Pulling a trailer with a zero turn mower

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Pulling a trailer with a zero turn mower is very possible if your zero turn mower is sufficiently powerful.

But there are a couple of things you should know before you can turn your zero turn mower into a yardwork workhorse because zero turns are not built equal.

Let’s go through them first.

Check your manufacturer’s recommendation about towing a trailer

Some zero turn mowers are somewhat limited and won’t tow anything.

In fact, their manufacturers expressly warn against any attempts to make it pull attachments and will cancel the warranty, meaning you might face a huge repair bill if things go wrong.

Your first stop, therefore, is the owners’ manual- confirm if the manufacturer gives you a go-ahead.

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Confirm the Zero-Turn pulling/towing weight capacity

Your next question should be that of its pulling capacity.

This information is again available from the owner’s manual usually so you shouldn’t struggle to know its abilities.

This is important because it will help you figure out the proper tongue weights for the trailer for zero turn mower.

It all comes down to individual zero turns. For example, some Dixie zero turn models have a 2000lbs towing capacity while the Ferris 3100z zero-turn mower tows 300lbs.

On the other hand, a commercial unit won’t have an issue pulling heavier attachments like an aerator.

With the approval and capacity out of our way, we can switch focus to the question of the trailer hitch.

How to add a hitch to a zero turn Lawn Mower

Needless to say, you need a trailer hitch for zero turn mower to be able to hook your trailer.

So, do zero turn mowers have a hitch?

Well, it depends on the model- some do while you have to order the hitch kits separately for others.

Don’t fret if your mower didn’t come with one- getting a suitable hitch shouldn’t really be a bother as most manufacturers offer hitch kits for the commonest zero turn models online or through authorized dealers.

In most cases, a sturdy heavy-duty metal hitch works best.

Having said that, you should be alert when shopping – make sure that the hole in the hitch is the correct size for your trailer ball.

You can as well build a lawn mower trailer hitch- if you’re the type that can’t get enough of DIYs. Learn how to put a ball hitch on a lawn mower here.

Moving on, installation should be a breeze since the hitch package comes with precise installation instructions (you might require to drill holes) to help you mount the hardware.

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Installation should even be simpler for a homemade hitch considering that you designed it after studying your zero turn.

Indeed, sometimes you only need to weld the hitch onto the zero turn to get going.

All that remains at this point is the trailer attachment.

Pulling a trailer with a zero turn mower: general precautions

Pulling a trailer with a zero turn mower can be dangerous and you should use extreme caution at all times when towing.

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Keep in mind the following:

  • For their safety, keep children (and others) out of towed equipment.
  • To reduce the risk of jack-knifing (the zero turn skidding and in turn causing the trailer to spin around and colliding with it), always make wide turns if you’re towing.
  • Due to the extra load, stopping the mower might be a challenge. For this reason, drive slowly and allow extra yards anytime you wish to stop. Importantly, you shouldn’t shift to neutral or coast downhill.
  • Avoid towing on sloped ground since the additional weight (from the towed trailer) may cause it to lose traction and control, potentially leading to a disaster.
  • Likewise, don’t tow near hazards such as ditches and canals.
  • In addition, tow only after fixing a hitch specifically built for towing trailers as specified in the operators’ manual.
  • Lastly, never exceed the manufacturer’s recommended weight limits for the trailer. Doing that could be pushing your luck too far and could even damage your mower.

Pulling a trailer with a zero turn mower: Frequently asked questions(FAQs)

I will now answer some of the most common questions about pulling a trailer with a zero turn mower.

What’s the u003ca href=u0022https://www.husqvarna.com/us/products/zero-turn-mowers/u0022u003eHusqvarna u003c/au003ezero turn towing capacity?

Most Husqvarna zero turns have the ability to pull/tow a small aerator or lawn cart but cannot handle excessive loads. Check your model’s manual for the load limit.

What’s the Cub cadet zero turn towing capacity?

Well, a useful rule of thumb is that you should be able to tow about half the weight of your riding mower safely and efficiently, over level surfaces and slopes below 5 degrees.u003cbru003eIf you factor in the operator’s weight, the towing capacity = ½ the mower’s weight + ½ the driver’s weight.u003cbru003eNote that this load is only achievable with a properly maintained cub cadet zero turn and a single-axle trailer.u003cbru003eHere is a summary of the specific model’s towing capacities:

Cub cadet zero turn  series Typical lawn cart Lawn roller
1000 Series and LT1500 750 lb. 650 lbs.
iSeries 1500 lb. 950 lbs.
GT1500 1500 lb. 950 lbs.
2500 & 3000 1500 lb. 950 lbs.

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What’s Craftsman lawn tractor towing capacity?

The manufacturer’s recommendations vary from one craftsman to another but on average, most can confidently pull between 700-1000 lbs.

Can you pull a lawn sweeper with a zero turn?

Sure, yes. Just attach it to your zero turn (be sure it has the capacity) and get to work.

Can you pull a lawn roller with a zero turn?

Certainly, yes assuming, once more that the unit meets the recommended rating.u003cbru003eYou can actually tow different attachments including pull-behind sprayers and seed spreaders around your yard and pasture with minimal fuss as long as you don’t break the mower’s weight limits.

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While pulling a trailer with a zero turn mower, observe the weight limits as per your manufacturer’s recommendation.

Besides, be careful when towing on slopes and during wet conditions lest you lose balance and hurt the machine and yourself.

Email or call the dealer if unsure, or if the manual doesn’t state how much weight you can get away with or if you need clarification about the hitch kit. 

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