Soundproof box for air compressor

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Perhaps the easiest way of quieting a blaring air compressor is by using a soundproof box for air compressor.

Not all of us are passionate about building a DIY sound proof box and choices exist in the market if you would rather have a ready-made soundproof box for air compressor.

Here we shall answer all your questions about soundproof boxes and guide you where to buy.

We shall also share some beneficial tips about using these air compressor sound dampeners.

Before that lets have a preview of this soundproof cabinet.

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Soundproof box for air compressor: the soundproof box design

For them to absorb the noise generated by air compressor, manufacturers add a wide range of noise deadening materials all around the interior of the air compressor enclosure unit.

For instance, some are lined with noise and vibration lowering foam insulation (or convoluted foam board) and will run as quiet as some of the pricier ultra-quiet air compressors you see out there. 

The outer structure is built sturdy and feature metals like steel and other heavy-duty substances.

Then, to provide ample ventilation for your air compressor, the frame can be fitted with exhaust fans, a passive ventilation system, or other mechanisms to exhaust the heat and draw cooler air in.

The other fundamental inclusion in most is wheels to help you move it around your small shop, workshop, office, store, or home garage.

Soundproof box for air compressor: where to buy

Admittedly, not many retailers have these types of soundproof enclosure in stock and your best bet could be online shops.

Moreover, you’re likely to get the best price from online sellers like Amazon and eBay.

Others are sites such as HomeDepot and Lowe’s.

A couple of small businesses that build accessories to reduce air compressor vibration like an air compressor cabinet and air compressor muffler kit also have these on sale on their websites.

Air compressor noise suppressor buying guide

Before moving on, let us look at some of the issues to keep in mind when buying a soundproof box for air compressor:

·         The level of noise reduction

The products don’t soak up the sound waves coming from the air compressor machine equally.

The best are amazing and bring down the noise by as much as 40% (in fact sometimes more) – anything below 75 decibels is considered quiet (normal conversation is 60 decibels).

Such an outdoor air compressor enclosure will consequently help you achieve maximum efficiency on the job.

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·         Box size

Be sure that your air compressor will fit well into the box.

The idea is to take and note the exact dimensions- height and width- of your equipment before going shopping.

That being said, it is advisable that you allow an extra soundproof box room (about 4 inches of space or as necessary).

This will give your machine easier passage as you place it inside the soundproof enclosure and when getting it out.

It also aids breathing and averts excess overheating.

·         Portability

Features like caster wheels will help you take the air compressor wherever you want depending on the scheduled work.

The other thing to check is its weight.

A lightweight noise-canceling box is undeniably easier to lift and move.

·         Construction

Even as it reins in on the thundering decibels, you will be happier if it’s attractive, solidly built, and of exceptional quality all through (the foam should, for example, stay in place).

·         Your budget

This is rather controversial but allow me to ask: does it make economic sense spending bucks on a sound silencing box when its price nears that of the quietest air compressor?

I doubt so…

I’m pointing out this because I have come across some eye-catching pricing on soundproofing cabinets in the past.

The bottom line? Do your math before jumping into choice.

Soundproof box for air compressor: products review

As mentioned above, only a few companies provide these handy companions to air compressors. 

As such, getting quality soundproof boxes proved to be an extremely difficult task when compiling this article.

Our consolation came in the form of the sound proof enclosure reviewed below.

It comes from California air tools, one of the World’s foremost manufacturers of air compressors.

SPC03 sound proof cabinet (our verdict)

The California Air Tools air compressor sound proofing cabinet suppresses extraneous noise by at least 40 percent according to the company and could be a brilliant option.

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A ¼-inch acoustic noise dulling foam insulation covers the inner part of the cabinet and it tremendously dampens diminishes the level of noise reaching your eardrum.

Indeed, the acoustical enclosure has been earning rave reviews from buyers impressed by its noise soothing ability.

Your machine will work well (no overheating) thanks to the twin exhaust fans – they expel the heat and air perfectly to create a super cool working environment.

There are latching door handles (two) to allow easy access for your air compressor and other components.

It’s well made (the metal frame is steel) and should hold up.

It weighs 130 lbs. and measures 26 x 30 x 39.5 ” (L x W x H).

Plus, it comes with 4 caster wheels to help you easily move across your various work locations.

On the whole, this can transform your working environment and stop the neighbors from taking action against you.


  • Subdues compressor noises immensely (40% and above).
  • Easy to wheel around.
  • Extremely strong.


  • Fairly heavy.

Air ride compressor noise reduction: helpful tips

There are points that I would want you to heed when using any soundproof box.

These are important whether you have constructed it at home from your DIY soundproof box project or purchased from a shop somewhere.

Take a look:

1.      Placement

By and large, locate the box on stable horizontal surfaces (the incline should be no more than 15 degrees).

The last thing you want is the air compressor tipping on its side – it could blow up!

2.      Ensure a clear area

It is critical that you position a sound proof compartment in an obstacle-free surrounding.

This guarantees comprehensive airflow in and around the machine.

The number 1 cause of compressor overheating is poor ventilation and you want to avoid the domino effect.

The rule of the thumb is to leave 2 feet (at least) all round and above.

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3.      Use in environments with clean air

To follow up on the above point, I should mention that letting the air compressor breathe polluted air oftentimes can sound the death knell for your workaholic machine.

Other less damaging outcomes are destroyed fans and impaired compressor operation.

This should worry you enough not to plant it in zones where dust or other harmful particulates are teeming in the air.

4.      Keep the soundproofing medium free

The sound muting foam and such elements might be not as successful in stifling the obnoxiously loud air compressor noise when touched.

Worse still, it can easily catch fire if it comes in contact with hot items.

For this reason, always check that nothing is touching these sensitive bits of the box.

Don’t let your concentration and work output suffer from the earsplitting air compressor noise- not while you can silence the machine by inserting it in a soundproof box for air compressor.

You have learned everything about soundproof boxes including practical usage tips and it should be smooth sailing for you now.

PS: We will add more soundproof boxes to this guide as soon as we discover them.

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