution: Augers may work though not when you’ve got a tough rock depository to handle.


  • Lightweight…only 22 lbs.
  • Reasonably quiet.
  • Amazing torque.


  • Not best for bedrocks.
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5.     Titan 30HP HD Post hole Digger w/12 Auger 3-Point Tractor Steel Fence Attachment

If you own a tractor, don’t let rocky soils slow you down.

Not when you can add this post hole digger to your armory.

It handles them with ease and we particularly love that it connects to a 3 point hitch and PTO in seconds.

It’s absolutely rugged and seems to hate rocks with passion!

If you don’t believe me, wait until you deploy it to your new fencing project and watch its peerless digging performance firsthand…

It’s such a joy.

What is very special about this 12″ auger is the fact it drills up to a depth of 24″ making it the best bet if your job requires that you fix extra tall posts.

Beware that this is a heavy duty digger and is specifically made for garden tractors with 30 HP.

Indeed, it’s crafted from construction grade steel and is unrivaled when it comes to digging in large properties and insanely hard soils.

We highly recommend it.


  • Very versatile model.
  • Easy to operate. No technical know-how needed to get it digging.
  • Minimal maintenance.


  • Quite a pricey investment
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Rock drill for fence posts: Buying Guide

Here is how to select the best rock drill for fence posts to help you install a fence on extremely difficult rocky grounds.

·        The type of ground you’re drilling on and size of holes you’re making

For small-diameter holes in solid rock, a pneumatic rotary hammer drill running off the air compressor would work ok.

The other option for such jobs would be an electric hammer drill hooked to a generator or a power inverter.

I should add that cheap augers are virtually worthless when it comes to drilling through serious amounts of rock.

It barely needs saying that only heavy-duty industrial models make sense in such circumstances (go for rental if your budget won’t allow a straight purchase).

Meanwhile, consider using a tractor-mounted drilling machine, if you’re looking for high-speed drilling in the toughest conditions including problem granite/quartz rocks.

·        Power source

Rock post drillers are powered by gas, electricity, pneumatic power sources, or batteries and the ideal option for your job depends on your planned expenditure and where you’re mounting the fence.

That said, gas models often eat up more bucks in the long run because of the recurring fuel bill despite their sometimes attractive pricing.

The other options are in-between.

·        Corded Vs Cordless

Overall, corded post diggers are more portable and you will find them more useful if you find bringing mobile power sources to the ground burdensome.

On the other hand, corded rock drills arguably shine more for the most resolute stones.

Hydraulic rock drills are, however, on a class of their own because they’re are able to supply the power necessary for tough drilling tasks without the use of a large compressor.

·        Quality construction

Alloy steel blades and heavy duty die-cast metal helps bring utmost digging power and more versatility besides improving durability and stability.

·        Other variables

Here are additional qualities that could be worth checking when shopping for the best post hole diggers:

  1. Warranty Length- A long warranty translates to more peace of mind as you can always get a replacement/refund.
  2. Weight of the tool- But for weight lifters, everyone else wants something which isn’t too heavy.
  3. Transparent gas tank/ battery life indicator (Gas and electric units respectively)- You easily monitor the gas tank levels/remaining battery life while you’re working.
  4. Adaptability- Post hole diggers that adapt with most regular auger bits are more preferable.
  5. Certifications- Depending on where you live, certifications like CARB (California) may interest you.

Tips on digging on rocky ground

  • Bits (where applicable)- Cheap bits won’t cut it. A good quality SDS-type bit will do more holes in stone and won’t be ‘eaten’ up by the rocks as fast as regular drill bits.
  • Overheating problems?- Well, not to worry. Perhaps you can try adding some cooling water and see if it helps. Additionally, if the fence post holes are getting deep, stop and empty the dust occasionally. That way, it won’t pack in and trigger heat buildup.
  • Making large holes? –If you’re drilling a couple of bigger holes in notorious rocky soils, dig a pilot hole first and work on expanding it.
  • Safety- Always use gloves, eye goggles and whatever else you deem necessary as your rock drill can kick up some of the rock rocks when working.
  • Make it wet- If the ground is bone dry, pouring some water into the holes might be helpful.

Final thoughts

The above-reviewed post hole diggers should help you put up a great fence in nearly every kind of rock-infested grounds.

Be sure to go through the buying tips we have shared before you take the plunge- you don’t want to curse your luck later.

Truth be told, there are plenty of alternative ways you can handle big, solid rocks including rock bars, pick axes, and more.

But overall, we’re persuaded that our top-rated rock drills for fence posts have what it takes to conquer most situations.

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