How to charge power wheels battery without charger/ replacement

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Imagine your kid misplacing the charger for his/her motorized car? 

Yet, they want to go out and have a great time with their buddies…

Well, your creativity can save you from the pestering (and the silent treatment) if you know how to charge power wheels battery without charger.

Here are some suggestions that can help you charge a ride-on vehicle when the charger can’t be found.

Let’s begin.

Solution 1: Charge with a car battery

You can rig up a connector and charge the power wheels battery with your car battery.

Nevertheless, you don’t want to burn up the poor battery so you need to check a few things before charging…..

Check the voltage: the first thing is to establish if the battery has the wanted voltage and that will depend on your vehicle- the older ones come with 6v batteries while the newer versions pack a single 12v battery.

Now, 12V batteries are designed to be charged with a maximum of 15 volts and topping this by anything beyond 2 amps could fry the battery.

The good news is that car batteries are within this range- they output a 10-15A charge (most cannot exceed 14.6 volts even when the engine is running). 

Identify the positive and negative connections: Also ensure that you can tell the + and – on either the 12v power wheel battery or 6v power wheel battery. That’s pretty obvious, isn’t it?

With the above confirmed, just hook the improvised connectors up to the battery posts and see how it goes.

That’s it- you don’t have any sophisticated physics neither do you have to remove the power wheels battery to charge with your car battery.

ProTip: For safety, be sure to monitor it and to connect a safe 2A trickle charger (hope you carry one) if the standard charge makes it hot up.

Solution 2: Charge directly with a power supply

Most lead-based batteries can be effectively charged directly from a power supply provided it features current limiting and adjustable voltage so your boy/girl may also be in luck if you have a functional power supply.

The first task is determining the charge voltage and then set the required voltage as well as the current limit.

For instance, to charge a 12-volt power wheels battery, you need to set the power supply at over 12V,2A to charge- the battery chemistry determines the maximum but it’s mostly around 13.8V,2A  (to attain full charge).

A similar scenario plays out for a 6-volt power wheels battery. Go over 6V,2A but limit the charge current if you have to overshoot the standard 6.8V,2A.

I recommend that you consider adding a resistor to be on the safe side just in case the battery fails to withstand the set current.

There could be variations needed in your case because power wheels batteries are not built the same but in general, this should help you charge seamlessly.

Having said that, you won’t take your eyes off the battery’s temperature, current, and voltage during charging unless you don’t mind losing the entire setup.

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Solution 3: Make a home-made charger to replace the misplaced power wheel charger

What about inventing a simple ‘backup’ charger to use every time your little champion loses/forgets the original battery charger for power wheel?

You surely can by following this straightforward procedure:

Tools needed:

  • Screwdriver.
  • Multi-meter.
  • Wire cutting tool.

Step 1: Gather the components

  • Laptop charger
  • Step down converter (DC to DC)
  • Alligator clips (2)

Step 2: Modify the laptop adapter

The adapter can’t hook up to the power hills battery in its current configuration.


  1. Cut down the laptop’s adapter jack.
  2. With the cutting tool, remove the wire’s outer shield (Be careful not to mess the 2 wires enclosed by the cover).

Step 3: Connect the step down converter module

To make it simpler, let’s break up the process into two stages.

1. Connect the step down module to the adapter wires

Note:  The red represents the positive and the black negative.

  1. Pick the module and first connect the red wire to the module’s positive (marked IN+).
  2. Next, insert the black wire to the negative (marked IN-).

Remember to tighten the respective screw terminals.

2. Connect the alligator clip

Similarly, the red alligator wire goes to the module’s positive (marked OUT+) and the black to the negative (marked OUT-).

The two are located on the other side of the board (opposite the IN+/IN- ‘terminals’).

Step 4: Final setup

Complete by implementing these steps:

  1. Plug in the adapter to the power and connect the 2 alligator clips to the multi-meter. As always, the black goes to the multi-meter’s negative lead and red to the positive.
  2. Next, set the required voltage reading on the multi-meter then turn the voltage Potentiometer (with your screwdriver) until the multi-meter reads 14 volts.

Note: The first Potentiometer is for voltage (V) and the other current (I).

  • Lastly, set the desired current reading on the multi-meter and likewise turn the remaining Potentiometer until the multi-meter reads 2 amps (you can opt to go higher if your battery capacity allows).

That’s all about this alternative to power wheel chargers!

To use the charger, connect the alligator clips to the power wheels battery appropriately (red to positive and black to the battery’s negative).

How to charge power wheels battery without charger: Useful tips

  • Do not try to short circuit your battery’s supply terminals. It doesn’t work and could even cause an explosion.
  • Before charging the power wheels battery, examine the case for cracking and other damages which may cause the dangerous sulfuric acid to leak during charging.
  • Then, because you can encounter significant voltage/current as you experiment, wear the recommended protective gear including sturdy gloves.  
  • Your owner’s manual has specific safety precautions for your vehicle and you should review them before testing any of the techniques in the how to charge power wheels battery without charger section.

2 Long term solutions:

1. Invest in a replacement battery charger for power wheel

While all the above solutions can offer an emergency solution, you can take a long-term perspective and   purchase the right replacement charger for your kids’ electric ride-on car.

Below we have a couple of recommendations if you’re considering getting one soon.

We love them because they’re compatible with nearly all power wheels brand vehicles.

Battery charger for power wheel reviews

1. Power wheel charger 12 volt, 00801-1778

(fits perfectly for power wheel battery 12v)

This power wheel battery charger works great and is one of the top choices out there for those who have gifted their kids’ power cars that use a 12-volt battery, for example, a 12 volt Harley Davidson power wheel.

It’s quite simple to use and you just need to hook it up to the power wheel battery connector (fits pretty well) and wait the allotted time (follow the instructions but 12-18 hours should be fine).

The other great thing about this 12v power wheel charger is that the charge stays quite a while once charged completely (as long as your battery is healthy).


  • This power wheel 12v battery charger works for countless brands.
  • Way affordable compared to most rivals.
  • A breeze to use.


  • They should have included a light in this power wheel 12 volt battery charger to alert you when it attains full charge.

2.     SafeAMP charger for 12 volt battery power wheel

This is the charger to get your toddler and preschool boy/girl back to the wheels of their Fisher-Price power wheels ride-on cars, trucks, and ATVs if the vehicle uses a gray/orange top battery.

It has been manufactured to the highest performance, quality, and safety standards so you’re getting a product that is almost as good as an OEM charger.

Again, it’s extremely easy to charge your battery here – plug it in and forget.

Be sure to check the directions on how long you should allow it to charge for your car for the best result.


  • Amazing quality.
  • Safe to use.
  • Durable product.


  • Still no full charge indicator light.

3.     6v power wheel charger

Try this power wheel battery 6v charger if your Fisher-Price power wheels is powered by a 6-Volt red battery.

The manufacturer endorses it for the tough Power Wheels Ford Lil F-150 (6V), Fisher Price Lil dune racer (6V), and more.

Like our previous nominees, it works great and should get your boy/girl enjoying a wonderful driving experience once more.


  • Charges excellently.
  • Nice plugs.
  • Well-constructed.


  • No LED light to show charging status.

4.     Power Wheels Toddler 6-Volt Charger

This delivers superb performance and safety too and is a fantastic option for power wheels vehicles installed with blue Power Wheels 6V lead acid batteries.

Remember to recharge for a minimum of 14 hours but do not exceed 30 hours for an optimum performance.


  • Lasting charger.
  • Quick shipping.
  • Great price point.


  • Not universal fit.

2. Invest in a replacement battery for power wheels

Best batteries for power wheels reviews

Finally, it would be unfair if we wrap up the article without a word on replacement batteries for power wheels.

Just to point you in the right direction – power wheel batteries don’t live to eternity- we reveal our favorites below.

This section will also be helpful if you fancy a power wheels battery upgrade in pursuit of more speed and thrill- lads and lasses sometimes have a penchant for mad dash racing as they grow up.

Either way, check out these high-performance batteries:

1.     Power Wheels 12 volt power wheel battery Replacement

One of the most popular power wheel batteries 12 volt models, this has everything it takes to keep your youngster going (and screaming in excitement).

It’s our most-liked replacement battery for any Fisher-Price (advanced series) power wheels vehicle needing a 12V, 12 Amp/Hr replacement battery.


  • Includes a self-resetting breaker!
  • Exhilarating performances.
  • Durable construction.


  • Not for all power wheels vehicles.

2.     Rechargeable power wheel battery 6v (Replacement)

This 6v battery for power wheel also comes with a handy thermal fuse and is ideal for 6 volt power wheels batteries (type H and type A vehicles).

It is, in our opinion, the best 6Volts 9.5 Amp/Hr replacement battery for Ford Lil’ F-150-6V and Power Wheels Lil’ Dune Racer 6V.

Trust us, this could power your little champion to stardom among his peers!


  • OEM quality.
  • Works perfectly.
  • Power wheels won’t overheat (and catch fire) thanks to the built-in fuse.


  • Nothing noteworthy.

3.     Mighty Max Battery RideOn Replacement 6V, 7-AH Battery

The winners in this state-of-the-art 6v rechargeable battery are the exceptional juice, greater service life (we are looking at an absolutely heavy-duty design), and compatibility with dozens of models.

The integrated absorbent glass mat (AGM) technology has especially been praised for the difference it makes in this battery’s powers.


  • Easy to assemble.
  • Superb battery life.
  • Takes relatively less to recharge.


  • No huge issues to report.

4.     12V, 18AH Hour Battery for Modified Power Wheels

An outstanding option for those upgrading from 6v to 12v, this has again been added with the performance-boosting absorbant glass mat (AGM) technology so your baby is in line for a ton of delight.

And we really appreciate its spill-proof construction.


  • Easy to install.
  • Lasts a long time (follow the charging instructions!)
  • Holds charge excellently.


  • May need modification to work with some brands.

How to make a power wheel battery last longer

 You can get more life out of your power wheels battery by simply observing the following good practices:

·         Proper charge

As you might be aware, it’s important not to overcharge or undercharge the power wheels battery as that shortens its life.

The standard is 18 hours (6 Volt vehicles) and 14 hours (Super 6/12 Volt vehicles). In the same vein, never charge a battery for more than 30 hours.

·       Treat new batteries with care

For new power wheels batteries, the rule of the thumb if to charge it for at least eighteen (18) hours before using it for the very first time. 

·         Always prepare it for storage

The other reminder I needed to put across is about storing the battery: Never store a completely discharged battery- it just won’t pull through the chilly winter months.


Whoa! That was insanely long but it was for a good cause.

After all, you now know what to do next time he/she loses the battery charger (recall the methods we covered in the how to charge power wheels battery without charger segment).

In addition, you are aware of the best power wheel battery and chargers to buy when either is due for replacement.

We even showed you how to preserve your power wheel battery and charger to guarantee years of adrenaline rush for your kiddies.

With all that, let the fun begin!

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