ATV pull behind trailer with seats

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An ATV pull behind passenger trailer could be a fantastic option if you would like to haul people around.

In fact, a couple of them allow you to remove the seats and transport other materials and objects when needed.

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This article brings you some of these unique types of ATV trailers and will additionally share some tips to help you when shopping for an ATV pull behind trailer with seats.

But before we come to the reviews and where you can buy these accessories, here are the various types of ATV trailers with seats

Type of ATV pull behind trailer with seats

In general, you will encounter the following choices out there:

·         Customizable golf cart pull behind trailers with seat

These are customized to your taste.

For instance, you can have them modified to different colors, added with a roof, seatbelts,  cupholders, armrests, larger rims/tires, safety chains,  and even cargo nets.

They typically come with standard tires and rims. It can, for example, arrive with a 10″ rim and 22″ tire.

And while these modifications help you get a trailer that best serves your needs, they introduce an extra cost and some delays before delivery (it can take weeks for them to be ready for shipping).

·         Golf Cart ATV passenger trailers

For the most part, golf cart ATV passenger trailers are either single-seaters, twin-seaters, or four-seaters.

They are quite sturdy because of the mostly all steel powder-coated frame and the seats look colorful too (choices are multi-color/doubletake).

These again feature standard tires and rims. 

·         Convertible ATV pull behind trailers

Also called multi-use, these let you detach the seats and configure them to ferry hay bales, landscaping materials, and a host of other items around.

Their usually wide low-pressure tires give them excellent terrain capabilities while the robust construction and high-quality powder-coated anti-corrosion protection make them lasting choices.

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What to look for when shopping for an ATV pull behind trailer with seats

Keep in mind the following when buying a trailer:

·         Carrying capacity

As mentioned above, the trailers take between 1 to 4 people in most cases.

You can, however, request a specially engineered unit from specific vendors to hold more people depending on the ability of your utility vehicle.

·         Tires and wheels

Getting the right tires is vital for you and your loved one’s safety.

Go for heavy-duty tires offering decent traction since it will resist slips and slides.

·         Overall construction

Robustly constructed trailers are safer and hard to break.

·         Compatibility

The trailer should fit into your particular ATV’s towing mount.

Where to buy ATV pull behind trailer with seats

Unfortunately, this category of ATV trailers is not widely available perhaps because it’s only recently that people have started to appreciate them.

For this reason, your best bet is online- giants like Amazon and eBay (tailor-made or used) have them on sale.

The only issue I see here is that these are mostly owned by specific manufacturers and/or their dealers and will only have the company’s model on offer.

Something else: the prices on the leading online marketplaces such as Amazon are generally unbeatable and you could be left with more bucks in your pocket.

ATV pull behind passenger trailer Product reviews

Here now are our reviews of some of the best-selling ATV pull behind trailer with seats:

1.     Tag-a-Long Golf Cart ATV/UTV Passenger Trailer – Single Seater

This might be the best ATV trailer with seats to buy if you’re after a unit that’s rugged enough to tackle tough off-road conditions without any struggles.

The tread design in the two 22″ tires (on a 10″ rim) gives it lots of traction and driving stability to the trailer while the taller standing increases its maneuverability due to the improved ground clearance.

The all-steel frame is beefier and backed by a powder coating to help prevent rusting.

We also loved the many customization options available from the vendor including the possibility of adding an extra carrier to the front.


  • Hitching is straightforward.
  • Plenty of adds on.
  • Excellent customer support.


  • Limited cargo room.

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2.     Golf cart 4-seat trailer club car pull behind Ezgo ATV Tag-a-long

This 4 seater handles challenging trail conditions without slipping or sliding too much.

It’s a very well built pull behind passenger trailer (the frame and everything else feels quite sturdy) and should withstand years of rough handling.

The shock suspensions combine with the 22” tires to make the riding experience extremely enjoyable while improving its handling of bumpy terrain.

You can as well request for extras such as different seat cushions and a bigger storage rack.

The only downside is that you will have to order then wait for it to be constructed in about 3-4 weeks.


  • Superb tires for off-road conditions.
  • Engineered to your specific needs.
  • Powerfully built model.


  • Will take 3-4 weeks before being delivered.

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Safety when towing people in an ATV trailer

As we all know, despite them being fun to ride, it may be illegal to carry people in a trailer on the streets in your area and you need to be sure of the regulations before purchasing.

That should not bother you if you’ll be using it on your private properties.

But you still need to be very careful about the safety of whoever is riding it- trailers can be dangerous and you can’t just toss your kids in there and head for the hills without giving a hoot.

Here are some tips to help you and your buddies remain safe (and sane).

  • Always drive carefully- go easy and avoid changing speed quickly or swerving suddenly (it may jolt your passenger and throw him/her out!
  • Secure it properly- ensure that it’s securely hitched to the ATV before driving off.
  • Be familiar with all controls– you should know beforehand how to safely drive the ATV you’re towing it with.
  • Add safety equipment- equip your trailer with essentials like safety chains and related equipment for more peace of mind.
  • Avoid off camber/rough riding– the risk of tipping over is higher here.

A word on DIY pull behind trailer

One alternative to commercial pull behind trailers with seats would be to build a home-made pull behind trailer especially if you are passionate about DIY projects.

In fact, it can save you hefty sums of money (the best made commercial models can be quite pricey) while you will certainly come up with a trailer to meet all your requirements.

If you’re up to the task, go to YouTube and search for ATV pull behind trailers DIY videos and follow the explained procedure.

Who knows? You might end up inventing a unit that becomes the talk of the neighborhood.

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As you can see, there are not that many choices when it comes to ATV pull behind trailers with seats. 

We, however, managed to pull out the two models we have reviewed in this article to help you get started.

You can, of course, select to take the DIY route if the market fails to offer what you’re looking for.

Either way, remember the highlighted basic safety guidelines when carrying people in your ATV trailer.

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