3 Top rated Drag mats to level lawn

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A drag mat to level lawn can give stellar results when it comes to evening out a bumpy lawn- it distributes topsoil perfectly and the unsightly bumps and divots will soon be forgotten.

And while you can easily construct one if you’re DIY-obsessed (look for DIY lawn leveling drag videos on YouTube), some companies make the job easier by providing ready-made drag mats for sale.

3 best drag mats to level lawn (preview)

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This article is for those looking to buy a drag mat for various leveling jobs around the turf.

You’ll meet some of the best drag mats, learn how they work, and the various types of drag mats to choose from.

Let’s dive right in.

Best drag mat for leveling lawn: product reviews

This section reviews the 3 top selling drag mats for leveling, grading fine gravel/soil, as well as countless other jobs.

And who knows? Your tiring chase for a drag mat that makes things super flat could end here.

1. Yard Tuff Drag Mat (4.5′ x 5′)

We recommend this unit if you’re searching for a drag mat that you can easily tow from behind your ATV, UTV, or garden tractor.

In fact, it arrives with its tow chain and a tow ring that fits precisely over 2″ ball hitches saving you from drilling or such annoying alterations.

Its 4.5′ x 5′ dimension makes it exemplary for a ton of leveling jobs on the roughest of surfaces including dragging fertilizer into the soil.

Like it’s sibling the Yard Tuff 5′ x 3′ Drag Mat, the heavy-duty steel construction and zinc-plated finish makes it an enduring option.   

You again enjoy a 1-year warranty.


  • Very versatile.
  • No assembly needed.
  • Awesome for large yards.


  • Some jobs may need you to add weights for efficient leveling.

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2. All Steel lawn Drag Mat (3’W x 4’L)

This is constructed of galvanized steel and handles even super tough grooming and lawn maintenance jobs.

It comes complete with its drag bar as well as a rope so you’ll get to work without having to look for attachments or undertaking any modification.

Something else: The drag bar improves support on the front and it will keep its shape as you pull it around the yard.

It adopts the unique lattice-style design meaning that all your uneven spots will be smoothed over.

The mat’s weight (23lbs.) is light enough to drag for hours by hand without feeling extreme fatigue.


  • You can tow it with a lawn mower (thanks to the stronger rope).
  • Great pricing.
  • Very durable.


  • I wish they could add more width options.

3. Yard Tuff Drag Mat (5′ x 3′) Pack of 2

This well-liked Drag Mat from Yard Tuff measures 5′ x 3′ and is amazing for an extensive range of lawn leveling tasks.

It’s fabricated from tenacious steel mesh giving it the strength to flawlessly level as well as grade diverse surfaces- and you will be impressed by the results regardless of the nature of the lawn.

The zinc-plated coating additionally helps it resists rust enhancing its longevity.

The included tow rope will allow you to pull it by hand comfortably.

You will get more peace of mind thanks to the 1-year manufacturer’s warranty (limited).


  • Works without needing vast amounts of pressure.
  • Doesn’t mess the grass.
  • Easy to drag.


  • Not meant to be dragged by a tractor

How a drag mat to level lawn works

Just like a DIY drag mat, commercial drag mats are either pulled manually (may include a tow rope) or attached to equipment like a zero turn mower, infield tractor, grooming machine, or ATV (might come with the required mounting connector).

They will drag loose soil with each pass until the low spots are filled and the hills smoothened out.

They also help in collecting unwanted debris such as rocks.

Now, how fast it completes the job will depend on factors like the size of your yard, the drag’s width, and obviously how high and/or low the valleys and mounds are among other variables.

A drag mat to level lawn can be versatile too- you can use it to break-up aeration cores, grade fine gravel, level baseball diamonds, and carry out a host of other trail maintenance tasks.

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Types of drag mats

Drag mats are made from a variety of materials.

Have a look:

·         Rubber drag mat

These are constructed mainly from molded rubber and come with a galvanized towing bar.

They’re not as abrasive on the grass as other units and hardly hurt the surface. 

They’re ideal for use on all types of surfaces, whether natural or artificial and you can even use it to flatten worm casts.

They are however not as durable as metallic drag mats.

·         Steel drag mat

These are typically made of tough materials like heavy-duty steel mesh and added with non-corrosive finishes such as zinc coating to enhance protection.

Some have their ends welded to prevent the edges from getting frayed when they hit obstacles like fence posts. 

Needless to say, these outlast the rest.

They’re additionally immensely flexible and you can use them to move sand and seed.

·         Cocoa mat drag

These are built from natural cocoa fibers and “float” across the grass producing a highly professional finish.

You will love that they work without displacing much of the soil or topdressing.

Some come with an optional leveling bar to help you level out piles of topdressing or loose soil before the mat.

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Where to buy drag mat to level lawn

You can purchase popular models like the yard tuff drag mat online from a couple of e-commerce sites including Amazon and eBay (second hand).

In addition, some of the manufacturers retail their products directly from their main websites and through authorized dealers (check if there’s one near you).

Having said that, online marketplaces seem to offer better prices than the shops and you save some bucks by ordering on Amazon or alternative sites.

Drag mat to level lawn: Buying guide

Let’s now talk about how to shop for a drag mat to help level the ground for an immaculate looking lawn.

  • Durability- As mentioned above, the metallic types are likely to serve you for longer. But they’re the priciest.
  • How well it works- You undoubtedly want a drag mat that does what it promises even in challenging areas and/or where space is restricted. The best way of telling if it will meet your expectations is to peruse the reviews left by past buyers on the website.
  • The width– different width exists and as you might be aware, a bigger width will level larger swathes and you subsequently spend less time.
  • Ease of use- a unit that attaches easily to your utility tractor for towing is, of course, great (if you’ll be pulling it with a machine). Likewise, you want a model with an ergonomic handle grip for manually pulled units.
  • Your needs- the condition of your lawn may also be influential. You might, for example, need a drag mat that features a blade cutting edge to help flatten rough spots if your yard has many of these.
  • Damage to the ground- select a brand that’s kind on your grass. Again the reviews can be helpful here.

A drag mat to level lawn can help you smooth out your yard better than tools like a lawn leveling rake.

They cover bigger broader strips with each drag and provide the option of dragging with your tractor to save time.

That being said, it’s important to add concrete blocks or bricks on the top to increase the drag’s efficiency where necessary.

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