Snow plows for Polaris rangers

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Your Polaris ranger and one of the specially made snow plows for Polaris rangers are a plowing snow match made in heaven.

And because of the unique design and sturdy construction, not even the heavy, sloppy snowfalls that tend to vanquish other tools will stand a chance with these battle-hardened snow plows.

Here, we introduce you to these best snow combating weapons to help you conquer ice and snow in record time.

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Snow plows for polaris rangers: which is the best choice?

These aftermarket accessories for snow are built sturdy, tremendously strong, and you can always trust them to win the battle of gigantic proportions against the snow.

Let’s meet the best-selling models to get an idea of what might work for your case:

1 KFI UTV Steel Snow Plow Kit for Polaris Ranger (66″ or 72” blade)

This snow plow is engineered from top-grade steel (11 gauge) and will help you clear snow year after year.

In fact, the tubes have been shot blasted (cleaned, stripped, and reinforced under centrifugal force) and coated with industrial powder to enhance toughness so it’s likely to serve you for decades.

It’s a perfectly designed front-mount system offering 30+ inches of lifting height meaning plenty of ground clearance.

The system attaches in seconds (use the two standard 5/8-inch hitch pins) and comes with all the assembly instructions and mounting hardware.  

They also pack a rubber top flap.

Mount it on your Polaris Ranger 400, 500, 700, 800, and 900 (4×4, 6×6) and give a thorough beating to the stubborn snow piles on your driveway.


  • A breeze to mount.
  • Freely adjusting angle.
  • One of the most durable snow plows for Polaris rangers in the market.


  • Might need some modifications to install in certain ranger models.

2 Snow Plow Kit for Polaris RANGER 1000 XP EPS, 72″ Blade

This again outlasts snow thanks to the heavy-duty steel blade (11-gauge).

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In addition, the 1.5” push tube makes it immensely strong and it admirably withstands the snow force while on the job.

But what’s most thrilling about it is the performance – not only does the 5 different angles  help sweep snow from side to side but will also help squeeze out ice hiding in tight spaces much better than most of the rivals.

Plus, it got a good weight to gobble up a huge amount of ice with each pass.

Like its peers, it’s generally super easy to assemble and all the parts come with the box.

The only downside is the manufacturer’s failure to include a winch (you need it to raise/lower the plow’s 72-inch blade).

This could be the best fit for your Polaris ranger 1000 XP EPS.


  • Easy to replace the wear bar.
  • More flexibility- it offers five operating angles
  • Reaches right into tight spots.


  • Nothing notable but for the lack of operating winch (order for an aftermarket one)

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3 SubZero Snow Plow for Polaris Ranger RZR XP 1000 2019-2020, 60″ Blade

This is made to work with the Polaris Ranger RZR XP 1000 and is another brilliant snow plow system.

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It features a 60-inch plow blade and 5 angles (rapid change) to help you defeat whatever Mother Nature brings your way every winter.

The construction is solid – you will find the same 11 gauge steel and 1.5 inch square tubes we mentioned when discussing the Polaris ranger 1000 XP EPS  snow plow above.

Also found in this are the simple and secure quick release pins to help you attach or detach the accessory in a matter of moments.

As was the case in the other two snow plows for Polaris rangers, the kit comes complete with mounting gear.

The operating winch is, however, not included.


  • Easy-connect design saves your mounting and dismounting time.
  • Strengthened to handle extreme conditions.
  • Great price.


  • The instructions are somewhat confusing.

Snow plows for polaris rangers: Buying guide

The thing that comes to mind first and foremost is your ranger model.

Each of them is made for a specific model and you need to be sure that it fits yours before looking at other issues.

Other crucial considerations are:

Blade Size

Consider the size of the blades. You’ll notice that manufacturers state the size in inches and clearly indicate the sizing on the label.

For the most part, the sizes start from about 60” wide to over 72”.

The best way to maneuver here is to remember that your plow blade needs to be six inches (on average) wider than your ranger for enough clearance when fully rotated.

Pick according to your Ranger.

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Construction material

Another key factor in your hunt for the best snow plow for polaris ranger is the material used for construction.

Overall, your choices are Polyethylene and Steel (mild or stainless).

Do you know why we picked only snow plows made from steel?

Well, steel tends to offer extended longevity (especially after the addition of a special coating), is significantly lighter, and more aesthetically pleasing (stainless steel) than Polyethylene.

There are areas that steel loses out to Polyethylene, for example, slickness and noise levels, but because of the lower cost, these snow plows edge the rest.

Other considerations

·         Winch

In addition to the blade, the inclusion of a winch is helpful otherwise raising and lowering the blade will be an uphill task depending on your ranger’s control mechanism.

Note that winches with ropes are favored over cables as heavy use generally shortens the life steel cables.

·         Push tube

Also, check that the push tube is sturdy enough to beat back the opposing forces of heavy snow in front of the plow.

Luckily, some models come with toughened push tubes and even the winch, on occasion.

Search for a compatible winch (there are dozens of them on sale) if not included.

·         Blade design

Straight blades dominate but you may want a V-blade (where available) if you’re always surrounded by frozen snow and ice. 

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Snow plows for polaris rangers: Snow Plowing Tips

Here now are some tips to help you plow snow safely and effectively with your Polaris ranger:

  • As regards the direction to plow, it’s always easier to start plowing in the center and to plow outward.
  • Push snow piles farthest possible to create more room for a new snow storm.
  • Use low gear (maximum 5 mph) to avoid damaging the plow, vehicle, or surroundings.
  • Remove the blade as well as the plow frame prior to trail riding as plow mounting decreases ground clearance.
  • Adjust the angle of the plow blade as necessary to push snow/ice to either side.
  • Raise/lower your skid shoes to lengthen/shorten the distance between the ground and the blade’s cutting edge. This way, the driveways, sidewalks, and lawns will not be damaged.
  • For your safety:
  • Beware and avoid (preferably mark the area before it freezes) possible obstacles under the snow.
  • Always wear the recommended protective clothing (check your vehicle’s operator’s manual).
  • Be cautious when plowing sloping terrain, grades, and rough grounds.
  • Understand all your vehicle’s safety decals before using the plow system.
  • Slow down before attacking a pile.
  • Inspect the system for loose parts, damage to the winch, tire pressure, and snow/ice build-up before use.
  • To offset the plow weight, get ways of increasing your vehicle’s front spring pre-load. Also, add tire chains to improve traction.

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If you own a Polaris ranger and don’t want to be caught out by snow, consider adding one of the above-mentioned snow plows for polaris rangers to your accessories.

All are immensely sturdy, powerful, and reliable not to mention built to last.

In short, with these high-quality snow plows on your ranger, the winter season will always look shorter.

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