Pull behind rakes for ATVs

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If you thought that you have exhausted all the uses of your ATV, think again…

For you can make it a wonderful effective rake for removing roots, leaves, rocks, tree debris, and more thanks to landscape rakes.

In this post, we feature 3 of our favorite pull behind rakes for ATVs. 

Plus, we have included a shopping guide to help you select the best one from the tons of yard rakes for ATV waiting for you out there.

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Let’s get started.

pull behind rakes for ATVs: Product reviews

Here are some of the coolest tow behind rakes you can hook up to your ATV.

Like when towing pull behind rake for riding mower or gravel rake for lawn tractor, pulling any of these rakes behind your vehicle means you get the job done in a fraction of the time it typically takes.

1.Black Boar UTV/ATV Landscape Rake attachment

This labor-saver pulls behind your ATV to help you complete a myriad of landscaping tasks in half the time. 

It does everything a standard landscape rake can do only that it works much harder. 

From leveling the ground, spreading out ground coverings, gathering fallen leaves, to pulling up rocks and limbs, and everything in between, this will do it all like a legend.

This handy add-on has some amazing extras to boot including a decent rear storage area. 

We also loved that you can remove each tine to increase/decrease to obtain your desired spacing depending on your needs.

And it has handles for riders to hold onto too.

Moreover, it’s easy to install, very heavy duty, and nicely finished.


  • Wide width to cover a large area.
  • Reasonable storage.
  • Locking feature to discourage thieves.


  • Clogs up a little fast when raking heavy debris.
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2.     Yard Tuff  Acreage Rake, 48″

No need to touch the hand rake: Just put up this attachment behind your vehicle (you need a pin-style hitch) and let it do the dirty work for you.

It’s a smart way to get a new purpose for your ATV and will rake, dethatch, and even turn loose leaves/grass into tidy rows for easy pick-up.

The 48-inch working path means it will work pretty fast on large yards.

You will love it when it comes to windrowing as well- the reel arms lift independently to make the operation easier even when making windrows on depressions or elevated spots.

What’s more, the tines are reversible when mounting so that you can rake or dethatch.

The whole unit is solidly constructed (of steel, no less) to make it last. 


  • The pneumatic tires travel great (12 inches) on rough ground.
  • Compact to store in the shed.
  • No weights needed.


  • A tad difficult to install.
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3.     Yard Tuff Pine Straw Rake YTF-60PSR 60″ for ATV

The tool is more than just a smart ATV rake; it not only rakes pine, leaves, grass, straw, and debris but also dumps your collection thanks to the well thought out lift handle making your job much easier.

The rake’s 24, 5/16-inches tines optimize its performance so it’s a great option if you have acres upon acres of pine needles, bigger branches, grass, and other materials to clear.

Sure, it might require some weights, but this multipurpose machine is a lifesaver in the garden and should help you dethatch the lawn, level your garden (after rototilling), and more.

It’s worth noting that each tine is independent making replacement straightforward.

Like in the Yard tuff acreage rake, it’s better placed to conquer uneven terrain- it, in fact, comes with similar 12″ pneumatic tires.

Hookup is quick and easy since it uses a standard pin hitch.


  • Larger 60″ width.
  • Powder-coat paint prevents corrosion.
  • Enhanced maneuverability.


  • Weights are a must for bigger jobs.
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Landscape rakes: Buying guide

Here are the 5 essentials to keep in mind when shopping for landscape rakes.

1.      Why you need the rake tool for

Rakes are immensely versatile and allow you to:

  • Whisk away fallen leaves and sticks (pull behind stick rake).
  • Break up soil clumps and remove stones.
  • Cut through and pull out dead grass (dethatching).
  • Level materials to prepare the ground for tasks like laying of sod.

There’s a lot it can do around your property and you must identify what exactly you plan to be using the implement for before choosing a rake.

2.      Overall design

A floating design usually keeps pull behind rakes level for a smoother, even finish.

Likewise, bi-direction tines work the ground in both directions in jobs like seedbed preparation. 

Additionally, an adjustable angle means you can reach into narrow areas.

Still on tines, steel tines are quite strong and grades, grooms, and levels the toughest surfaces nearly as well as a driveway rake for garden tractor.

You should also consider a dumping feature- it’s available in some models including the Yard Tuff Pine Straw Rake (reviewed in this article) and provides easy dumping.

The other thing to pay attention to is the working width.

Landscape rakes come in various widths and it’s important that you select one wide enough to cover your area in good time.

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3.      Ease of use

Models with no learning curve make life easier for you.

By the same token, you want a unit that connects to your vehicle without stress or confusion.

For this reason, you should choose a rake with a simple mounting system that allows easy attaching and detaching.

4.      Durability

We all desire to own a unit that outlasts every other pull behind rake in the market. 

Look for features such as paint coating or similar covering as they offer extreme protection against corrosion and the elements.

Other treatments such as hot-dip galvanizing on steel also enhance its resilience.

5.      Suitability for the job

For most landscaping operations, the ATV might need to meet certain capabilities depending on the project.

In a majority of instances, it’s the engine that matters most.

Check with the equipment manufacturer (or the dealer) about its specific power requirements prior to ordering to be sure that it can safely serve your needs.

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Maintenance tips

Remember to maintain your attachment as suggested in the accompanying paperwork for your safety and that of your newly acquired machinery.

For starters, be sure that all the tires have the recommended air pressure as uneven pressure can speed up tire wearing and make it unstable on uneven or undulating grounds.

Furthermore, you should confirm that it’s tightly secured to your vehicle before getting down to any job.

Last but not least, wash your rake at every available chance- get the stuck mud/debris off by all means because a clean landscape rake will give its all!

An ATV is a wonderful capable asset and you can convert it into a rake workhorse with the right tow behind attachment.

And we have introduced you to the best landscape rakes in the market these days for ATVs so getting the ideal one should be a less daunting task now.

It’s a piece of hardware that could make you happy and proud for years.

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