Tree stands rated 400 lbs

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If you are a big guy and love hunting out of a tree stand, it’s important that you get a stand that’s cut out for huge and tall guys.

This guide will introduce you to the best tree stands rated 400 lbs in the market and how to identify the best ladder tree stand for big guys.

Let’s start our hunt for a 400lb climbing treestands for big guys.

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First off the basics:

What is a tree stand

Also called deer stands, tree stands are simply platforms you secure to trees to elevate your view when hunting.

The enhanced vantage point can make all the difference when going for trophies like the elusive whitetail.

Problem is, some manufacturers don’t bother with big boy stands yet staying on the ground can limit your field of view.

Luckily, I discovered a few brilliant models (you’ll meet them in a moment).

Types of treestands for hunting

Tree stands can be open or enclosed and are mostly available in the following categories

  • Ladder tree stands: Have steps making it very safe and a breeze to use. You want the most comfortable ladder tree stand, if ladders are your style.
  • Climbing stands: If you’re after climbing tree stands rated 400 lbs, you’ll be climbing the tree to reach it (I hope you’re a good climber!). Look for a tree with no limbs (up to your desired height) for this to work.
  • Fixed position stands: semi-stationary/semi-portable, that’s what these are. You fix them to a tree (using a belt/chain) and climb using aids like ladders. 

Important accessories when working with treestands

Adding beneficial accessories can help you make the most out of this hunting arsenal in the upcoming hunting season.

Chief among them is a tow rope- this will help you bring up your bow/gun and other gear when perched up there.

You may also invest in items like a bow holder (bow shooters), seat pads (for all day long comfort), and an umbrella (in case it rains).

Also handy is a blind kit (you don’t want to be spotted) among others.

What to look out for when shopping for Tree stands

Tree stands aren’t made equal and some will give you a greater advantage than others.

Here is how to rate them:

·         Ease of setup/use

Some require more upper body strength and immense physical effort to climb and you want to steer clear of such.

Also preferable is straightforward setup and a unit offering maximum comfort (and a bit more room) to let you concentrate on the target.

The best way to be certain is to try out each of the models you’re considering to see if they’re a good fit.

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·         Safety

Perhaps this comes above everything else- any stand worth looking at should safe and of course, fall-proof- double check the construction for basics like a harness, locking mechanisms, sturdiness, and more.

Also, check how well it secures to the tree.

·         Other features

  • Portability: A stand system that’s light is much easier to transport.
  • The seat: A reversible surround seat allows you to sit while facing the tree to create more cover (and to feel safer). Adjusting height is also awesome.

Also, look at its shooting rail (especially for rifle hunters), the available ladder sections, and even gun rests (for gun hunters) in your large platform hang on treestand.

An expanded foot platform could be desirable too as are any noise-deadening features more so if you often hunt in quiet woods.

·         A word on weight limits

In my opinion, most manufacturers test and construct tree stands to support more weight than they usually advertise them to hold.

That’s because engineers have to remain within certain safety factors hence the seemingly low limits. There are also legal reasons behind this.

I have, in fact, seen guys use a 300 lbs stand while they’re 400 lbs and it worked fine.

I am saying so because you’ll be hard-pressed to find tree stands rated 400 lbsexpressly (and above).

Indeed, the closest most come is 350 lbs. as you will see in the reviews section.

Remember that the indicated weight rating usually includes all your clothing and other gear you’ll typically have while in the woods including your bow/gun.

Tree stands rated 400 lbs: Reviews of our recommended brands

Here now are our most recommended big man climbers.

1. Lone Wolf Sit and Climb Combo II Climbing Tree Stand

Lone wolf is a big name in hunting gear and they have one of the best climbing treestands for big guys in this combo II.

It features an excellent pivoting seat and a sturdy climbing bar for your safety and ease of climbing.

The nicely padded seat, well-built belt system, and a built-in bow holder all make this a great addition to your hunting armory.

Transport isn’t an issue either-it easily folds flat and weighs a mere 20 lbs.

It comes with stabilizing straps backpack straps, and a bungee strap for good measure.

The platform is 30(W)x19.5(L)-inches and it’s officially rated 350 lbs.


  • Easy to climb.
  • Absolutely lightweight.
  • Feels super sturdy.


  • Not many bells and whistles.
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2. 180 Max SD Summit Climbing Treestand, Mossy Oak

This is constructed of high-quality aluminum and you can adjust the seat variously even to face the tree!

The foam seat is additionally extremely big and comfortable-your back will be nicely supported by the backrest.

The expanded room and an extended top frame are a testament to its suitability for big and tall guys.

Meanwhile, the company keeps the limits the weight to a manageable 23 pounds to help you lug it around as you look for the perfect location.

All the necessities are packed including a 4-point safety harness, pads, rapid climb stirrups, ropes, straps, and more.

The platform is 21(W) x38(L)-inches and is again officially rated 350 lbs.


  • Very roomy and tall.
  • Portable.
  • Custom-engineered foam cuts down on noise.


  • A pricey tree stand.
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3. Goliath SD Climbing Tree-stand, Mossy Oak

The monster-sized Goliath (closed front) also comes from Summit Treestands and is a lovely climber.

You will be delighted with the tough aluminum construction that makes it support heavier guys and the camo finish for concealment.

Like its sibling, this wonderful big-man stand comes with larger, cozier foam-padded seat (with backrest and arm pads), four-point harness, and custom-engineered foam to keep the noise down.

The secure lock system and the easy-to-use, adjustable climbing stirrups (fits any boot) bring more security (and peace of mind).

The 18-inch (W) x 12-inch (D) seat and a 21-inch (W) x 30.75-inch (D) platform tree stand is still lightweight at 25 lbs.


  • Very, very sturdy.
  • Larger frame.
  • Build to last.


  • Nothing major.
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Safety tips when using a climbing treestand for big guys

Your safety comes first so:

  • Always wear your harness when leaving the ground.
  • Inspect the stand (plus the harness) for damage before each use.
  • Pick the proper tree to hang your climbing stand and make sure you have secured everything tightly before aiming.
  • Keep your friends/family in the know about your current location.
  • Trend carefully during wet conditions since trees tend to be more slippery.
  • Don’t climb with things in your hands or on your back.
  • Attach the safety strap such that you won’t fall more than 12” in case of an accident.

Concluding remarks on tree stands rated 400 lbs

Whatever your favorite game, a climbing treestand for big guys can take your hunting hobby to the next level.

You now understand how to approach the search for tree stands rated 400 lbs and I believe you’re wiser. 

Remember to check for all essentials when selecting and to play (or is it hunt?) safe by always wearing the harness.

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