Best Hay Spear for Front End Loader

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Transporting bales of hay can be a dangerous affair. Statistics show that about 108 claims are filed each year for workers who get injured by bales. 50% of these injuries are severe.

Therefore, having the best hay spear for front end loader in your farm or ranch is imperative. The bale spears allow you to move bulky hay bales safely and with ease.

However, getting a reliable bale spear can be unnerving. This is because they come in a variety of sizes, types, and brands. Below, we’ve reviewed the best hay spears on the market.

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1. Titan Attachments 3,000 lbs Tractor Spear Attachment

The Titan Attachments are reliable manufacturers who invest heavily in farm equipment. Their focus on producing devices that will ease the farmers’ work and minimize risks at the farm.

Knowing the risks associated with stocking and piling bales of hay, the company designed Titans Tractor Spear Attachment. This heavy-duty bale spear will penetrate your bale instead of pushing it off the stack. This makes it easy to transport hay.

The product uses a sturdy universal skid steel style hook up, which is designed to fit most full-sized skid steers. More so, it fits tractors with removable buckets that have the tach system installed. This feature makes it easy to install your new hay bale spear. Attach it to the tractor parts, and you’re good to go.

One of the most essential features is a hay spear is its capacity. If you have a large farm with tons of hay bales to transport, then you have the right tool with you. The Tractor Spear Attachment can support up to 3000 lbs. It helps you to pick plenty of hay bales. It’s also suitable for lifting round bales, making it a great asset in your farm or ranch.

The device is designed for bobcat mowers and haulers. With this powerful hay bale spear, you will be able to perform various tasks. This product weighs about 165 lbs and measures 49 x 45.5 inches.


  • The product is designed to last
  • It’s easy to assemble using the detailed instruction manual
  • It lifts 3000 lbs bales all day long without hitches
  • Inexpensive


  • The sharp spear might break after a short while

2. Bucket Dual 49-Inch Hay Bale Spear

Start moving bulky hay bales on your farm without changing the front loader bucket. This Dual 49-Inch hay bale spear is strongly built to ensure it lasts you for long. Reputable and reliable Titan Attachments back it. You’re, therefore, guaranteed excellent performance on your farm. 

In most cases, installing hay bale spears is considered hard. However, Titan Attachments built this product with you in mind. You don’t require special skills to put it together. It includes all the needed hardware and HD turnbuckle. Simply attach this hay spear on the bucket and tighten the chain with the available buckle. This will take you a few minutes. When you’re done, loosen the chains and slide it off back to the bucket.  

The universal hay spear is fitted with a 49-inch spike with 39-in and 43-in long spears. The sharp and long spears penetrate your hay bale to transport it easily. Spikes will pick the largest bales hassle-free. This makes it a perfect attachment to any tractor.

When it comes to loading capacity, the Bucket Dual 49-Inch Hay Bale Spear boasts of great capacity. The solid forged steel has a 3,000 lbs capacity. This is to ensure you carry tons of hay bales in a day. 


  • You don’t need special skills to install the spear
  • It’s a versatile product that you can use for branch clean up and moving round bales
  • It’s a durable hay bale spear
  • The attachment on the chain and ratchet is impressive


  • It’s all steel making it quite heavy

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3. Titan Attachments Skidsteer Dual Hay Spear Bale

If you want to transport tons of hay bale for selling purposes or livestock, then Titan Attachments Skidsteer Dual Hay Spear Bale is all you need.

Ensure you attach it to the tractor and attachment parts with high-quality material to hold hefty weight seamlessly. It makes an excellent gift for any farmer who wants to minimize the risks associated with transporting hay bales. 

This convenient equipment is a must-have for any farmer who processes heft bales of hay. The attachment is designed with a sturdy universal skid steer mount, which works perfectly well on Bobcat models. The device features a durable steel frame for added stability and equipment efficiency.

Transporting bales without reliable skid steer attachments can be problematic. Hay bales are heavy enough to damage the product if you’re not careful. Bales are also likely to fall apart or roll, causing injuries to the farmer and workers. With Skidsteer Dual hay spear, you’re assured of accurate results. The device lifts both round and square bales, effortlessly.

All Titan Attachments products are made from heavy-duty materials to withstand any project you through at them. And Titan Attachments Skidsteer Dual Hay Spear Bale is not an exception. The heavy-duty, robust steel is designed to withstand harsh environments and unfavorable weather conditions. 

For your convenience, the equipment is endowed with removable dual spears. This allows you to replace or remove the equipment for any reason. The front mount adjustable hay spear comes with four 9.5-inch gussets, which hold each spear sleeve in place.

This model can support up to 4,000 lbs, making it easier for you to transport heft hay bales. Stack and move around the square or round hay bales to your target destination with ease.


  • It’s designed with removable spears to allow you to remove or remove them
  • It has an impressive load capacity
  • The equipment is compatible with most skid steers
  • Durable and stable


  • It might be hard to install
  • It’s a bit heavy

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4. Titan 72-Inch Tine Bucket Silage Rake 39-Inch Hay Bale Spears

This is another excellent hay bale spear by Titan Attachments. The Titan 72-in tine bucket is endowed with ten united bales spears 39-inch for lifting heft bales easily.

The spears are long and sturdy to ensure they hold bales firmly. They also feature powder-coated finish to help them withstand harsh weather conditions.

The solid backplate ensures the dense hay bales do not damage the device. More so, they are durable and stable.

If you want to transport tons of bales per day, then this is the right equipment. Each 39-inch spear has a load capacity of 1,350 lbs. This is an incredible capacity. You can, therefore, carry more than 4,000 lbs of hay bales at a go. The spears are long, measuring 39 inches with a thickness of ½ inches.

The Titan 72-Inch Tine Bucket Silage Rake 39-Inch Hay Bale Spears saves you on time, money, and effort. The versatile device can handle a variety of farm tasks such as picking up loose hay, brush, hay bales, silage, and manure. In short, it’s an efficient rake as well as a hay bale spear. It can also be used in buckets, hay attachments, tractor attachments, and grapples. 

The equipment weighs 405 lbs with a width of 72-inches. It’s a heavy device that provides optimal stability.


  • It takes you a few minutes to install
  • It’s a piece of heavy-duty equipment, which provide great stability
  • It has an excellent load capacity per spear
  • It’s durable


  • It’s bulky
  • Might not be ideal to persons working under a tight budget

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Hay Spear for Front End Loader Buying Guide

It’s the desire of every farmer to transport hay bales effortlessly and safely. And for that reason, a good hay bale spear comes in handy. However, you need to know what to look for in a good hay bale spear.


The right equipment should ease your work at the farm or ranch. It should be, therefore, be able to carry heft hay bales at a go. 


Hay bales are dense, and they might damage equipment. Hence, ensure you choose a heavy-built machine. Steel material is considered the most reliable and durable. 


Get a device that can hold both round and square hay bales. Although such machines tend to be expensive, they don’t limit the kindly of tasks you do.

The right hay spear for front end loader will make your farm work easier. We believe the above reviews will help you choose the best machine for your hay bales. Importantly, choose what suits your farm needs and budget.

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