Disadvantages of Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

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Perhaps one of the best-known advantages of belt-driven garage door openers includes speed, low noise and ease of use. A belt-driven garage opener will be able to lift and close doors in seconds. It is smoother and quieter, and therefore a favorite of many people.

Like many garage door closers, the belt drive design allows for easier use of different styles. Belt drive designs are a bit different than threaded type closers, and most will require a different method of installation.

The key for belt drive garage door opener is the adjustment of the belt. But what are the disadvantages of belt drive garage door openers?  

Disadvantages of Belt Drive Garage Door Opener

Reliability and Durability

There are many more options when it comes to garage door openers, and in the past, belt-drive models were the most popular options for automating your garage doors. However, many experts consider them to be less reliable and less durable than their chain and screw-driven counterparts.

Well, the belt-driven garage door opener does not have metal-to-metal contact and does not need lubricating. The system experiences less vibration compared to the other garage door openers.

Needless to say, belt-driven garage door openers are more expensive. However, they may be less durable than a chain-driven garage door opener. The constant metal-to-metal contact in the chain-driven system causes breakages, and so the system may have a shorter shelf life.

The construction of belt drives relies on strides, which are the same ones used in heavy-duty motorcycles. Therefore, the drives have exceptional lifting capability and super dural.

Still, the belt-driven openers tend to stretch out, and so some maintenance is necessary. You may need to constantly adjust it to ensure the right amount of tension for efficiency. This is especially so if the garage door is heavy.

The belt-driven system is not as equipped as its counterparts, such as chain-driven opener to handle a significant weight. There is a good reason why chain drive systems are the classic openers of most garage doors. It is its simple effectiveness.

If your garage door starts to work intermittently or produces loud noises, then it’s time to do a replacement.

May be less Effective at Times

The belt drive performance is mostly satisfactory. However, there are times that the performance of the system can lag, especially during high temperature or humidity. If you have two garage doors, the weight can affect the belt drive system. The non-slip process of the chain drive is better suited in such a case.

As might be expected, the current belt-drive garage door openers are better than in the past. They used only to do simple tasks. Thanks to technology, the current belt drive systems are stronger and have a better performance. But still, the belt systems cannot overtake their chain driver counterparts in terms of strength.

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Without a doubt, it is much safer to use a chain drive system as opposed to the belt drive garage opener if your garage door is heavier. The chain-drive garage door openers also work quite well in heated or high humidity temperatures. The only downside of chain-driven door openers is constant lubrication and maintenance.


Belt drive door opener can be more expensive than the screw-driven and chain-driven door systems. Because of the additional cost, most homeowners tend to shy away from it to save some cash.

Chain drive systems are the most budget-friendly, and there are various options to choose from. But apart from the low cost, the chain drive openers are stronger than the belt drive opener. And unlike the belt drive door openers, the chain drives are highly available. You will find it in your local hardware store or home improvement store.


Typically, the switch on shaft of the garage door opener activates a 24 V DC motor that drives on a stationary chain installed on an overhead line. While belt-driven garage door openers can provide quieter operation, they lack strength in some areas, such as power supply.

If a belt-drive garage door opener is your choice, it makes sense to choose a unit that has a higher horsepower than normal. If you find that you need a tailor-made garage door, you should look for belt drive models that have a horsepower of 3 or 4. While a 3.5 horsepower, 2-cylinder or single-cylinder model is fine for this type of opener, a custom wooden garage with additional insulation would require a chain drive or a bolt – in the drive. Of course, reliability is most important.

Some belt-driven garage door openers have steel stands that are not strong enough to handle heavy or large doors, such as a 3.5-horsepower single-cylinder model.

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It is a Little bit Noisy

As opposed to the metal chain door opener that runs on steel tracks, the belt-driven garage door opener uses belts. The material of the belt can either be fiberglass, polyurethane or even rubber with some steel inside it for strength. This reduces vibrations since the rubber or fiberglass material can absorb it.

Regardless, noises and vibrations are generated by the belt – the belt drive motor of the garage door opener, not the motor itself. The sound is similar to the engine noise of a car and not that of an open door or door opener. A chain drive system is noisy because the system interlocks metal to metal contact, and is noisier than the belt drive system. However, the belt-drive garage door opener still produces some noise.

One of the most overlooked aspects of your garage is the garage door opener you use. The list of the main sources of differentiation will make you choose the best garage doors for you.

There are belt-driven, chain-driven models and even openers that can be activated with a smartphone app, but not all work in the same way.

If you are in the market for a new garage door opener, the options can be overwhelming. Still, don’t make the mistake of buying it to go beyond your basic needs.

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