Best ATV Disc Harrows (Pull behind)

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An ATV (All-terrain vehicle) disc harrow is a great farm equipment every farmer should own. It can achieve excellent soil penetration and plow your garden within minutes. It’s also engineered to chop away useless crop residues or weeds.

ATVs were introduced in the United States in the early 1980s. Since then, they have grown in popularity, and more recently, they have become a must-have farm tool.

If you’re looking for the best ATV pull behind disc, this guide will help you attain your goals in no time.

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3 Top pull behind disc plows for atv Reviews

1.   Field Tuff ATV-DH Disc Harrow

Field Tuff is known for engineering tough and durable products, and Field Tuff ATV-DH Disc Harrow is no exception.

The equipment has a width of 33-inch to ensure it covers a large area. This ensures you use less time in ploughing a large area in no time. The 12-inch pneumatic tires are sturdy and allow the disc to move on various terrains to get the job done.

Well-built farm equipment will give you long-lasting services, and get the work done efficiently. That’s what Field Tuff disc is built for. It’s constructed of heavy-duty 2 x 2-inch steel tube for added durability. The 2-inch couple hitch enables you to attach the disc to the UTV, ATV, or utility tractor easily.

Field Tuff ATV-DH Disc Harrow is fitted with 10-14-inch blades, which make dicing easy and fast. They are replaceable to make the most out of the disc. More so, these blades are sharp to cut a depth of approximately 4-inch. The manual height control allows you to adjust the product to the most suitable length. The compact design makes the product fit in small and tight places. This also makes it easy to transport.

The versatile equipment is designed for wildlife food, small gardens, plots, new lawn preparation work, and row cultivation. More so, it comes with a 1-year limited manufacturer’s warranty.


  • Sharp and replaceable disc blades
  • Lightweight and compact design for easy storage and portability
  • Sturdy, heavy-duty construction for added durability
  • The blades height is manually controllable


  • The units might bounce with no or little weight
  • The gang angle is fixed
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2. Farm Star 5ft. Disc Harrow Model Number 9400420

The Farm Star 5ft. Disc Harrow is designed to help you get the work done effortlessly.

It has proved to be an excellent tool for various needs in gardening, food plant settings, and vineyard.

The equipment is specifically designed to employ with ATVs and tractors with about 250cc/16 HP of even more. It makes it ideal for large scale needs for breaking hard ground or soil in your field.

The Farm Star 5ft. Disc Harrow is decently designed for added durability, and the quality of the disc is impressive. Its efficiency is enhanced with notched blades, which have desirable soil penetration. You can seamlessly switch this product between transportation and operation.

The rugged 4-inch pneumatic tires are sturdy and of good quality to go on every terrain. The soil penetration depth is excellent, with a cutting width of 5 feet. This also enhances efficiency and quick turnaround.

The disc is designed to work at a 20-degree angle for superior cutting. More so, the disc provides an integrated platform, which helps in penetrating deep into the soil with ease. It can also work for a food plot with fairly hard soil.


  • The equipment flips over for easy storage and transportation
  • Pneumatic tires offer incredible stability
  • It can work on hard soil
  • Suitable for small farms and easy to maneuver
  • Perfect for the ATV or Mule


  • Might not be ideal if you’re on a tight budget
  • It cannot get towed backward
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3.  Black Boar ATV/UTV Disc Harrow with Adjustable Sides

The Black Boar Disc Harrow is affordable equipment. The affordability does not, however, compromise its functionality.

It comes with a parallel towing design. It’s the best heavy-duty, which is universally designed. The available 8 discs are ergonomically designed to break even the toughest of the grounds and soils.

The product is flexible on both sides and can adjust from 0 – 15 – 30 degrees to help break tough grounds easily. Use the angle-selector holes and the available U-bolts to select your preferred angle and direction suitable for your needs. The parallel linkage design is great at maintaining a proper implement angle as it’s lowered.

When it comes to ATV disc, most of these machines are unsuitable for transport. However, it’s different with Black Boar. The lightweight design minimizes interference with maneuvering. More so, you don’t need special skills to install this machine.

The disc harrow requires 66000 motorized lift or 66013 manual lift to operate. It has a superior range of motion without having to move pins or dropping the hitch manually. When it comes to durability, Black Boar is never compromised. And for this machine, they have used sturdy steel material with a streamlined, minimalist design to enhance its durability.


  • Lightweight construction for easy portability
  • Easy to install
  • Made of steel for enhanced durability
  • Great for storage
  • Looks great


  • You have to stop several times to clean out the rake, especially when raking heavy debris and sticks

Best tiller for clay soil

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Best ATV Pull behind Disc Buying Guide

Buying a disc harrow for a four-wheeler can be daunting. That’s why you need to consider some factors to get the right product.

There are several ATV discs on the market that can help you plowing and leveling heavy soil. However, there are only a few that can break through the toughest grounds and soils.

In this guide, we will help you get that is fast, efficient, affordable, and leave the soil with a rich and even look.

Benefits of an ATV Disc

You can use the ATV in your farming activities. And once you integrate the ATV disc harrow, you can use it to plow a large piece of land.

The machine promotes structure stability, improves soil granulation for better water infiltration, and enhances surface uniformity.

  • The ATV disc helps in uprooting dead grass to ensure the seedbed has impressive aeration
  • Proper soil preparation enables the plant to grow into the full potential and healthy
  • The machine destroys weeds and prevents further growth

Factors to Consider When Buying an ATV Disc

Here are a few factors you should pay attention to when securing an ATV disc.


For instance, if you want to break a tough block of clay, you would do it faster when you hit from all angles. This concept applies to ATV discs when using it to plow the toughest ground. Most of these machines are adjustable by 0 – 30 degrees. n30 degrees will help you break hard grounds.

Disc Style

You will either get a notched or smooth disc. The smooth discs have the smooth but sharp out circumference. These machines are ideal for light plowing tasks. The notched machines are endowed with spikes on the outer circumference. These spikes face the same direction for efficacy.

Adjustable Height

Disc harrows with adjustable heights are suitable for either deeper or shallow penetration. Not all soil types are equal, meaning you need a machine that can work on various grounds, ranging from sand oil to clay soil.

Securing the best ATV pull behind disc can be unnerving. However, you will find it seamless once you know what to consider when picking the right one for your land.

Pay attention to all essential factors, and your machine will be worthwhile.

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