Best Grease Gun Fittings for Tight Places

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Grease is the blood that runs through the joints, bolts and bearings of mechanical systems. It lubricates the moving parts to reduce the rate of tear and wear. But, no matter how much you try, there are areas that might be hard for you to reach.

They may be buried deep behind metallic blocks – so gunked up such that you can’t reach the area you want to grease. Sometimes, you might want to grease a tricky U-joint without resorting to endless shuffling and shifting to get the angle that gets things done.

That is when investing in the best grease gun fittings for tight places become necessary. That way, you can easily grease the tight places without much ado. 

Getting the best grease gun fittings for tight places

Grease fittings are an important component in mechanical systems. However, getting fittings that make greasing tight places in your equipment easy is rather difficult. It takes effort and hours on end visiting stores both locally and online. Fortunately, we have done the dirty job for you.

In this review, we have rounded up 3 great grease guns fittings that are keeping tails wagging out there:

1.     Lumax Gold/Silver LX-4801 (SAE)

If you are looking for a heavy duty zerk fit for auto use, Limax is your real bet.

Why are we including this model on our list of top grease gun fittings for hard to reach places? Firstly, the kit comes with different types of fittings in straight, 450, 900 angles – all packed in a durable plastic storage case. That makes it easy for you to fit them in both open and obscured locations.

The package means you will have a fitting that is a right fit for different locations in the mechanical systems. So you won’t look elsewhere. If you are the forgetful kind, they have also included a good chart in the package that helps you keep track of all the grease fittings.

Secondly, the brand, Lumax Gold/Silver LX-4801 has been tested and proved to perform. For example, early this year, a certain construction manager wanted to replace a variety of existing fittings in their fleet of skid steer loaders. They were really doing badly and he was afraid the skids could develop more problems.

When he sought our assistance, we pointed him out to the Lumax Gold/Silver LX-4801. He purchased the kit, and replaced the faulty fittings. The results were amazing. The ball joints quietened, and the fittings got a little more life out of them. He has never looked elsewhere.

The only gaffe with this model is that the fittings are not tapered. But, they are not advertised to be.


  • Packs a lots of fittings
  • No grease leakages
  • Record of great performance.


  • Concern: fittings not-tapered.

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2.      OEMTOOLS 25795 1/4 Inch

This is another set of highly celebrated brands we have featured in our list of the grease guns for hard to reach places. What’s so special about this model?

The OEM 25795 1/4-Inch comes in a pack of ten drive grease fittings that easily attaches to the grease gun. The fittings are easy to get into location. The holes, on the other hand, are designed such that it is hard to trap and retain grit and dust.

Personally, I have used the OEM 25795 fittings and I can say this model doesn’t disappoint. When we bought our second-hand Karavan boat trailer, we realized the joints sounded a bit squeaky. After a quick inspection, we found out that they were not well-greased. In fact, they looked like they had not been greased for quite some time.

We decided to remove old or malfunctioning fittings and install new ones.  We decided to try out the OEM 25795 Straight Drive Grease fittings. Turned out, it was exactly the zerk fittings we needed to turn things around. They fitted perfectly on the single axle of our 2000lb boat trailer and the trailer’s greasable bearings systems. 

There are still more impressive features we haven’t discussed here. But, the bottom line is, this model stands out among its competitors. Note, though, it takes some effort to get the fittings properly seated on location. Besides, you have to purchase the installation tool separately. It will set you a few bucks off. Otherwise, you might smash the fitting during installation.


  • Easily attaches to the grease gun
  • Straight, easy to drive into obstructed areas
  • A pack of ten (10) fittings


  • May not work in areas requiring an angled fitting

Loading a mini grease gun.

3.     Lumax LX-3505 Gold/Silver LX-3505-10 Drive

This is another great model from Lumax.  Lumax LX-3505 Gold/Silver LX-3505 packs a number of features that make this model one of the best grease gun fitting for tight places. 

It comes with a 3/16″ diameter hole, and a case-hardened head that protects the fittings from wear as a result of constant use.  The ball check works harder to prevent grit and dirt from entering into the fitting while the drive fittings ensure that you won’t incur extra tapping costs if you want to perform a variety of greasing applications.

Unlike most fittings, this isn’t a screw type of grease fitting. Actually, you will need to hammer it into location. However, you have to be very careful when applying hammer force. Applying too much hammer force may eventually damage the small ball bearing seal that is fitted in the tip. If you want to do it correctly, make sure you perform a series of light hammer taps until the fitting sits well into location.


  • Drive fittings so you won’t incur tapping costs
  • Ball check in head to prevent grit and dirt from getting in


  • No major limitation noted.

Final Words

We love doing the dirty job for you so that you can shop with confidence. We have reviewed some of the best grease gun fitting for tight places you might want to purchase.

If you are looking for heavy-duty fittings that are a right fit for autos, Lumax Gold/Silver LX-4801 packs all the awesomeness you need. If you want fittings for non-angled locations, we recommend OEMTOOLS 25795 1/4 Inch Straight Drive Grease fittings.

You won’t be disappointed. Lumax LX-3505 Gold/Silver LX-3505, on the other hand, are great fittings for you if you don’t want to incur extra tapping costs.

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