Best utility trailer for ATVs

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In a utility trailer for ATV, you have an invaluable accessory for hauling dirt, gravel, sand, mulch, and other supplies for your projects around the yard.

Read on to discover the best utility trailer for ATVs, the mandatory features you need in ATV pull behind trailers, and basic maintenance tips.

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Best tow behind utility carts: product reviews

To get us started, here is a review of the 3 utility trailers for ATVs to attract the highest number of endorsements from users.

Agri-Fab 45-0101 Max Utility (Tow Behind) 750-Pound Dump Cart

Agri-Fab, a leading manufacturer of lawn/garden attachments has wowed the market with this rugged, steel trailer built to be pulled by your ATV.

It’s quite a versatile unit and should haul just about anything you can think of- firewood, topsoil, leaf/brush, bags of fertilizer, rocks, tools …you name it.

The biggest surprise is a foot pedal for easier and safe dumping.

It has been fabricated from steel (both the bed and frame) and is topped up with scratch-resisting powder coat paint and you should expect nothing short of an amazing lifespan.

Using it is easier than you could ever imagine -the universal hitch adapts easily to dozens of  ATVs brands out there.

The latest version has larger 16-inch x 4-inch pneumatic tires for smoother travel over rough terrain.

The bed measures 32.5″ (W) x 49″(L) x 12″ (H) and it has a 750-lbs. haulage capacity according to the company.


  • Very well built.
  • Seamless dumping.
  • Nice price.


  • Relatively small load capacity.

Gorilla Carts Heavy-Duty GOR1400-COM Steel Utility Cart (Removable Sides)

We’ve seen a fair amount of new utility trailers for ATVs recently.

And they’re all illustrious in their own ways but this Gorilla carts heavy duty steel model is one of the very best we’ve met.

No one actually beats it for the biggest hauling jobs in our list thanks to the many high-end features. 

Most notable is the cart’s oversized mesh bed (made of reinforced steel) and removable side panels.

The result is more load capacity and versatility to carry mountains of construction materials, groceries, brush, fence posts, and anything else.

In fact -get this-, it comfortably pulls 1,400 lbs!

The trailer’s handle is modern and you can pull it by hand or make it a hitch to be pulled by your ATV.

And with large 15-inch pneumatic tires, this utility trailer can move anywhere around the farm without breaking a sweat.

The minimalist frame design means you have very few parts to assemble.


  • Improved ground clearance.
  • Super responsive, yet very stable.
  • Can by towed or pulled by hand.


  • Sides not meshed.

Polar Heavy Duty Utility Trailer for ATV

Instead of the sheet metal frame used in some of its competitors,  the Polar trailer for ATV comes with a steel tubular frame  wrapped with powder coat finish for more resilience and protection against rust or dents.

In addition, this all-purpose hauling machine’s polyethylene walls, body, and gunnels are made extra-thick- this is a plus and the trailer will stand its ground firmly while hauling.

The rugged wide-track rubber tires offer great maneuverability and a more sure footing and stable feel.

It also features a tilt-and-swivel dumping design together with higher ground clearance (because of the pass-through axle) to enhance its ability to handle myriad home transport applications.

The use of sealed ball bearings eliminates cumbersome maintenance tasks common in brands equipped with non-sealed bearings.

Its bed measures 84″(W) x 45″(L) x 31″(H) and carries up to 1200 lbs (load size is 15 cubic foot).


  • Quick dumping action.
  • One of the most durable units.
  • Outstanding off the road.


  • We can’t pick out a major weakness.

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Best utility trailer for ATVs: buying guide

You guessed it right: there are a couple of issues that you must give utmost consideration when shopping for a utility trailer for your all-terrain vehicle (ATV).

Here’s how to best approach the selection process:

·         Key features

The biggies remain the frame materials, wheel size, and dumping technology.

  • Frame construction: most ATV trailers are made of tougher materials such as steel because companies understand your preference for products with longer life.
  • Wheels: wide tires roll faster (because the internal friction within its materials is lower) and absorb imperfections on the trail more easily.
  • Dumping: a tipping/dumping feature is great to have. You will also want to consider things like ability dumping the whole cargo with little effort as you narrow down your best utility ATV choices.

·         Carrying capacity

This is another vital factor because many manufacturers often have a full range of utility trailers products to choose from.

Plenty of models are subsequently available –in various sizes and load capacities-to satisfy the needs of light-duty homeowners.

The same goes for commercial-duty professional users.

The specifications are available from the selling websites so this shouldn’t trouble you as long as you know what you want.

·         Your ATV’s engineering

Be sure your ATV’s towing mount fits well with the carrier you select.

Next, we suggest that you take the time to examine its towing capacity before going shopping.

It will help you land one that it can effortlessly and safely haul.

·         Others

  • Convenience features: removable sides can make moving large objects comfortable. Also, carts with technologies like a convertible handle allow you to tow it by hand when necessary.
  • Assembly: The best utility trailer for many users has the easiest assembly.
  • Ground clearance: A higher ground clearance protects the bottom of the trailer from dents or getting caught (on low obstacles).

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Utility trailer maintenance

Proper care is critical to profit maximally from the best utility trailer for ATVs.

Here we cover generalities about maintaining a utility trailer and the best strategy is to go through your owner’s as well as axle manual.

These have in-depth instructions and will help you learn about safe maintenance procedures for your selection.

The bare essentials are:

  1. Tire pressure- make sure you maintain your manufacturer’s suggested tire pressure.
  2. Lubricate it- apply the recommended lubricating material to parts requiring lubrication such as bearings (where not sealed) and the locking device and ensure proper greasing.
  3. Wash it- leftover dirt and grime can cause corrosion and you should thoroughly wash it as necessary.
  4. Replace worn parts- cracked or weakened components such as the hitch should be replaced instantly.
  5. Wheels- inspect and tighten if you notice lose lug nuts/bolts. 

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Proper usage

Also, keep in mind these precautions for your safety:

  • Speed– Go slower when negotiating tricky terrain and avoid steep slopes.
  • Weight limitation– Make sure you observe the utility trailer’s weight limits (an overloaded cart has a huge risk of rolling over).
  • Weight management- Keep the weight forward and the lowest possible in your trailer.
  • Prudent operation– common sense and good operator skill are priceless.

The best utility trailer for ATVs is a handy investment for garden haulage tasks and a practical alternative for those who find the idea of coming up with a homemade pull behind ATV trailer unappealing.

That being said, you should use your ATV vehicle (and your new tool) only in areas where ATVs are safe and legal to drive (check local laws).

Last but not least, keep your utility trailer for ATV properly maintained.

It will pay you back by serving you ably for many years.

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