Best 60 Gallon Air Compressors

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All air compressors, regardless of the brand that makes them and what they’re capable of doing, work on the same principle. They draw air into a storage tank and condense it to increase pressure.

The pressurized air gets kinetic energy, which the unit pumps into different air tools including nail guns, impact drills, and spray guns.

While the working mechanism is the same, the capacity isn’t. So in this guide, we look at 4 of the best 60 gallon air compressors. We’ll look at their features, the benefits of owning them, and what we think could be better.

In a hurry? Here’s our list of the top rated 60-gallon air compressors worth checking:

  • Power Mate Single Stage Air Compressor
  • SS3L3 3 HP 60 Gallon Air Compressor
  • California Air Tools CAT-60040CAD Ultra Quiet 60 Gal Compressor
  • Quincy QT-54

Best 60 Gallon Air Compressors Reviewed

1. Ingersoll Rand SS3L3 3 HP 60 Gallon Air Compressor

Ingersoll Rand SS3L3 is one of the best 60-gallon air compressors that you can use to paint cars or bring to a construction site if you work as a framing crew.

This 230-volt, single-stage air compressor guarantees to deliver the sufficient power that you need to get the most out of your power tools.

This air compressor is made of cast iron for strength, durability, and even heat distribution. Its operating pressure stands at 135 PSI, so it should handle light as well as heavy-duty jobs just fine.

Moreover, the unit does have a decent pump life from which you can get at least 5,000 hours of continuous use.

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Features and Benefits

Ingersoll Rand SS3L3 features a 3 HP motor, which is good enough to power a number of air tools for a wide range of applications.

Although this compressor’s horsepower is lower than that of Quincy QT-5, it can hold up quite well even in the case of extremely demanding jobs.

The integrated start and stop control switch makes this air compressor easy to operate. There’s even an overload protection that ensures the safety of the machine’s motor during extended use.

Because its belt guard is a fully enclose component, Ingersoll Rand SS3L3 air compressor can’t pose any threat to the user.

One thing we love about this air compressor is the all-season select lubricant.  The synthetic lubricant ensures the compressor operates optimally even in the extremely cold seasons.

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  • Doesn’t make noise when it’s in use
  • There is a manual overload to protect the motor for better performance
  • Good for lightweight as well as heavy-duty industrial applications


  • The pressure switch of this air compressor could use some upgrade
  • This air compressor heats up fast

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2. Quincy QT-54

Many people swear by Quincy QT-54 60-gallon air compressor because of its quality build and optimal performance. This isn’t some cheaply made, low quality air compressor.

So even with a price point that’s somewhat steep, what you get for your purchase is a high quality air compressor built to perform and last for long.

For starters, Quincy QT-54 is made of cast iron for strength and durability and requires minimal care to maintain the integrity of the construction.

Such a solid construction means parts such as the capacitor, tank, and the motor will continue to work for an extended period and you never even have to think about replacing this air compressor.

Apparently, the power of Quincy QT-54 is in its strong motor. The model features a 5 HP motor, which is powerful enough to run any kind of power tool from nail guns and impact wrenches to fence sprayers and nail guns.

You will love this air compressor because it has a higher RPM of 1310, which is good enough for someone who runs heavy-duty air tools. There’s a built-in thermal load in the capacitor, which ensures shorter recovery time for this air compressor.

The maximum pressure of the Quincy QT-54 air compressor stands at 175 PSI, which is higher than what some DEWALT models offer. And that pressure isn’t fixed; you can vary it between 145 and 175 PSI if you need some bit of customizability.

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  • Has a high RPM tank
  • Made of cast iron for even heat distribution, strength, and durability
  • Powerful, 5 HP motor


  • Quincy QT-54 is an expensive air compressor

3. California Air Tools CAT-60040CAD Ultra Quiet 60 Gal Compressor

Using an air compressor that makes noise can ruin your working experience. That’s why it’s important to consider a quieter option that’s just as good as the noisy ones.

One such option is the California Air Tools CAT-60040CAD, a 60-gallon air compressor recommended for being ultra-quiet and performance efficient.

California Air Tools CAT-60040CAD air compressor features a cast iron construction. While the material is heavy, it’s the stronger than steel, so you get an air compressor that will last a lifetime.

Keep in mind that this one weighs 213 pounds. And although it’s lighter than Quincy models, it’s still too heavy to lift without help.

One thing we love about CAT-60040CAD is that it comes with an oil-free pump. If anything, it should last longer with minimal or no maintenance at all.

The California Air Tools CAT-60040CAD air compressor records a lower noise level in testing. As it stands, the noise is at 75-dB mark.

While that’s obviously not the lowest we’ve seen, it’s equal to the standard volume of conversations and shouldn’t therefore be such an issue.

This air compressor has a 2 HP motor. While it isn’t as powerful as Quincy QT-5, the motor is still decent to provide the energy required to power many air tools with consistency and precision.

The maximum pressure of this model is 125 PSI and it delivers a flow rate of 10.6 at 90 PSI, which is quite decent for most light and heavy-duty tasks. 

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  • Lightweight
  • Good enough for air tools used for light duty jobs
  • Ideal for small projects


  • Has a lower CFM compared to other air compressors in the same price range
  • Lower motor power

4. Power Mate Single Stage Air Compressor

Are you looking for a single-stage air compressor that can power light and heavy-duty air tools but not sure which model to choose because the options are overwhelming? You should try Powermate Air Compressor.

It delivers compression power with a great level of efficiency. Going for under $900, this might be a deal breaker for someone on a budget. But if you care about performance efficiency, you just might want to consider saving up for this one. 

Obviously the most impressive feature of this single-stage air compressor is the maximum pressure of 155 PSI. That’s not the best that’s out there, and brands such as DEWALT have models that offer as 200 PSI.

Still, the 155-PSI level is good enough to handle home-based DIY projects as well as heavy-duty industrial tasks.

Features and Benefits

Power Mate’s mission is to bring you an air compressor that can last a lifetime. That’s why they’ve used cast iron to build this model.

Although the cast iron is so heavy, with the compressor weighing 247 pounds, the material ensures proper distribution of heat while protecting the whole unit from elements.

There’s an accessible oil drain and oil level sight glass, and this is helpful when it comes to observing the level of oil in the unit. 

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  • Good for home-based DIY projects
  • The 155 PSI max pressure makes this suitable for industrial projects
  • It’s easy to move from place to place


  • This single-stage air compressor may be expensive for some people

The only reason why you would want to invest in the best 60-gallon air compressor is the capacity of the tank. You can fill it with more pressurized air, bring it to your job site, and use it to work for an extended period without plugging the compressor in. 

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