Best Cordless Tools For Contractors

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In the increasingly competitive market, landing a client and remaining relevant is more than skills, as a contractor. It is also efficiency and speed, which you can only achieve with the best tools.

Your choice of tools can determine whether the client retains you or they move on to the next contractor. But which are the best cordless tools for contractors?

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To tell you the truth, choosing one brand over another is not always easy. There are so many cordless tools that it can leave you dizzy in confusion trying to choose one over another.

But does that mean it is impossible to get the best one? Well, not exactly, especially if you get some help from the experts.

Best cordless tools for contractors reviews

1. Makita CX200RB

As a serious contractor, you need reliable and good quality tools such as Makita CX200RB.

The combo of the impact driver and drill driver is one of the factors that make it an excellent acquisition for any handyman or worker. They have a compact and ergonomic design to make it easy to use. They fit well on your hands, and you can focus on the job at hand.

The variable speed makes it quite useful on a variety of fastening applications. And the best part is that you can use it in tight spaces. But is it a powerful machine?

Well, with a brushless motor that delivers a maximum torque of 1240 pounds, you have all the power that you need to complete that job.


  • A combo of the impact driver and drill driver
  • The cordless tools have a compact and ergonomic design
  • Variable speed for a variety of fastening applications
  • You can use the tools in tight spaces
  • Durable and powerful


  • It is a bit expensive

2. DEWALT 20V Max Cordless Drill Combo Kit

The patented all-metal 3-speed transmission among other features is pretty much what you need to be efficient at the job site.

But what makes it the best cordless tools for contractors are such features as first application speed and self-tightening chuck hammer drill.

The reciprocating saw provides versatile positioning, and you can use it even in compact spaces. Changing the blade is effortless. The same Case also applies to the impact driver when it comes to using in tight spaces.

A bright LED work light is part of the package, and it makes your work even more natural. You don’t have to postpone the job if the lights go off or when working in dark places.

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  • A combo that includes five different tools
  • Handy hammer drill and reciprocating saw
  • Replacing the blade on the reciprocating saw is as easy as can be
  • You can easily use the tools in tight spaces


  • It is an expensive package

3. Bosch Power Tools Drill Driver Kit DDB181-02

You can agree that the 18-volt power drill driver is one of the most compact and powerful – something that you would expect from a brand such as Bosch.

But apart from its compact and lightweight design, what else makes it the best cordless tools for contractors?

The battery does not add any extra weight, and that is a plus in every way. You will not suffer from fatigue, especially when working on a long project.

It is also a powerful machine with up to 350 pounds of torque to handle a variety of surfaces. The drill driver is also fast and efficient, boasting 1,300 RPM. You will find the LED lighting to be quite useful when working in dark spaces.



  • Only one unit in the package

What You Look For When Choosing The Best Cordless Tools For Contractors

Given the enormous number of contractor tools on the market, the following factors will help you get the most appropriate for you. They will help you separate the wheat from the chaff, as a matter of fact.

Choosing Between Cordless and Corded

There are many advantages of having a cordless tool, but it also has its own disadvantages. Of course, the cordless tools are convenient, easy to transport and use. However, they may not have enough juice to complete a particular task, and that is where the corded models prove most useful. Make sure that the cordless tools have sufficient power to last you through the job – something to do with battery quality and capacity.

Well, it is not every job site that will have an AC connection, and so it is crucial to have all the best cordless tools for contractors. It doesn’t hurt if you have both cordless and corded tools.

Build Quality

The build quality of the contractor tools pretty much depends on how much you are willing to spend. However, that does not mean that all the best contractor tools are expensive. You can get a good quality brand without having to use all your savings.

In the majority of the cases, the best brands need you to spend more, and you should do precisely that.

Purchasing As A Package

As a contractor, you’re going to need a wide variety of tools for efficiency and convenience. You will find that the tools that come as a package are way much cheaper than buying one at a time. If the cordless tools come as a package, then why not? You are going to save a lot of money if all the devices in the kit are useful.


The tools for contractors should be as easy to use as possible. You should not have to spend some time learning about the different functionalities of the device. If it is hard to use, then maybe you don’t need it. Machines and tools are there to make your work easier.

Consider the various features and their user-friendliness. What do the other users say about them and the tool in general?

Other Important Features

Some more expensive models will have various features for comfort and functionality. Some of these features may not be necessary and only make the tool expensive for nothing. But if they make the tools convenient and efficient, then you should go right ahead.

Compare the different models and see what the users have to say about them, in terms of features. The customer reviews will provide more information on whether the additional features are necessary or not.

Every contractor worth their salt we’ll have the best cordless tools for contractors. We are talking about something like the above to make your work more comfortable and more efficient.

Don’t go trying an untested brand just because it is budget-friendly. The above recommendations pretty much point you in the right direction.

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