Best impact wrench for changing tires/ Best Cordless Impact Wrench For Automotive

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Here’s a possible scenario: you’ve misplaced your impact wrench, your vehicle did not come with one, or has one not up for the task.

If you’re in this group, you want to purchase the best impact wrench for changing tires right away lest a flat tire leaves you stranded and long-faced by the roadside.

With that in mind, we surveyed what the market has on offer and picked the models with the greatest torque, durability, and thrilling features to minimize your hassle in case you suffer a punctured tire.

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Find them below.

Our Recommendations on the Best impact wrench for changing tires

Check out our recommendations and see which ones suit your needs better.

1. Milwaukee Fuel High Torque 2767-20 M18

Showing that the best impact wrenches don’t have to be necessarily air compressor powered, this compact Milwaukee 2767-20 M18 (1/2 inch) is another amazing choice.

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It exudes quality from its built to the way works, driven by a brushless motor system that might have been inspired by the need for longevity and perfect performances.

The manufacturer has done really well and the 1000 ft/lbs of fastening torque means that those uncompromising and rusted bolts finally meet their match.

The clever design features 4 helpful modes including the easy-to-use bolt removal feature (slows rotation to 750 RPM) for better control.

You’ll be done in no time too thanks to the 2X faster lug nuts removal speed.

This high-quality alternative also comes with high-end rubber overmold material to give you maximum comfort during long, drawn-out uses.

Digital torque wrench


  • Exceedingly strong and easily loosens lug nuts.
  • Comfy to use.
  • More modes/settings.


  • A bit pricey.

2. AIRCAT 1150 Impact Wrench, 1/2-Inch

This beast-like 1/2 impact wrench sheer power and peerless performance – we’re looking at 1295 ft./lb of loosening torque- means it would never miss from our list.

The other main reasons the AIRCAT 1150 finished this high were its simple design and overall quality.

There’s an ergonomically designed handle so it’s not very harsh on your hands, easy flip lever for smooth forward and reverse operation, and a patented exhaust system that makes it extremely quiet (just 86 dB).

Its longevity is aided by the durable composite housing along with the included twin hammer mechanism (allows imparting of higher angular momentum but at lower wearing).

It’s worth noting that the tool is assembled in the United States and comes with a 2-year warranty (Parts and Labour).

Overall, the AIRCAT 1150 will be welcomed by those pro mechanics (or experienced amateurs) on a tight budget, as it’s the cheapest in our compilation by some margin.

Heavy duty air impact wrench


  • Monstrous powers.
  • More affordable than tools with similar torque.
  • Fairly lightweight.


  • Lacks led lighting like some of its rivals.

3. DEWALT DCF899B 20v Brushless High Torque MAX XR ½”

Like all DeWalt tools, this one is extremely well built and way better than many other impact wrenches out there.

Top of the things we liked most in this heavy-duty unit is the brushless motor which gives it awesome power and improved durability.

Indeed, this tool’s performances (max torque is 700 ft./lbs.) are still among the best among the models that met all our stringent requirements for shortlisting into our top 3 list.

This 1/2-inch impact wrench is masterfully engineered and is fitted with a 3-speed selector switch to give you more control of the process.

This is not the only nice feature and you get a great LED work light to shine your working space when fixing a flat in dimly lit areas or after dusk.

Not only is the power impressive, but it’s also light enough to use even with one hand.

Note that its battery and the charger are sold separately.


  • Ergonomic grip.
  • Useful battery fuel gauge
  • Super lightweight.


  • No major problems noted.

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Best Cordless Impact Wrench For Automotive

Rusty bolts and tight spaces are some of the challenges that automotive mechanics have to deal with almost daily. Additionally, the traditional manual wrench can sometimes be physically unbearable and handling it in tight spaces is nothing short of an uphill task.

Well, the best cordless impact wrench takes care of all these problems, and the best part is that automotive maintenance becomes effortless and fun. The hard part now is to choose the best one for you, and that is where we come in.

Best Cordless Impact Wrench for Automotive Reviews

4. Milwaukee 2767-22

There are only a handful of heavy hitters on the market that can stand shoulder to shoulder with Milwaukee 2767-22.


  • 7.5 pounds in weight
  • 2 Lithium-ion batteries
  • 1,000 ft-lbs of forward torque/ 1,400 ft-lbs reverse torque

Removing the F-250 Super Duty nuts is as easy as can be, and you can focus on other tasks. But what about the batteries?

The two big 5Ah batteries can comfortably work throughout the day, changing parts in the automotive without the need for a recharge. It has three different speeds and four modes to make your tasks easier and convenient. For example, the bolt removal mode has preset power and mode for speed and effortless working. The impact wrench reduces the speed and torque after the nut breaks loose.

The impact wrench is ideal for maintaining and repairing heavy machinery, and repair applications with tough bolts and nuts.


  • The impact wrench is powerful
  • Batteries work for a long time without the need for a recharge
  • Various modes and speeds that you can choose from depending on the job
  • Ideal tool for repairing and maintaining heavy machinery


  • It is a bit expensive
  • The charger may develop problems over time

5. BOSCH 18V Freak

If you are after versatility and strength, then you are better off with this unit.


  • Lithium-Ion 4.0 Ah Compact Battery
  • Two-in-One 1/4 Inches and 1/2 Inches Impact Driver
  • Carrying Bag
  • 1, 800 Inches -Ibs. of torque maximum and up to 4, 200 IPM

It is a combined impact wrench and impact driver for convenience and versatility. It has 3 RPM settings, and therefore ideal for a variety of fastening applications.

The machine delivers 1800 inch-pounds of torque to force the rusted nuts and bolts out. You can as well use it on drive deck screws, a task for only a handful on the market. In comparison to its peers, this unit has less vibration and is much quieter, thanks to the high RPM/ IPM.

It uses innovative cell technology, CORE18V battery to provide sufficient power. The battery is lightweight and compact and does not affect the handling of the machine.

To ensure durability, the cordless impact wrench features electronic motor and cell protection against overloading.


  • Versatile and Powerful
  • Quite efficient on rusted and stubborn nuts and bolts
  • Powered by innovative cell technology
  • 3 RPM settings for a wide variety of fastening applications
  • Less vibration and quieter operation


  • It may not accept standard bits with extensions


This ⅜-inch DeWalt Xtreme Is one of the most compact impact wrenches.


  • 3 LED lights
  • ½-in. Drive size
  • Brushless motor
  • RPM: 3,400/ IPM: 4,200

It is most suitable for the small jobs and the smallest of spaces that you encounter. But apart from the ability to squeeze through the tightest of spaces, this tool is sufficiently powerful to deal with F-250 Super Duty lug nuts. It only takes a few seconds to get rid of the nuts and bolts.

The mode and speed selector at the top is convenient to use depending on the job and preferences. For example, the precision wrench mode automatically minimizes the speed once the bolt or nut breaks free. If you are in areas with low lighting, the unit has three LED lights for illumination.


  • Compact and Powerful wrench
  • Ideal for small repairs such as lawnmower and HVAC Systems
  • The cordless impact wrench is easy to hold and use
  • LED lights to provide illumination in low lighting


  • May only be ideal for the small nuts and bolts

Features To Consider When Choosing the Best Cordless Impact Wrench for Automotive

No doubt impact wrenches are intriguing, and the excitement of getting a piece can blind you, and you may not get the best one. So what do you look for when choosing the best cordless impact wrench for automotive?


The main idea of getting a cordless impact wrench is to make your work easier. It would not make any sense if a particular piece struggled with rusty bolts in a tight corner. In that regard, the best cordless impact wrench for automotive has a variable power to help you deal with a variety of bolts. Typically, the impact wrench should be quite powerful to make your work easier.

Rusty bolts can be a big headache to deal with, and you need a tool that is up to the task. You don’t necessarily have to have huge muscles to pull it off. The customization of velocity and torque power is desirable qualities which also make it easier to use the wrench.


Automatic wrenches for automotive should be strong and durable. Unfortunately, most of the automotive wrenches on the market are not very durable. At a minimum, the tool should have a solid structure, quality materials and the best batteries. The cordless impact wrench can have everything but falls short when it comes to batteries.


The capability to choose different velocities among other customization features are what makes a particular impact wrench to be quite useful. Another convenient feature is portability and power. It should also be lightweight and compact so that every area of the automobile is accessible.

Why You Should Have the Best Cordless Impact Wrench For Automotive

Owning the best tools can significantly make the work easier and faster. If you have the best cordless impact wrench for automotive, then your work becomes significantly easier. But what are the pluses of having a cordless impact wrench for automotive?

Make Work Easier

A cordless impact wrench can get to the tight spaces without any problems, and help you remove that stubborn bolt. They are also lightweight and won’t leave your sore after the task. And if you choose the impact wrench with sufficient torque power, dealing with rusty bolts becomes a walk in the park.

You Are More Efficient

With the right tools on your hands, you become more efficient and productive as an automotive mechanic. Such a tool makes your life easier, and you can complete a particular task quickly and more efficiently to the gladness of your clients.

Best impact wrench for changing tires: buying guide

The best impact driver for automotive use can be a lifesaver for those occasional days you find yourself grounded by the side of the road.

Here now are some things to keep in mind to be sure that you’re ordering the best impact wrench for changing tires tops for your vehicle.

·        How powerful is the tool?

These handy tools are available in multiple torque points and it’s vital that you pick a tool that is powerful enough for the job.

You’re better placed to make the torque decision if you already have some experience changing tires with these types of gadgets.

We have also mentioned the torque offered by each of our top picks for guidance.

·        Cordless Vs Compressed Air Vs Cordless

The answer to the question of whether you should pick electric, pneumatic, or cordless impact wrenches (battery reliant) lies in your intended use.

To start with, because you can bring them anywhere, cordless impact wrenches seem to be more valuable for individuals searching for tools for the once-in-a-while auto work.

Remember that Lithium-ion batteries have over the years proved more dependable over other battery categories and it would be smart to pick them if you‘re going the cordless route.

Of course, there are circumstances that make compressed air powered types as well as electric corded units more suitable, for instance, if you own a tire repair shop because more power may be needed.

Regarding this, pneumatic impact wrenches are the best if you’re after something that can drive out the worst frozen lug nuts – these don’t normally budge unless confronted with higher pressure and torque.

That’s because they are, in theory, a lot more powerful than their electric counterparts.

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·        What other features do you need?

In addition to the basics, many DIYers and professionals suggest having as many extras as possible from the following:

  1. Ergonomic additions– things like an ergonomically designed handle keep your hands comfortable until you break the lug nuts resistance.
  2. LED light – for nighttime or other low light repair emergencies.
  3. Artificial intelligence (AI)- some products use AI to help you determine the best fastening modes. Others use this technology to adjust the amount of force being applied. That way, your axels and even the lug nuts themselves won’t be damaged.
  4. Battery gauge– to keep you updated about the remaining battery runtime while you’re working.

What size impact wrench for automotive work

If you’re worried that you may end up with a wrongly sized impact wrench for your car’s lug nuts, don’t panic- many first time buyers have this concern.

Let’s clear the air about the best impact wrench size for loosening the lug nuts in autos.

In general, the 1/2” impact wrench is the best choice for tire jobs and is actually the most preferred by owners of auto shops.

This size is our favorite because it packs enough power to smoke even the most stubborn lug nuts out without forcing you to work too hard.

Another size that selected users comment as being ideal for some situations is the 3/8” although it’s not as popular as the 1/2 inch model.

A word on other sizes

We cannot entirely rule out sizes such as 3/4-inch and 1-inch because you could have a bigger truck and the 1/2 inch may fail to work appropriately.

However, for most regular cars, the 1/2 inch impact wrench will make everything much easier when it comes to tire replacement tasks.

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Flat tires rarely occur in convenient locations and having the right tire changing gear is essential for your peace of mind and even your wallet- you won’t incur hefty towing or mechanic bills.

Among other things, the best impact wrench for changing tires tops is considered indispensable for the DIYer who wants to be in charge of their destiny when a flat tire ambushes him/her at some remote outpost.

Acquiring a cordless impact wrench for automotive is a big decision for an automotive mechanic. If you are not careful, you can get a tool that makes your work harder rather than easier.

The above suggestions will come in handy, especially if you are new in the market. Every impact driver on the list has been subjected to thorough scrutiny, and you can rest assured that you are getting the best.

Finding the right one should be easier now.

Take your time and select wisely.

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