Best ditch bank flail mower for compact tractor

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While mowing can be an exciting chore, we all know that cutting grass on certain terrain can be a tremendous challenge, even for those with years of experience.

A good example is when your yard contains ditches- not only do you need good skills but you must also have the right equipment.

Below we bring you one of our favorite options when it comes to mowing on such land and other hard-to-reach areas – ditch mower for compact tractor.

We are concentrating on little tractors since more folks are using them in their properties.

We’ll cover some things to consider when choosing a brand, as well as what we think are the 3 best ditch bank flail mower for compact tractor currently on the market.

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Ditch mower for compact tractor reviews- our top picks

This is the part we find most fun — reviewing some of the best options on the market for owners of compact tractors struggling to mow drainage ditches.

We’ve selected 3 models that we feel are outstanding after hours of digging through what is available out there.

Look at them:

1.     Nova Tractor 68”- best flail mower for compact tractor

This is one of our preferred choices for cutting grass around levees, ditches, etc. and should make mowing steep ditches safer.

This middle-duty ditch mower features a total of 28, 800 grams (1.76 lbs) flail knives and a 68” (1750mm) working width (one of the leading cutting widths at this level).

Perhaps more important is the fact that it’s specially made for your small compact tractor- it’s a perfect fit for tractors with 45hp – 60hp engines as long it has 3-point hitch (Category I).

Plus, it reaches the grass nicely thanks to the impressive mowing range (from -60° all the way to +90°!)

Its hydraulic swivel arm actually allows easy mowing in nearly any position while saving you complicated maneuvering when you come to narrow corners.

What’s more, you can adjust the mowing height as you wish thanks to the heavy-duty roller.

Note that your tractor must have 2 double-acting hydraulic control circuits to fully run the swivel arm.


  • Good cutting width.
  • Maneuvers tight spots easily.
  • Runs dependably for years


  • Not the friendliest to assemble.
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2.     Victory Tractor Implements – best flail mower for compact tractor

This ditch bank flail mower for compact tractor is very robustly designed and is a great alternative for those looking for a tool for intensive use.

We like that it gives stellar results when mowing grass on tough landscapes including those having a ditch or two.

It’s equipped with an incredibly powerful transmission and you’ll experience wonderful performances from the mower if you hook it to proper tractor size (50-85 HP).

Indeed, this handles almost any grass height while delivering high working efficiency because of this system.

A hydraulic swivel arm- similar to what we had in the Nova model- brings maximum flexibility and a great mowing angle range (-55° to +90°).

The 63-inch mowing width is still pretty reasonable despite coming short of its competitor and there are more safety features including safety flaps (on the mower’s front) to prevent debris/stones hitting you.      

Service is easy too due to the accessible grease nipples.


  • Easy to store (height-adjustable skids and supporting legs).
  • Simple maintenance routine.
  • Adjusting mowing height.


  • Reduced cutting width compared to Nova ditch mower.
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3.     Farmer Helper 57” -heavy duty flail mower

This fits a large number of landscape tractors within the 40hp – 65hp range and could be a brilliant catch as well.

This is a super heavy-duty mower and comes with hardy hammer blades that chop grass and other vegetation exquisitely.

The multiple drive belts supply more power to the cutting blades, further enhancing their cutting prowess.

It’s built to last as evidenced by the thick housing material and the use of cast steel in the blades (cast steel lasts more than cast iron).

This mower’s head is designed to attach to the hydraulic arm to allow it swing to a greater radius, far beyond the wheels of your tractor.

The head can be pivoted hydraulically down 60 degrees when tackling ditches/banks or up 90 degrees (maximum) when working on hedges or hillsides.

The implement again uses a standard 3-pt hitch mount (category I) and the PTO Driveline is included.

The unit provides a 0” – 6” adjustable cutting height and has a 57” cutting width.


  • Cuts very well.
  • Heavy-duty unit.
  • Warm customer service.


  • Poor written instructions.
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How to Choose the Best ditch bank flair mower for compact tractor

Here are some things to remember before buying one of these lifesavers:

Compatibility with your machine

It’s important to keep in mind that we’re talking about a ditch mower that cuts smoothly with small tractors.

You see, each of the models is intended to work with garden tractors having set engine horsepower and it’s unwise to go for a machine that may bog down your tractor.

Please check the paperwork for the recommended engine horsepower range before purchasing.

Also, find out how far it can extend from the tractor. 


The other vital consideration is durability and it comes down to how well the mower is engineered and what has been used to make it.

You’ll have secured yourself exceptional longevity if your mower features materials like solid steel in the construction, sturdy cutting blades, and heavy duty transmission.

Cutting width

You surely remember this: a larger cutting width cuts more grass (in one pass) than a narrower working dimension.

You have plenty of options waiting for you- the commonest range is 40 inches to 65+ inches- and you should choose depending on the size of the property that needs mowing

Of course, you want to factor in the narrowest stretch in your yard when choosing the best trimming width to purchase for your lawn.


Like other garden equipment, the machine needs some maintenance to keep it cutting as a champion.

Luckily, some ditch mowers are hydraulically driven so maintenance is much reduced.

Other systems exist, some with friendly service requirements.

Pick such if you, like me, hate implements that require complicated care to work.

•        The state of your yard

Are you having too steep ditches in your hands or just gentle slopes?

This is another thing to color your decision and one that is massively important.

What you should know is that a standard ditch mower will suffice for cutting grass ditches on gentle slopes.

You’ll, however, need a mower specifically for more steep ground for a beautifully manicured ditch in this type of topography.

•        Price

Price is obviously an issue but you need to balance it with other essentials including usability and quality of cutting.

In other words, it’s important that the brand you have your eyes on is decent, the price tag notwithstanding.

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A ditch mower is perfect for mowing ditches and known hard-to-reach spots like hill sides, embankments, or hedges.

Here we have brought you the best ditch bank flair mowers that work with small tractors on offer out there along with tips to help you make an informed choice.

Not only will the investment make your job easy as pie but you’ll have those grass lined ditches and banks looking as fabulous as the rest of the lawn.

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