3 Best Walk behind dethatchers

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Much like walk-behind mowers, a walk behind dethatcher offers several standout advantages over lawn dethatching equipment such as dethatching rakes.

It, for instance, takes reduced time to professionally do the job.

That’s because the entire operation is machine-driven.

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They also defeat dethatching attachments in terms of health benefits-it keeps you in motion throughout the task making dethatching a greatly rewarding aerobic activity.

Below we introduce the walk behind dethatchers that we have fallen in love with.

Plus, we will tell you where to get these invaluable garden tools.

Let’s get started.

What is a walk behind dethatcher?

As the title tells you, it’s a type of turf dethatcher that you literary walk behind guiding it.

I don’t want to lose you so allow me to explain:

Now, when it comes to dethatching tools, many of us are used to traditional accessories like dethatching rakes and attachments we add to tractors such as Toro front mount dethatcher.

But these have their weaknesses including causing fatigue quickly (rake) and challenges navigating confined spaces (pull-behind attachments).

Manufacturers realized this a couple of years ago and introduced walk behinds (gasoline and electric powered) to appeal to owners who dislike conventional dethatching devices.

You typically find stainless steel tines inside their decks and they superbly drive into the grass to eject vast amounts of thatch.

Most offer an adjustable depth to allow you to get deeper into the roots as necessary.

Of course, dethatching eliminates the collected layer of decayed plant materials to let air, fertilizer, water, and other essentials through to the roots to improve turf health.

Walk behind dethatcher: where to buy

If you wish to add a walk behind dethatcher to your fleet, check websites such as Amazon and lowes if you fancy buying online.

The other places you can purchase from are the local dealers of mower accessories.

Companies like CubCadet, Scag, and Toro have authorized dealers and distributors in various locations across all the states and you might have one near where you live.

Walk behind dethatcher: what to look out for when buying

Below we highlight the foundational issues that you should be keen on when you go shopping.

·         Size of lawn

The breadth of the area you’re planning to dethatch will influence your choice of tool.

For small spaces, a model such as Craftsman electric dethatcher will do the trick while for fairly large yards, the best option would be a model strong enough to serve as a commercial dethatcher.

These work like a workhorse and will make mincemeat of the dethatching process.

·         Dethatching prowess 

Manual rakes are tedious to use and you don’t want a similar experience.

For this reason, research your choice’s ability to maximize thatch pick up.

The availability of distinctive technologies helps a unit to churn out a vigorous dethatching or scarifying performance at all times.

Also be on the lookout for controls that help you tailor things like the raking depth.

These give you the flexibility to cope with both light and dense scarifying/dethatching needs.

·         How friendly is the design?

Features like a padded handle and easy to engage buttons and levers make a unit pleasant to handle.

In like manner, you want a model that’s a breeze to start.

A loud motor noise will make the neighbors fight you and you want to steer clear.

In addition, a longer cord (corded types) is obviously an advantage as would be a lightweight unit (keep off those terribly heavy and awkward brands).

A folding handle is great for storage too.

·         Environmental friendliness

On a related note, there are plenty of eco-friendly, electric dethatchers that are emission-free and should easily wrap up the job without messing the atmosphere by releasing toxic carbon emissions.

The other attraction in these brands is the easy (and affordable) maintenance- you have no oil to check, gas tank to keep filled, spark plugs/filters to change, etc.

Walk behind dethatcher: product reviews

 There are plenty of models out there and we have carefully looked at each.

Here are the ones that made the cut:

1. GreenWorks 27022 (10 Amp, 14″ Corded) Dethatcher/Scarifier

What’s there not to love about this specialized walk behind dethatcher -except maybe its mouthful name?

At the heart of its thrilling results is the beefy 10 Amp motor and 18 stainless steel tines that stay extra sharp for longer for unwavering performance.

By the way, it comes with a full set of spare tines.

The unit’s hallmark three position tine depth adjustment means precise control when tackling matted layers to advance utmost lawn health.

Moreover, the ergonomic, padded grip plus the adjustable handle brings unmatched user comfort.

The machine covers a 14 inch thatching swath each time.

To prevent overheating and best performance, use at least 14 gauge wire for extension cords 50 feet/less in length.


  • Quite a powerful motor.
  • Little maintenance needed.
  • Amazing pricing.


  • The cord can get on your way.

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2. Sun Joe AJ801E Scarifier & Lawn Electric Dethatcher (13 inch, 12 Amp) w/Collection Bag

This electric dethatcher uses the superior AirBoost technology to ramp up thatch displacement — it’s the only one of our top 3 to pack such an invention.

The deck is once more easily adjustable and you will enjoy 5 raking depth settings to help you to grab the optimal amount of thatch. 

Notably, it comprises a scarifier blade to help you cut grass roots in areas you want to reseed.

Then, is it not nice to have a beast of a motor (12-amp) that delivers the goods with minimal fuss? Yes. Yes!

It roars to life instantly with one push of the button and has a unique safety switch to deter accidental starting.

The swath is, however, narrower – it covers a 13-inch wide path- than that managed by the GreenWorks 27022 dethatcher.


  • Super lightweight.
  • Works great.
  • Painless assembly.


  • The collection bag is insufficient (small).

What is a sulky for a lawn mower

3. Agri-Fab 45-0472 Plug-in Dethatcher (Electric)

This push lawn dethatcher suits yards sized up to 1,000 square feet.

Its 14 inch dethatching width coupled with the easy height adjustment makes it another compelling option.

I have no doubt that you will love the way it penetrates through the thatch and brings it to the ground, turning up any plant stems and dead roots in the process. 

Besides, it weighs considerably less and is subsequently easier and more practical to move around the lawn as needed.

This heavy duty lawn dethatcher is a piece of cake to start – simply turn the switch- and gentle to push thanks to the cushioned grip handle.

Users have also been all praises about this push mower dethatcher longevity- it’s toughly built and should serve you for many, many years.


  • Very effective on stubborn, matted thatch.
  • Maneuver easily even on uneven terrain.
  • Easy assembly/disassembly.


  • Pricier than the rest.

Final words

Dethatching is vital if you want to have an elegantly growing lawn. 

You by now know the reasons behind this- necessities like nutrients and water will trickle to the roots steadily in the absence of the obstructing thatch layer.

Remember to time your dethatching properly- you should strictly dethatch only when the grass has taken off (early spring/early fall if you have planted cool-season grass and late spring through to early summer for warm-season grass).

You must also take good care of your newly acquired dethatcher and service it as described in your machine’s owner’s manual for lengthy service.  

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