What is A Sod Cutter?

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A sod cutter refers to a tool that you use to remove the top layer of soil and grass from a garden, yard, or farm. Usually, these tools are available with many various features to suit sod removal procedures. These include sharp blades, ergonomic handles, motors and more.

It’s a much more powerful and convenient tool than traditional garden tools like shovels. A sod cutter is efficient at removing the top layers of plant life, such as grass and more. However, they are not suitable for eliminating plant life such as weeds, as it does not get down to plants’ roots.

A sod cutter works in a straightforward way, especially the manual types. When you engage this garden tool, here are a few of the steps to expect:

  1. It will feature a wide blade, often 30cm wide or more, to penetrate down through the soil beds.
  2. Then, the tool cuts through the roots and removes them from the blades. It’s the primary step in removing the grass from your lawn and any growing weeds.
  3. If you opt to remove weeds alone, remember that the tool is likely to leave big patches of dirt where the surrounding grass used to be. Remember that weeds grow from the roots, so even the best sod cutter may not be sufficient to eliminate them.

3 Types of Sod Cutters

There are various types of sod cutters, which either fall under the manual or motorized categories. They include:

1. Square Edge Sod Cuter – Manual

It’s the simplest type of sod cutter you will find. While it has the same appearance as a regular shovel, the sod cutter has a short handle and squared edge. It would be in comparison to the rounded edge that you will find on traditional shovels. 

Plus, the square edge sod cutter’s dynamic design makes it ideal for edging lawns and removing small sections of sod. Since it’s a manual tool, you have to apply some effort to lift the sod. Therefore, the square edge sod cutter is suitable for small garden or yard patches, as it can be challenging to use in large spaces.

2. Kick Sod Cutter – Manual

It refers to a sod cutter that has two long handles with a crossbar underneath. Usually, it also features a roller and a flat blade at the ground section. The unique design of the kick sod cutter lets users calibrate the blade level to produce the best sod-cutting results. 

Besides, the term “kick” means that you can kick the crossbar to help drag the crossbar as you cut. The kick sod cutter enables you to remove long and small strips of sod, which you can remove and roll-up. 

3. Motorized Sod Cutter

If you plan on removing a large area of sod, consider using a motorized sod cutter. Why? The motorized type has an engine, which eliminates all the hard work in removing sod from gardens. However, the only drawback is that they require maintenance and hefty upfront investment to ensure the best results. 

Usually, the motorized sod cutter features a petrol engine with varying levels of power. Furthermore, some are available with electric start engines or pull start cord mechanisms. 

Features of a Sod Cutter

Before buying a suitable sod cutter, there are few key features that one has to consider. They include: 

  • Ergonomics – if it’s the manual version of the tool, ensure you go for one that is comfortable to use, especially if you have a large area to clear.
  • Blade quality – the blade should be durable and efficient at penetrating soil layers to remove soil.
  • Brand – you want to invest in a top sod cutter from some of the industry-leading brands.
  • Manual or motorized – choose the suitable type based on your needs, budget, garden size, physical health and more.

Benefits of Sod Cutter 

Maintaining your lawn is not always easy when using traditional tools such as a slasher or shovel. It’s backbreaking work, and investing in a home maintenance service is costly. A few benefits of sod cutter can include:

  • Convenient – you no longer have to use a shovel or slasher to maintain your garden, which can be challenging work. A sod cutter takes the hassle out of maintaining your garden.
  • Affordable – using this type of garden tool is a pocket-friendly option compared to calling a home maintenance service. 
  • Safe and easy to use – you will find it easy to use a sod cutter to maintain your garden, and it’s also a safer option.


Are There Any Safety Issues in Using a Sod Cutter?

Yes, there are few safety issues to consider. You have to use to get the right gear such as gloves and garden boots. Plus, hold the sod cutter properly, and ensure you don’t use it on surfaces with stones.

What are Things to Consider in Owning a Motorized Sod Cutter?

Before investing in a sod cutter, you may have to consider a few factors. These include whether you need a manual or motorized tool. Plus, the structure of the terrain in your garden is also crucial. 

Should I Use a Sod Cutter or A Tiller?

The difference in using these tools is that they are suitable for various functions. A sod cutter prepares sod, and a tiller is ideal for farming purposes.

Can Use A Sod Cutter to Remove Weeds?

Yes, while the sod cutter works well to remove any form of plant life from the garden, it’s not practical for weed removal alone. You have to go for the other traditional methods of weed removal if you want lasting results.


There are many types of garden tools, and getting informed on some of the common ones is an excellent recommendation. We have been looking at few useful things when answering the common question, “what is a sod cutter.” 

Now, you know it’s a garden tool, often in the form of a manual or motorized tool. It has many benefits, including being convenient, reliable, and adequately ensuring the best results.

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