Best Tiller for Clay Soil

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Clay soil is highly fertile and rich in plant nutrients. More so, it holds water well. However, it drains slowly, and it’s heavy to cultivate and dig. If you know you’ll be fighting clay soils in your garden, then securing the best tiller for clay soil is a vital decision.

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Choosing the right tiller can, however, be daunting. Fortunately, we’ve gathered the best rototiller for clay soil in the market for you.

We’ve included a buying guide to ensure you pick the right tiller for your gardening needs. 

3 Best Rottotillers for Clay Soil

1.      Earthwise TC70001 8.5-Amp 11-inch Corded Electric Tiller

American Lawn Mower has been in the industry since 1895. The company has been an innovative leader in high-quality lawn and garden tools. Earthwise tiller is an innovative and efficient line of products designed to cut out the hassle and mess of garden tools.

 If you’re an avid gardener, then acquiring the Earthwise TC70001 8.5-Amp 11-inch Corded Electric Tiller is a vital decision. The thankless task of digging through sticky and heavy clay soil is the reason why this electric tiller was invented.

The machine will help you renew the soil for the growing season. However, if you want to use it in a new garden, first loosen the soil with hand tools such as a shovel.

The machine has a slim, sleek design that will appeal to your sense of style. This design offers you quality performance. More so, it ensures the gadget fit in small spaces for easy storage.

The Earthwise TC70001 is suitable for small to mid-size gardens as well as flower beds. It also works well as a weed control tool. Starting the machine is easy. The ergonomic handle is fitted with a safety switch and a cord retention hook to provide a tight grip. This also makes it easy to start the electric rototiller in a snap every single time.

With a cultivating depth 8-inch and a width of 11-inch, weeding and tilling in small to mid-size flower beds and gardens become a hassle-free task. The cultivator weighs about 27.4 lbs, making it easy to transport.

It’s powered by the 8.5-amp motor, along with 4 strong tines. This enables it to till and mix hard-packed soil for proper aeration and to help oxygen reach plant roots.


  • Lightweight and compact design for easy transportation and storage
  • Easy to assemble
  • Four robust adjustable steel tines
  • 8.5-amp for excellent speed


  • Start and safety switches might be hard to handle
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty work

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2.      Black+Decker LGC120 20-Volt Garden Tiller

Black+Decker LGC120 20-Volt Garden Tiller is a battery-powered machine suitable for cultivating garden beds and weeding.

The cordless cultivator is designed to break soil easily to allow nutrients and water to reach plant roots. Furthermore, it’s ideal for prepping dry spots in the lawn for seeding and the existing beds for planting.

It’s designed with two long, small tines for easy maneuverability in between plants. The counter-oscillating tines prevent weeds from tangling. 

This farm equipment is powered by a 20-volt MAX lithium-ion battery that provides a longer lifespan. The battery retains the charge 5 times longer than 18-volt NiCad batteries. More so, it’s compatible with other Black+Decker lines of power and lawn tools. With the battery fully charged, you’ll be able to cultivate up to 325 square feet per day. The battery is also designed with 50% less battery weight.

The ergonomic design of the cultivator makes it easy to penetrate through hard clay soil. The telescoping shaft is adjustable to ensure you set it to the perfect length. This allows you to operate it while standing. It’s a way of minimizing fatigue, as well as ensuring you work speedily. The upright position, combined with comfortable grips and adjustable auxiliary handles provides you work for long without straining your muscles.

The Black+Decker LGC120 20-Volt Garden Tiller comes with an energy star-qualified charger to charge it for 8 hours. you can swap the battery among other Black+Decker cordless lawn tools, which are compatible with 20-volt lithium-ion batteries. This machine is also backed by a 2-year limited warranty to ensure you use it for an extended period.


  • Counter-oscillating tines ensure weeds don’t tangle
  • Upright and lightweight design lessen arm fatigue and minimize muscle strains
  • The adjustable handles have comfortable grips
  • Suitable for cultivating landscape beds, garden beds, and weeding


  • You might get injured when assembling
  • Not ideal for extremely hard soil

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3.      Schiller Grounds Care 2-Cycle 7920 Mantis Tiller Cultivator

Schiller Grounds Care 2-Cycle 7920 Mantis Tiller Cultivator is the lightest clay soil tiller in the market.

Weighing barely 20 lbs, the machine is easy to handle and transport. However, it’s weight does not compromise its functionality.

It offers heavyweight performance in a lightweight design. The powerful 2-cycle commercial engine is directly placed over the tine to provide maximum digging and rototilling power. 

The innovative gear design generates more power at less weight. The machine turns clumps of dirt into the perfect planting soil. It also breaks through hard clay soil. The equipment is ideal for raised beds and more extensive gardens.

The compact size allows you to work in any size space. The built-in carry handle gives you an easy time lifting the tillers. It can till and weed close to fences and walls. It comes with soft, flared grips for seamless operation. Simply put control at your fingertips. The optional attachments turn this Mantis Tiller into a versatile garden and lawn machine.


  • Compact and lightweight
  • The 2-cycle commercial engine offers heavyweight performance
  • It’s a versatile garden and lawn machine
  • Built to last for generations
  • Comes with a 5-year consumer warranty


  • Might be hard to assemble

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Best Tiller for Clay Soil Buying Guide

When it comes to securing the right tiller, you need to pay attention to several factors. They include:

Garden Size

If you have a small garden with loose soil, then a small electric tiller will handle the job. But for the heavy clay soil, you need a more powerful machine that will break the clumps and penetrate the ground for planting.

Typically, a larger plot would require a larger tiller. Larger tillers are designed with wider working lengths and widths.


When it comes to tillers, not all can handle various tasks. But it’s economical to get a machine that can work on the garden, landscape beds, as well as lawns.

If you need a multipurpose device, choose the one with a variety of attachments without sacrificing the quality.


Working on clay soil can be daunting. That’s why you need a tiller with robust tines and high turning force to ensure the engine doesn’t lose revs when working on sticky, stiff clay soil.

More so, ensure the machine has good grips and sturdy wheels for easy maneuverability in between plants.

But before you begin tilling, allow the clay soil to dry out first. This way, it’ll get easier to break the clumps into soft, loose soil for planting.


Working on clay soil will be hard on the machine. This means you need to pick a strongly built tiller to last you for long. Steel is one of the best materials used in designing farm tools.

More so, check on the warranty. A long-term warranty is an indication that the product is solidly built.

The best tiller for clay soil will ease your muscle strain and minimize arm fatigue. More so, it will ensure oxygen, water, and nutrients reach the plant root due to proper aeration.

We hope the reviews will make the choice hassle-free.

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