Best Hydrofoils for Outboard Motors

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There are many tools and gadgets that improve your experience on the water. Some of these gadgets are for mere convenience; some really improve your boating experience while others are there merely for putting on a show.

Hydrofoil is one of these gadgets that revolutionize your boating experience. This is a device that is designed to elevate the boat in the water. The more the speed of the boat, the more the lift that gets created by the hydrofoil. As a result, the hydrofoil significantly reduces drag on your vessels.   

However, there are various hydrofoil models out there. Getting the best of the best isn’t as easy. In this review, we have rounded up 3 best hydrofoils for outboard motors you might want to look at or rather buy for your vessel.

 Best Hydrofoils for Outboard Motors Reviews

1.     Sting Ray Xriii Senior

If you are looking for a no-drill hydrofoil, you can never go wrong with this model. There are various reasons why many boating enthusiasts still regard this model as one of the best hydrofoils for outboard motors out there.

Firstly, everyone loves aesthetics, and Sting Ray Xriii Senior knows how to give people a piece of their poison. The hydrofoil features an impressive design featuring a sleek, hydrodynamic profile that looks great when fitted on your vessel’s engine.

Secondly, the Sting Ray Xriii Senior not onlycaptures well the prop wash but it also harnesses its power for added thrust. That way, the vessel will not only stay stable but more balanced while on the water. While you witness all these impressive twists, you will also be enjoying over-the-top performance and increased fuel efficiency.

Thirdly, the hydrofoil features an impressive vice-block, 3-point locking system that makes it easy for you to perform a quick, no-drill Sting Ray Xriii Senior installation. That means it will take you much less time when installing the hydrofoil. Thus, you will not be subjected to stressors that result from drilling units. You won’t need any measuring of positions as a preset. And, there won’t be any damage to deal with when running the hydrofoil.

 When it comes to quality and durability, the hydrofoil is made of the best plastic materials and will serve you faithfully for a much longer time. The no-drill bolt, on the other hand, pins the boat firmly on the boat making sure it doesn’t loosen once the vessel disembarks.

The model is recommended for engines up to 300 hp.


  • Features a topnotch, hydrodynamic profile
  • Makes use of a vice-block, 3-point locking system that fosters a no-drill kind of installation
  • Excellent fuel saving capabilities and a better performance.
  • Made up of high-quality plastic for durability
  • Sporty look that looks impressive on your boat


  • Some users complained that the boat was too short. They would prefer a longer one.
  •  Since it is crafted from plastic, we expect it not to last for a very long time.

2.     SE Sport 400

This is a high-performance hydrofoil, no doubt it is featuring strongly in our list of the best hydrofoils for outboard motors that most boating enthusiasts will die for. 

The SE Sports 400 has the best outcomes and a bag-full of amazing features.

The hydrofoil packs a 40hp engine, meaning it can offer services to more than one boat – and at the same go. It is much quicker at water-funneling thanks to its crescent-shaped surface. As a result, it reduces drag leading to increased speeds and better boat handling. The boat will feel more stable and light while on the water.

If prop hyper-ventilation has been a challenge to you in the past, SE Sport 400 is your ‘just-what-you-needed’ solution for your problem. At the end of the day, all these factors will contribute to better safety and maneuverability of your boat.

Installing the hydrofoil is fairly easy. You won’t need to spend the whole day, tweaking things to get it ready to go. Besides, the one-piece copolymer hydrofoil (construction 16’’ x 17’’) weighs a mere 4.81 lbs making it easy to carry during installation.

Finally, the hydrofoil comes with an optional drill-free stainless hardware that hastens the process of installation.


  • Comes in a one-piece copolymer construction that makes it highly durable
  • The hydrofoil is lightweight, making it easier to carry and install
  • Streamlined to reduce drag and improve speeds
  • A multi-purpose model that is suitable for engines over 40 hp.
  • Excellent tool for saving fuel costs
  • Saves time as you don’t need to drill for installation.


  • Might not work well with outboards running engines below 40hp.
  • You might spend more time during installation if you go the drilling way.
  • Might not last for a long time – even though it is made from a high-quality plastic material.

3.     Davis Instruments Whale Tail XL

If you are looking for a stabilizer for small boats, you cannot go wrong with this model. It works at top speed yet saves fuel while improving performance.

The hydrofoil is quite popular and on demand – a big reason we have chosen to include it in our list of the best hydrofoils for outboard motors. If you ever happen to run into this model out there, make sure you get one for yourself before they run out of stock.

The model comes with great features that are not common among many models out there.  Firstly, unlike many models that are made from plastic, the Davis Instruments Whale Tail XL is made of marine-grade anodized aluminum material. That means it can last you ages if you take good care of the tool.  The material also helps improve stability for the vessel as a result delivering a smooth ride.

Secondly, the design is such that it ensures that the model cuts through the water perfectly, reducing cavitation. As a result, it reduces drag and increases the speed of the vessel while reducing fuel consumption.

Lastly, measuring a mere 15.5’’ x 13.5’’ x 1.2’’, the 3.31 lbs hydrofoil is highly portable. Besides, the stainless aluminum mounting hardware means that you won’t take long during installation. Approximately 15 minutes will suffice.


  • Unlike most models, this model is made from the highly durable, marine-grade anodized aluminum
  • Highly portable
  • Reduces proposing and cavitation
  • Takes a short time to mount on the vessel


  • Costly when shipping outside the US
  • Drilling is required for installation

Final words

It doesn’t matter the size of your boat. Whether small or big, you can perfectly fit a hydrofoil on any vessel.

Whether you own a dinghy, a rib – or any other small boat, a hydrofoil can turn your ‘otherwise small boat’ into a faster, dynamic and agile craft. We want you to be happy, and shop with confidence.

We have reviewed 3 best hydrofoils for outboard motors. Choose the one that works for you and experience better handling, better fuel efficiency, more performance, less cavitation and more stability. It is really a win-win situation for you.

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