Best aftermarket weed eater head

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Have you been struggling with the OEM weed eater head and want to try out the best aftermarket weed eater head?

Well, this article brings you an overview of the aftermarket weed eater heads and our picks for the best ones on the market right now.

Let’s dive right in.

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Best aftermarket weed eater head: product reviews

There’s no point sticking to a weed eater head that won’t let you hit the weeds that well or that doesn’t chew through the grass as you’d expected while you have aftermarket alternatives that work great.

Here are our best picks:

1. MaxPower PivoTrim Universal aftermarket trimmer Head

You have likely heard of MaxPower’s PivotTrim universal trimmer head if you have ever done any research on aftermarket weed eater heads.

It’s one of the best aftermarket trimmer heads on our list and it’s the way to go if you’re looking for the easiest to reload model.

It tolerates a wide variety of line sizes and really cuts well- it, in fact, does better than most stock units and will help you achieve your dream of having the most beautifully landscaped yard in the neighborhood.

It actually cuts weeds and grass with six pivoting lines to stop it from breaking.

And as a bonus, a top-end pre-cut trimmer line is usually included in the package.

Overall, this is the best universal trimmer head in our opinion.


  • Compatible with 99% of gas trimmers out there.
  • Special design prevents lines breakage.
  • Very easy to change/install the line.


  • No deal breaker noted.

2.  WW EZ Lock Head weed warrior trimmer head

Another smart way of replacing weed eater head could be by taking up this Ez-Lock universal fit aftermarket trimmer head (weed warrior brand).

It’s super responsive, and won’t tangle up once.

And, like the previously reviewed weed eater trimmer head  from MaxPower, re-spooling the model is a piece of cake.

It’s universally fitting and again works for 99% of all gas -curved and straight- shaft trimmers.

When it comes to trimming and edging grass, its best application, this cuts with 4 lines and will leave you purring thanks to its precise cuts.

It’s flexible too in terms of the thickness of the line and takes up different line gauges.

In short, you will be very pleased with this option.


  • Simple, friendly design.
  • Easy to load.
  • Rarely tangles.


  • Grass sometimes wraps up around this head, especially when tackling deep grass.

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3. Husqvarna  Universal T35 Tap Advance Trimmer Head (Prewound With .095-Inch Line)

This exclusively designed universal weed eater head by Husqvarna is widely regarded as the best trimmer head for STIHL, RedMax and Echo straight shaft trimmers.

Besides, it comes with a package containing adapters so it works in most other popular brands.

One of the highlights is the easy-to-reload spool..

It comes off with the cap meaning you’ll no longer be forced to turn your trimmer upside down just to reload the line.

The split design is handy and prevents annoying issues such as line welding and tangling.

And to make life easier for users, the company has put arrows to direct you when winding the line.

Also great are the two key slots- they will lock the line and stop it from unwrapping as you replace the cap on the head.

Note that it holds .065-inch, .080 inch, .095-inch, and .105-inch trimmer lines.

Still there, its 28 feet capacity (.095-inch gauge line) makes it one of the industry leaders.


  • Comes with .095-inch trimmer line pre-wound.
  • Self-feeding- just push the head to the ground.
  • Cuts  through tall grass smoothly.


  • May not work best on curved trimmers.

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Best weed eater head replacement: Buying Guide

Having learned about some of the most promising replacement weed eater heads, the next question is how do you decide which model is right for you?

Well, you’ll need to factor in the following:

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·         How well it does the job

We all want a dream weed eater head- you see, one that fits right into your trimmer and works like a charm.

Additionally, it must advance with minimum fuss to allow you trim the yard painlessly without interruptions.

It should also be quick to load (this eliminates the annoyance of working with spools that constantly get tangled).

Another thing: models that cut with more lines are more efficient and could be worth considering.

·         The kind of tasks you’ll be using it for

The tasks you are involved in often also matters.

Okay, a decent number of them are multitalented and up for any job but there are brands that seem to excel on edging and trimming grass only.

A good example is the Head weed warrior trimmer head (reviewed above).

Similarly, some perform best in weeding tasks.

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·         Durability

It should hold up, right?

On this, I have seen some manufacturers come up with interesting concepts to make heads more durable such as unique pivoting designs that prevent breakage.

Hunt for such.

On the same note, heads with durable bodies such as those made out of materials like steel outlast flimsy constructions.

·         Compatibility

Now, this is funny: I once asked my Husqvarna dealer if a certain aftermarket head I had seen on eBay would work for my weedeater..

Guess his answer? Nope!

I, however, had read tons of raving reviews about the model and someone had mentioned that he was using it in a Husqvarna similar to mine and I decided to risk.

Surprise, surprise…It worked and I loved it!

What I’m saying is this: fine, make sure that whatever you select will fit on your weed eater – straight/curved- straight from the box.

But please don’t bet on the dealer to offer much help as long as you’re buying an aftermarket one.

Reason? It’s lost business for them.

·         Our word on pricing

It’s not always true but we cannot deny that sometimes cheap stuff can be the source of untold frustrations.

As a result, don’t be too excited by the price tag.

Instead, it’s always best to spend time and investigate the rest of the crucial elements before making a choice.

And make no mistake about it: there are some disappointing heavy-duty looking replacement heads as well.

That’s why I insist on undertaking wholesome research.

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A few helpful tips

Observe the following to get the most out of your aftermarket weed eater head:

  1. Clean your head thoroughly – wipe all grass, weeds, and other debris from the internal parts- each time the line is refilled.
  2. Replace any notably worn parts such as eyelets or knobs to keep it performing as if it was new.
  3. When winding the line, keep the strings separate and wind evenly. This prevents snarling and reduces vibration. Additionally, make sure you wound the line in the proper direction (as per the rotation of your head).

The above picks should help if you have finally decided that factory weed eater heads just won’t do.

Select one that best suits your needs and wave goodbye to frustrating OEM units.

But as you do that, be careful because you don’t want to pick a model that over-revs the engine.

Of course, the added weight could damage it and bring you a massive repair bill.

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