Best Gas Weed Eater for the Money

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Everyone likes a well-trimmed lawn. If your compound is well-maintained, the whole compound will look beautiful. Sometimes, you might have thick grass or bushes that may challenge your conventional mower. 

Your yard or lawns might have a tough terrain that would require a sophisticated trimmer to get the job done. That means if you don’t have proper tools for the job, there are high chances that your lawn won’t get a proper trim. There are many options out there. Investing in the best gas weed eater for the money is one of them.

Unlike the non-gas powered gas eaters, the best gas weed eaters for the money are heavy duty. Besides, they cut more grass, and are a perfect tool for cutting tough and thick grass in the yard.

Best Gas Weed Eater for the Money Reviews

 Let’s be honest, there are many brands out there. And, still many keep coming up. Thus, it is not always easy to get the best gas weed eater for your weed trimming needs.

However, we have taken the dirty job for you. We have spent hours on end, went through hordes of user reviews from different platforms plus our personal experiences to give you the best gas weed eater for the money you wished you had known earlier:

1. Husqvarna 128CD

If you need a super-powerful gas-powered grass-eater, the curved 128CD from Husqvarna will make a great choice.

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The tool is easy to use and is a great choice for trimming weeds, grass and much more. Husqvarna 128CD comes with a great design that features a smart start trimmer technology.

This technology helps reduce cord resistance by a whopping 40%, making it much easier to start the engine. That’s not all the bells and whistles that come with this tool.

Here are some features that make the spayer one of the best gas weed eaters for the money:

  •  28cc 2-stroke engine.
  • 17’’  trimmer head.
  • Curved shaft design for even weight distribution
  •  Strict gas & oil mixture ratio
  • Translucent fuel tank
  • Air purge primer bulb remove air from carburetor
  • 2- year warranty.

128CD is another great tool from Husqvarna, a company that has a long history of making quality products for rigorous outdoor use. And that makes the 128CD a great tool for commercial use or if you have a yard bigger than ½ acre.

Powered by a 28cc engine and 17’’of cutting width, the tool makes cutting grass or weed in your yard or lawn a breeze. But it is much noisier and heavier than cordless string trimmers. But that’s something that is easily compensated for by unlimited runtime.

We also like how Husqvarna factors in users’ safety in their design. This 128LD model comes with a cutting shield that shields you from debris and rocks  while at the same time giving you a great visibility in your cutting area. On top of that, the units’ power base is compatible with three “click on” attachments. That means you can buy extra attachments – including cultivator, edger or pole saw attachments so that you can tackle multiple jobs in the yard.

Overall, this is a great tool for a landscaper. Even if you are not one, Husqvarna 128LD will still make a great buy for your own home weed trimming use. The lightweight, multipurpose gas-powered weed eater” is  great for edging your yard before and after moving.  While it is truly a multi-purpose tool, it might not tackle heavier cutter situations.


  • It is light in weight so you are likely to experience reduced fatigue.
  • For extra-durability, it comes with a braided wire drive shaft.
  • For easier restarts, the auto reset stop button always reverts to “start automatically”.


  • A bit louder while in operation
  • Not suitable for use in larger properties.
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2. Honda HHT25SLTAT Honda Trimmers

Best Gas Weed Eater for the MoneyIf you are looking to buy a reliable gas-powered weed eater, make sure you are buying from a good-reputed buyer.

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Honda is known for delivering reliable and highly durable engines.  The 4-stroke trimmer from Honda is no exception. Why are we including this model in our list of the best gas weed eaters for the money?

The tool packs some solid power and other great features any serious landscaper might die for.

  • A 4-stroke, easy starting Honda engine.
  • Comfortable loop handle design/
  • Regular gas; no harmful gas & air mixture.
  • Fuel efficient design.
  • Durable flex shaft with limited lifetime warranty. …
  • Deflector for increased user  visibility.

Unlike most weed eaters that feature 2-stroke engines, this model comes with fuel-efficient GX 25 4-stroke engines. Such engines are easier to start, deliver a better torque,  work much quietly, and pollute less.  4-stroke engines also produce less vibrations, and run purely on gas, so you have to worry about mixing fuels.  Now, those features combined with its lightweight body makes it easy and comfortable to use regardless of the size of your lawn.

Cutting quality is topnotch. Thanks to the 17’’ cutting swath, the machine is designed to deliver exceptional performance on different types of weeds and grass.  Besides, the engines are designed such that you can use it on any position and type of terrain without having to run into issues. The flex shaft that is not only designed to offer better shock absorption but also serve you longer.

The tool is versatile, and can be used for other uses in the garden. On top of that, their  customer service is top notch, so you are not going to run into  inexperienced staff that only care about sales volumes and not your welfare.

Overall, this is a great gas-powered weed eater that is designed for residential use. It’s lightweight and easy to use, efficient and incredibly well-balanced.


  • Flex shaft designed to serve you a little longer.
  • Reduced noise level.
  • Controls and handles designed for comfort
  • Comes with an optional cutting blade.


  • Difficulty replacing line

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3. Makita 25.4 cc MM4 4-Stroke Engine

Best Gas Weed Eater for the MoneyIf you are looking for a great, straight shaft gas-powered weed eater, chances are Makita might not be the first brand that will hit your mind.

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But, if you are a pro user that has been paying attention for quite some time, then you know that the brand is taking the industry by the horns. And, that’s a good thing.  Here are some of the features that make the model alluring:

  • powerful 25.4 cc, 4-stroke engine.
  • Mechanical Automatic Engine Decompression f-r quick and easy starts.
  • Multi-position lubrication system
  • Brush cutter blade for cutting  high grass, weeds, thickets & shrubs.
  • Weighs 12.1 lbs
  • Compact design.
  • Steel drive shaft for longer equipment life and less vibration.

Makita is no stranger to 4-stroke, gas-powered engines. However, this model is one of the best gas weed eaters for the money straight from its 4-stroke line of tools. Dubbed MM4, this tool comes with saws, a number of blowers, pole pruners, hedge trimmers, and string trimmers so you can put it to multiple uses.

The engine is designed for easy starting, efficient fuel consumption, lower noise levels, and better fuel combustion reducing harmful gaseous emissions. Like the Honda HHT25SLTAT, it requires no specific gas oil mix. So you won’t have to worry about engine seizure, a failure that is common with 2-stroke gas-powered engines due to such mixing.

The mechanical auto engine decompression allows for easier, quicker starts while the . a 25.4 cc engine delivers a sufficient torque that is ideal for commercial applications.  Besides, the multi-position lubrication means the tool can be inclined at any position or be used on any terrain. Since it weighs a mere10.9 lbs, it means you can work for a far long time without hurting your arms. Besides, if you want to ‘eat’ thicker grass and shrubs, Makita offers you the high-impact bump-and –feed trimmer head, making the task a breeze.  


  • Perfect natural balance of the tool.
  • Lightweight
  • No problematic gas oil mixtures
  • High fuel efficiency consumption is about 40% less. 


  • Doesn’t ‘sit’ properly while in storage soil might drain into the carburetor, making it hard to start.
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If you are looking for the best gas weed eater for the money, we have done the messy job for you.

We hope this review will help you get the gas trimmer you are looking for. Husqvarna 128CD, a great choice, thanks to its smart technology and efficient design that reduces cord resistance by 40%. 

If you love innovations, Makita 25.4 cc MM4 4-Stroke Engine, a straight shaft trimmer shows off a bit. But that’s not all. It’s fast raving and never lacks in power for weed eating tasks.

The Honda HHT25SLTAT Honda Trimmers not only comes from a reputed brand but also features solid performance and efficiency any serious landscaper would die for.

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