Garden plows for lawn tractors/ best tow behind tillers & plows

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Your lawn tractor has the ability to carry out many jobs and can potentially make your gardening hobby easier and less expensive.

And all you have to do is hook up your machine with the right garden tractor attachments.

One of these is garden plows for lawn tractors.

Of course, plowing your garden plot is important for your crops to thrive.

Below we bring you the best tow behind tiller and further share some useful tips to help you select a device that plows the whole space quickly and easily.

Garden plows for lawn tractors

Here are some garden plows attachments that leave your soil in near-perfect condition.

And the good thing is you don’t have to dig too deep to own one.

Plus, you’ll need very little mechanical expertise to put them together and mount on your garden tractor.

1.     MotoAlliance CAT-0 Disc Plow- best pull behind tiller for lawn tractor

Plowing your land can be a tiresome task but not when you have outfitted your lawn tractor with this garden plow.

The offset discs superbly slice the ground repeatedly, even when tackling rocky and compacted soil loosening the dirt as they cut.

In fact, this is a must-have multi-functional accessory that’s extremely versatile.

Use it to cut up clumps of soil, chop up nasty weeds or unwanted crop remainders, or simply use it as a pull behind tiller for lawn tractor.

What’s more, the components are tough and undoubtedly cut out for the job. 

For example, the eight 14″ notched disc blades are made of hardened steel while the frame is itself made of robust 8 gauge steel.

We also love that it attaches easily to CAT-0 or 3-point attachment systems using the included pins.

In short, you’re getting good value for your money with this amazing implement.


  • Durable construction.
  • Nice price point.
  • Excellent customer support.


  • Instructions are a bit lacking.

2.     MotoAlliance Disc plow -best atv pull behind disc

This also really works great to loosen and turn the soil before you sow seed or plant.

It also comes with eight notched, hardened steel disc blades (12”) and it provides a 54” width making it perfect for larger spaces.

This heavy-duty model’s standout features have made it a huge hit.

For instance, the integrated weight tray allows you to add weights for improved downward pressure and deeper soil penetration.

Besides, the lift design lets you conveniently raise the equipment high off the ground when moving to a different area.

The MotoAlliance Impact Pro Disc Plow/Harrow Implement is simply one of the best garden plows for lawn tractors on the market and breaks up clods of dirt exceptionally well.

With extraordinary power and peerless reliability, this allows you to plow even the toughest virgin land.

You’ll need a pro 1-point lift system, CAT-0 hitch, or sleeve hitch adapter (sold separately) to attach it to your lawn tractor.



  • No major issues noted.

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3.     Guide Gear 48″ – best tow behind tiller

This garden plow is suited to tilling and raking jobs and helps whip the earth into shape as you prepare for the planting season.

We recommend it if you’re looking for a tool that works like a charm on porous and light soils.

Like the rest, it will last season after season thanks to the heavy-duty powder-coated steel (1.5-inch) construction.

Maneuvering around the food plot, garden, or yard has never been easier because of the large 7″ wheels.

Plus, it can lock in an up/down position when you wish to.

The tines measure 3 ¾ ” and it weighs about 88 lbs.

Luckily, there’s a nicely designed cement block tray if you want to add weight for more soil penetration power.

I must add that it digs brilliantly with weights on top especially if you’ve already sprayed or pulled out the weeds.

This uses a universal pin-style hitch to connect to your lawn tractor.


  • Inexpensive garden plow.
  • Great wheels.
  • Corrosion resistant.


  • Needs weights when working on extremely hard grounds.

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Garden plows for lawn tractors: Buying guide

Here now is how to purchase plow equipment that scoops up the earth and turns it over exhaustively to give those seeds a high chance of germinating.

·         Is your tractor up to the task?

Using your lawn mower to tow equipment can be an ideal solution for hobbyists but it has limitations when it comes to commercial jobs.

For sure, these machines are much lighter than traditional tractors and may be overwhelmed by the load added by heavy-duty attachments.

Check from your owner’s manual if your lawn tractor has the towing capacity capable of handling your garden tractor chisel plow (or other types of plows) safely and efficiently.

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·         Is the plow up to the job?

If you picture yourself breaking through the heavily compacted ground and cutting up the dirt’s blocky structure, then you cannot afford to go for anything other than the best tow behind tiller.

As a general rule of thumb, you can tell if the tool will work by inspecting features such as:

  1. Disk/tines and frame construction- It is likely to work well even in hard/rocky soils if the ‘teeth’/ cutter disc blades are made of materials such as hardened steel.  The same goes for the frame and supports.
  2. Angled design- A plow whose blades feature an angle of attack is generally more thorough and can do a world of good to your garden.
  3. Adjusting plow depth- It’s important for the device you buy to come with a mechanism that lets you control the digging depth without much hassle. Needless to say, a properly adjusted plow tracks very well.

·         A word on the width

The ideal width depends on the size of your land with expansive spaces needing a wider width for faster plowing.

The only issue to worry about here is the price as those with bigger width tend to be pricier.

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You can easily break up the earth and get it perfectly ready for the planting season with nothing more than a garden plow for lawn tractors.

And the good thing is that manufacturers are increasingly bringing more variety including lowly priced models such as Guide Gear Tow-Behind 48″ UTV/ATV/Lawn tractor Plow.

You can as well pick a heavy-duty product such as the MotoAlliance Disc Plow Pro Impact Harrow Implement for lawn tractors for severely compacted soil.

Keep in mind that the recommended time to plow your garden space is a couple of weeks before planting.

Also, avoid overworking the soil as it could worsen its physical condition.

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