Best demolition hammers for tile removal review

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Removing floor tiles from metallic or concrete surfaces can be a big pain. It takes a lot of time, energy and at times, it can be a tad boring.  Time resources are scarce these days. And you don’t want to engage yourself in activities that unnecessarily ‘eats on your time’. That is where demolition hammers are coming in.

Purchasing the best demolition hammer for tile removal will help you not only reduce the energy you expend removing each tile but also the amount of time that goes into removing the tiles.

These hammers are a good asset during building constructions and renovations – especially when you have to get rid of old tiles. Demolition hammers come with wrenches, drill bits, and chisels that helps get the job done quickly.

3 Best demolition hammers for tile removal reviews

There are lots of demolition hammer brands out there. That makes it harder, time-consuming and a little frustrating getting what works for you. We want you to buy with confidence.

In this review, we have rounded up three best demolition hammers for tile removal out there so you won’t spend time comparing prices and browsing through different models.

1. Bosch 11316EVS SDS-Max Demolition Hammer

If you are looking to get your tiles removed quickly and without much fuss, this is the tool for you. What is one of the best demolition hammers for tile removal?

To start with, this tool parks impressive constant response circuitry and a powerful motor (14 Amp) that ensures not only a soft start but also a constant speed during operation. As a result, the 22.5llbs hammer will offer you a great chiselling and chipping muscle. The 12.4lbs impact energy is a terrific performance for such a hammer given the impact-to-weight ratio.

Bosch 11316EVS SDS-Max‘s convenience is top-notch. The hammer features the SDS max bit system that allows you to switch from one project to another quick enough and without any frustrations. Besides, the clever Vario-Lock positioning feature allows you to rotate the chisel to achieve maximum working angles.  That way, you can easily work at odd angles or tight spaces without much obstruction.

If you want to perform controlled operations, you can take advantage of the variable speed dial feature. That means you can adjust the feature to achieve the impact force you will need to remove tiles from the surface.

As a result, you reduce mistakes that would require you to perform secondary cleanups. The hammer comes with a 360-degree auxiliary handle and a padded handle that ensures your comfort during extended periods of work.

In case you are not sure how everything is going, the Bosch 11316EVS features an indicator light that will indicate when you need preventive maintenance.

The bottom line is, this hammer is known for its durability. So expect that most of its parts won’t wear out in a couple of months’ operation. However, Bosch 11316EVS has one minor downside – it uses a motor with brushes, which means you have to replace the brushes periodically.


  • Bit change system so you can shift from project to project.
  • Highly versatile thanks to the variable-speed dial
  • Soft start, constant speed during operation
  • Adjustable chisel angle


  • Motor comes with brushes that require periodic replacement.

2. XtremepowerUS Demolition Hammer 

There are times when you have heavy-duty construction or demolition tasks. Not every hammer is best suited for that. In that case, you need to get the best demolition hammer for tile removal that won’t frustrate you.

That is where XtremepowerUS   comes in. The electric, 2200 watt beast will do the trick for you. The demolition hammer delivers 1900 impacts per minute. That means if you are removing tiles from extra-hard surfaces, you can’t g o with this tool.

Besides, the electric tile removal tool is designed to last and give extra comfort during operation. The hammer comes with an adjustable, 360° foregrip that allows extra comfort and control during use.

The hammer also allows you to adjust the speed and angle of the chisels. That way, you can easily customize your demolition hammer such that you can effectively work on the task at hand. 

Moreover, it ensures that you can work to remove tiles even in seemingly obstructed areas. Since different materials require different power applications, the machine allows you to vary the motor speed to suit the material you are working on.

The XtremepowerUS is a highly durable and comfortable electric tile removal tool. Since it is 100% powered by electricity, you won’t need an air compressor like in the other models. Thus, it is smaller and compact in size, making it one of the most portable hammers out there.

Besides, it comes with an inbuilt anti-vibration system and an innovative design that ensures a better distribution of the hammers weight both on horizontal and vertical applications.


  • Includes adjustable chisels
  • Comes with a good anti-vibration system
  • Weight-balanced so you can work effectively both on vertical and horizontal positions
  • Adjustable chisel angle and speed


Oil-leaking issues

3. DEWALT D25901K Demolition Hammer

Compared to most light-weight demolition hammers, the Dewalt D25901K is the real winner.  It is one of the best tools for floor tile removal that can also tackle simple demolitions, and other chiselling applications.

Powered by a 14.0 Amp motor, this model is built to perform. Thanks to the inbuilt Shocks Active Vibration Control, you can work for an extended period of time with this model, achieve much, and yet incur much less fatigue.

On the other hand, the non-air pumping beat piece and the spring loaded dust seals allows you to stop dust from entering the hammer and thus ensures a longer life for the machine. That way, you can expect it to work for extended periods of time without breaking down.

It is a great deal for great customers looking to perform lighter tile removal operations within a short time. And that makes it one of the best demolition hammers for tile removal out there that you can use to perform quick, home-based tile removal tasks.


  • Comes with anti-dust seals
  • Variable impact control
  • Vibration control system
  • Not as heavy as other models out there.


  • Average power output

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Demolition hammers for tile removal buyer guide

A good hammer needs a perfect bit for optimum functionality

Demolition hammers are the best tools for tile removal. You can as well use them to tear down buildings, walls and other structures. Some come with different bits. Other demolition hammers require you to buy your preferred bits depending on the task at hand.

 In case you are not sure how to choose bits that work for you, here are some of the factors you might want to consider before making a purchase.

  • The strength of the material
    The type and strength of the material that you will be working on will determine the type of bit you will use for tile removal. A weaker material will require a blunter bit. However, stronger materials will require smaller, sharper bits to get the job started.
  • Type or location of the area to be worked on
  • It is easier to remove tiles in certain areas. There are other areas you will find difficult to work on. In this case, you might want to work with specialised bit. For example, there are some bits that are shaped like tubes while others like skinny spades. These bits are uniquely designed to work in such unusual areas. 
  • The size of the work at hand

    If you are working on a small area, you would do well with a larger bit. You might think that a small bit is necessary in this case, but if you don’t want to mess a lot, try the larger ones.  Larger jobs will require larger bits. But, you might be required to work with small bits to get started and finish up with larger bits.

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Without a good demolition hammer, it will cost you a lot of time and effort to remove tiles from a surface. It costs even more time to dig through the heaps of demolition hammer brands out there to get the best demolition hammer for tile removal.

Thankfully for you, we have reviewed the best demolition hammers – models that are commanding rave review out there – for you to choose from. 

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