Water bars for gravel driveway

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Water bars for gravel driveway intercepts high flows of runoff traveling down gravel driveways and such areas and channels it into stable drainageways,  ditches, or vegetated areas to eliminate flooding/washouts.

They, therefore, play an important role in keeping your beautiful driveway in shape and out of trouble when it pours.

This article focuses on the best water bars for gravel driveway and will hopefully help you purchase a high-performance model that drains your driveways or sidewalks perfectly.

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Also coming up is a helpful section to help you tackle common gravel driveway issues such as keeping pea gravel from washing away.

Best water bars for gravel driveway – product reviews

Here are the water bars for gravel roads that are likely to permanently keep standing water off the driveway.

Keep in mind that we looked at dozens of options before narrowing down on our top three steep gravel driveway drainage solutions.

These most efficient water diversion devices could help protect your driveway for a very long time.

1.     Source 1 Drainage Trench/Driveway Channel Drain (with Galvanized Steel Grates)

Put this flush beside the driveway and you’ll never again be bothered by erosion/flooding problems when the heavens open.

The 10 feet long, 5 inches high driveway Channel and Drainage Trench combo pack come with easy to snap in/out (require no screws) heavy-duty galvanized steel grates that are sturdy enough for vehicles to drive over.

Everything in this gravel driveway water diverter is easy and you can install long runs of the channel drain in no time thanks to its nice interlocking built-in joining system. 

The other thing we liked about the product is the durable construction- the channel is made of lasting polypropylene plastic and outlasts countless other products.

Overall, this is a popular choice among landowners who want to preserve their property.


  • Installs in a snap.
  • Very well made.
  • Supportive customer service.


  • May not hold up to heavy trucks.
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2.     US Trench Drain, Compact Series 3 pack kit (9.8 Ft Total) includes 2 End Caps

You can also use this trench drain to deviate pooling water from the driveway especially if you reside in areas that receive high rainfall amounts.

The compact stabilized polypropylene polymer channel features a heel friendly grate and is packed in 3 lengths each 3.33 ft. long (for a total of 10 feet) along with 2 end caps.

Fixing it is easy-peasy too.

Just dig a trench then lay the unit into position.

You’ll also love how the cut sections easily clip together and their terrific fit.

And it’s nice that the grate comes out effortlessly for quick cleaning when necessary.


  • ADA compliant water bars.
  • A breeze to put together.
  • Drains wonderfully even after heavy downpours.


  • A bit small.
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3.     NDS  5-Inch Pro Channel 864GMTL Drain Kit (with Metal Grate) Pack of 1

Our last recommendation is this channel from NDS, Inc., one of the drain supply industry leaders.

Like other NDS Pro Series products, this is a top-quality channel drain system and a great alternative for your gravel driveway.

And with convenient interlocking joints plus a modular design, it’s quite a flexible system.

The product’s lay-flat design also improves its stability while the extended ribs make the channel sturdier.

As with other water bars for gravel driveway, the installation has been made seamless- it even comes with rebar tie-clips.

The 3” and 5” pre-assembled channel drain kit includes a 1-meter channel drain, 2 grates, 1 end outlet, and 1 end cap.

Note that you may need a concrete collar (in some installations) depending on your typical load ratings.


  • Budget pricing.
  • Perhaps the easiest to install.
  • Very stable.


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Now that you’ve met the water bars that are best suited for gravel driveways, let’s discuss one or two things that typically arise when water runs down the gravel driveway.

How to keep pea gravel from washing away

Pea gravel has a number of compelling benefits including being an inexpensive driveway option and being extremely easy to maintain.

But it has a few conspicuous drawbacks with most owners being concerned that it can easily be swept away by a deluge.

The good news is that you can avoid this problem by implementing a few basic measures depending on your topography.

The most foolproof way is probably installing a suitable drain along the edge of the driveway to redirect the water where it won’t wash away the pea gravels.

You could make a trench either down the center of the driveway or next to the edge.

Be sure to slope it properly so the water drains efficiently into the accessory.

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How to fix a steep gravel driveway

Too steep a drive is dreadful news for property owners face as far as drainage is concerned.

Not only do you keep worrying that the sharp gradient might cause the driveway to be washed down the street but there’s also a likelihood of it bringing other home damaging problems.

If you’re in this predicament, your foremost solution is sloping your driveway such that all the excess water runs off towards a safe place such as a ditch.

In addition, as seen throughout the article, you may also solve many drainage challenges with the correct placement of driveway drains like water bars.

Of course, you should add a quality grate to the drain system to keep debris away.

The last thing you want is it to get clogged during flooding.

There are other quick-fixes including raking the gravel to make a way for the water to stream off the unwanted locations.

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For the water bars to operate well, they have to be correctly installed and in the right place- poorly constructed water bars become an obstacle and blocks the flow of water off the driveway.

It’s also important that you regularly inspect them to be sure that it’s free of silt or other debris because rainwater can carry deposits which often build up choking the water bars.

That way, your water bars will be useful for long.

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