Zero turn mowers with snowblower attachment

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I have seen a few daring souls clear snow with zero turn mowers with snowblower attachment and I think it’s a smart way of getting the most out of your equipment.

The alternative is, of course, to shell out more cash on a pricey snow blower and have your tractor sit idle the whole offseason.

That may not make a lot of sense from an economic perspective.

Read on to find out how zero turn mowers with snowblower attachment work and the recommended setup for a thrilling snow clearing performance with a riding snow blower attachment.

I will also be sharing some useful tips to help you blow off snow efficiently with an inexpensive snowblower attachment.

Zero turn mowers with snowblower attachment: how to turn your z-turn into a handy snow blower

To upgrade your zero turn mower to a handy snow blower for your walkways, simply hook up the accessory to the tractor.

The process is straightforward- a universal mounting bar or any close-coupled implement connection should work.

Stay with me to learn how to precisely mount the snow removal machine to your mower.

How to install a snowblower attachment to the zero turn mower

The throwing attachment is usually driven off the mower’s deck belt.

For this reason, you will need to remove the deck and replace it with the attachment.

The exact steps depend on your model (Check the owners’ manual) but it’s generally something you can do without the need for any special tools.

The operation is seamless too.

You can even go for a thrower attachment that you can easily lift/lower from the mower seat for a smoother operation.

Single stage vs compact two-stage snow blower attachment for zero turn

A major consideration when shopping for snow blower attachment for your zero turn is which is better between single-stage and two-stage tools.

Well, a single-stage attachment works best for smaller jobs, for example, sidewalks, and short driveways as long as the snow doesn’t reach more than 8 inches deep.

As for two stage, you’ll be delighted with their superior performance when clearing heavier, deeper snow- they pack a bigger punch, though they’re tougher to handle than single-stage equipment.

Where to buy snow blower attachment for zero turn mowers

Most of the leading brands have dealerships across the country meaning you can purchase a suitable snow blower attachment from your nearest dealer/distributor.

You can also order the following blower attachments online from the respective company website:

  • Cub cadet zero turn snow blower attachment– Cub cadet’s revolutionary 3-stage technology (in select models) can be 25% quicker than traditional two-stage throwers.
  • Ferris snowblower attachment – You can select Ferris’ wonderful 50″/60″ two-stage attachment because of the convenient electric chute rotation.

In addition, some of the manufacturers market their products via popular e-commerce stores like amazon.

The list includes:

1.  Husqvarna zero turn snow blower attachment

This packs two 12” diameter saw-like input augers together with a high-speed impeller and throws remarkably well.

The electric lift works smoothly via one-button operation and you can easily adjust the position of the discharge chute when necessary.

You can fix this snow blower attachment on most Husqvarna zero turns.

2. Arnold  MTD 3-Stage Snow Thrower, 42″

The included high volume accelerator quickly cuts and chops the heaviest, wettest snow (up to 18-Inch) all winter.

Besides, the unit achieves optimal snow throwing primarily because of the high arch chute along with the three-stage blowing technology.

Additional tips to help you remove snow perfectly with Zero turn mowers with snowblower attachment

This is compatible with most of the major brands including some Troy-Bilt zero turn mowers and comes with replaceable skid shoes (adjustable) and scraper blades.

Here are some issues to keep in mind if you will be taking up this option.


The tractor wheel may slip at times when maneuvering up/down the driveway, even due to light snow.

I, therefore, recommend that you add snow chains to the rear-drive tires if you own a rear-wheel drive.

You’re, however, in luck if you have a 4 wheel drive zero turn mower at home- these rarely experience such extreme traction issues and are an excellent platform for blowing snow.

The other thing you will probably need is weights (unless you weigh 250+pounds) to bring more stability to your ZT mower.

Keep an eye on barriers

A snow-blower attachment typically is an additional load in front of your zero turn lawn mower and can create awkward movement.

As a result, snow may accumulate around obstacles especially if you’re blowing during extreme winter weather.

why does my riding lawn mower leave a strip of grass

One solution would be to try to maneuver more carefully when near vehicles, mailbox, and rock beds in your driveway.

By avoiding wasted motions, you’re likely to bust even the most stubborn snow.

Learn the machine

Even though the zero turn blows much faster than regular walk-behind blowers, you may fail to save much time if you haven’t mastered the controls.

Be sure to refer to the operator’s manual for all operational instructions.

Fumbling with the buttons also risks messing the unit. 

Wrapping it up

Thanks to the improved speed and maneuverability, Zero turn mowers with snowblower attachment can help you tackle heavy snow with more ease than standard snow blowers.

Single stage blowers should be fine for light to moderate snow while you should pick two stage attachments for larger driveways, in light of the serious throwing power.

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Don’t forget to add weights and snow chains for safety, depending on the amount of snow or where the manufacturer expressly proposes so.

snowblower won’t throw snow far

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