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If you own a car or are a mechanic, there are high chances you will be doing a lot of maintenance jobs in your garage. Whether you will be working on your car or some other small DIY project in the garage, there are some tools and gadgets that should never be missed in your arsenal.

 Grease guns are some of the essential tools you should never miss in your garage. But the big question is, how do you pick the best grease gun for the money?

Best Grease Gun for the Money Reviews

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There are various grease guns out there. However, getting the ‘very best’ and a right fit at the same time isn’t easy. We want you to shop with confidence.

We have rounded-up 3 best grease gun for the money out there you might want to look at:

1. Milton S-3102 Mini Grease Gun

Everything about the Milton S-3102 Mini is great: its super cheap, super light and super compact. It is the best mini grease gun you need if you need to get the job done fast and perfectly. The gun is perfect for small jobs like a car joint or a lawnmower that would need occasional lubing.

The grease gun is designed for occasional light use. It is dirt cheap but also cordless. That is the main gaffe we noted with the grease gun. As a result, the pump has some difficulties connecting to couplers and fittings. But that is not badly off given the price. If you are looking for the best cordless grease gun for a small greasing job, the pump will make a great choice.


  • Super cheap
  • Super light
  • Super compact
  • A great perform, especially for small light jobs


  • Difficulties connecting to some grease fittings.

2.      Lumax LX-1152 Black Heavy Duty Deluxe

If you are tangled by budget and yet you have a gun that talks the talk and walks the walk, you can never go wrong with this baby. It stands out among best hand-held grease gun counterparts.

It is packed with lots of impressive features. Firstly, the Lumax LX- 1152 comes with a solid construction (18’’gauge steel) making the pump impact resistant while the cast iron head makes it a real powerhouse. 

If you are looking for a pump that can lube the toughest areas of your equipment’s systems, this baby will generate a whopping 7000 psi (that is, pressure per square inch).Besides, they give you three options to load grease – using the suction system, the pump or through the cartridge.

We also love the “air bleeder” valve feature that is designed to vent the air from the inside of the pump. That way, it does away with the ‘inconsistent grease flow” challenge that hound most grease guns.  Now, all that awesomeness – and much more – is packaged in the tiny Lumax LX- 1152, and at an incredible price that you won’t want to share with your best enemy.

Well, it is proudly made in China. A fact that will make you want to think twice before hitting the buy button. However, the rave reviews it is garnering everywhere can’t be a hoax. Give it a go, see what happens.


  • It is pocket-friendly yet a high performer
  • Bleeder valve  that vents air making oil flow regularly
  • Highly durable thanks to the 18”-gauge steel
  • Develops great pressure – up to 7000 psi


  • Made from China tag might put off some buyers.

3.     Alemite Manual Pistol-Grip Grease Gun

This brand weighs a mere 4lbs but it can build up pressures of up 7,500 psi. That is actually an incredible amount of pressure for a grease gun of its size. Apart from the pressure, the gun is easy to prime.

When it comes to loading the gun, you can either go the bulk or cartridge way. But the interesting fact about the  Alemite 555-E is that it builds up pressure really quick and is capable of lubing anything that comes on its way. Right from automobiles to heavy machines – there is no limit to what this gun can lube.

The flow rate isn’t as great though. The pump delivers one ounce per 30 strokes. However, it is still one of the best handheld grease guns out there. Most of its competitors are manual guns that you will find in most garages. But you must be willing and ready to pay for that superiority. But if you care much about your equipment, you won’t care much about spending a couple more dollars on the best of the best.


  • Easy to load via bulk or cartridge
  • Develops high pressure, really quick
  • Primes easily
  • Good pressure


  • A bit pricey, especially for hand operated grease gun

4.     Drake Manual Grease Gun

This is the best manual grease gun ideal for every greasing job. The  Drake Off Road 1134 is as well priced for value.

For those who have used grease guns before understand that is really a pain in the neck to prime one. Interestingly, this model is one of the quickest to prime. That makes it an outstanding feature.

Besides, it develops pressure really quick, allows easy movement of grease and has great lubing capabilities.

However, we found some shortcomings with the model. When it comes to refilling, it only accepts cartridges. The truth is, that is one of the best ways to load grease guns. But, given the price that goes into buying the gun, the manufacturers need to offer a bit of versatility.

Besides, connecting a coupler to the grease gun is also tricky. While there are fittings that won’t need a coupler, the idea that your grease gun cannot connect to a coupler is a pretty big deal.

But the thing is, the good still outweighs the bad to some degree that is why we are recommending it as one of the best choices out there for your money.


  • Takes a pretty short time to prime
  • Great value


  • Loading is limited to cartridges only
  • Can’t attach to some couplers

5.      Lincoln 1162 Air Operated Grease Gun

If you are a garage warrior, you know that pneumatic greasing tools are a real blessing. One major advantage about such pumps is that you can control the amount of grease needed at a particular area or the flow of the grease.

It is touted as one of the best pneumatic grease guns out there. It is highly portable and easy to adjust. The trigger, on the other hand, allows you to determine the amount of grease you might want on a single spot. But the pump is a bit pricey. If you have some extra bucks and are looking to purchase a great product, consider purchasing Lincoln 1162.

Most air-operated guns create air pockets – an effect known as ‘air bleeding.” This effect may harm the efficiency or reduce the rate at which the grease is discharged when in operation. Fortunately, the tool has a way around the challenge. It comes with a long hose pump that is good at eliminating air pockets and as a result gives you ‘zero’ air bleeding.

Finally the company gives you a two-year warranty. So you don’t have to worry about incurring losses in case the tool gets damaged while in operation.


  • Intuitive design that prevents air-bleeding
  • Automatic trigger systems that allow you to control the amount of grease that comes out.
  • Can develop power up to 6000 psi per square inch
  • 2-year warranty.


  • No major limitation registered.

6.      DEWALT DCGG571M1 20-volt MAX Lithium Ion Grease Gun

DEWALT is known for making great grease pumps. They take performance seriously, that is why we have decided to include one of their pumps on our list of the best (keyword).

The portable pump is the best battery operated grease gun out there. It delivers great pumping pressures – actually a whopping 10,000 psi when working optimally and pumps grease at a rate of 5.0 oz. per minute.

If you are looking for a great tool that will lubricate your engine fast enough, DEWALT DCGG571M1 will be a perfect fit. You can lubricate everything – whether it is a small bike or a raging monster like your truck’s engine. Besides, it comes with a super-extendable hose that makes your garage your playground.

If you are working in ‘dark or near dark conditions’ – or when you have to apply grease in obstructed areas – the pump comes with a great LED light. The light provides the much needed lamination you need when greasing in these conditions.

To prevent parts from clogging, the pump also packs an ‘anti-dust filter’ and a valve.  You have to purchase the batteries separately though for this tool.


  • Extendable horse that allows extended reach within your garage.
  • Develops pressures of up to 10,000 psi when working optimally.
  • LED screen that shows you stats
  • Sufficient volume that is ideal for different types of project.


  • No major disadvantages noted.

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Final Words

The truth is, great grease pumps are hard to come by. Sometimes, you are forced to burn hours on end looking for the best grease gun for the money.

However, we have compiled a list of not so good to great models out there that are worth your every dollar.

The Alemite 555-E is our top pick when it comes to hand held grease guns.

The DeWalt is a great choice if you are looking for great flow, great pressure that would help lubricate clogged areas.

The Lumax has many uses while the Milton S-3102 is great for light lubing jobs.

The Drake Off Road 1134 is easy to prime but doesn’t couple with most couplers, unfortunately.

If you want to stay on top of things, the best air grease gun, Lincoln 1162 Air Operated Grease Gun will do the trick.

We hope this review will get you your true garage soulmate.

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