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Tiling is one of those tasks that demand a high level of engagement and accuracy. If you are not careful, you can end up with funny looking results that put your credentials as a builder or homeowner into question.

But how do you get the different angles right when it comes to tiling?

While traditional levels have been around for longer, laser levels are innovative, more accurate and easier to use.

If you want the best results, then you need the best laser level for tile installation. But the million-dollar question is, which is the best for you?

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Best Laser Level for Tile Reviews

1. Bosch Professional Tile and Square Layout Laser GTL3

For precision, clarity and durability when it comes to laser levels, this Bosch Professional Tile and Square Layout Laser GTL3 is ahead of the pack.

As the best laser level for tile, this beast projects 90 degree squaring lines and boasts precise adjustments. The centering is effortless with laser lines in front of the base. You are more accurate and productive, making you a better worker.

It has bright and sharp laser lines that penetrate most obstacles so that you don’t make a mistake when tiling. The machine is also durable to withstand a variety of work and environmental conditions.


  • Easy to use with simple controls
  • Centering is easy
  • Very clear laser lines
  • Durable machine
  • Accurate to make you productive


  • Securing the laser beam in a fixed position is not easy
  • The machine is a bit expensive for some people.

2. Tavool Self Leveling Laser Level

This budget-friendly laser level dances with the big boys in the market. It is one of the best, and the various reviews from users tell the same story.

Whether it is picture hanging, decoration or construction, you can trust this three-in-one self-leveling laser level to help you have clean and accurate work.

The vertical, horizontal and cross-line have a range of up to 50 feet, and you can be consistent in your work. The beam is visible even in sunny conditions, and you have no excuse for not producing your best work.

For accuracy and ease-of-use, the laser level is self-leveling and has warning flashes when it is out of level. It has two switching modes that are very easy to use, and each of them has three measurements.


  • You can use the level laser for a variety of applications
  • A higher range of up to 50 feet
  • Visible for long distances
  • Self-levelling with warning flashes


3. Johnson Level & Tool 40-6624 Tiling Laser

You can easily plan your job site with a good quality tiling laser like this one.

The company has over seven decades of experience developing solutions for tradespeople. Therefore, it is a reliable machine. Even better, it does not cost you an arm and a leg, and so you have a good head start. The tiling laser is affordable.

The machine produces two laser lines on the surface at 90 degrees. Other great features include the built-in protractor to make it easier for you to lay down the work. It is perfect for indoor applications such as hardwood flooring, tiling, and layout of carpet, brick and stone.

The operation of the tool is simple, and it only has one power button. Switching it on turns on the perpendicular lines, and you can start the job.

You can increase visibility by wearing sunglasses or utilizing a free-standing target.


  • Quite affordable
  • The machine is easy to use
  • Durable and robust
  • Perfect for indoor application


  • It may not be very visible in a bright environment

How to Choose the Best Laser Level for Tile

Among the bunch of reasons to get the best laser level for tile includes ease-of-use and accuracy. Typically, you can produce your best work with this tool, and that is the main goal. But which are the factors to consider when buying a laser level for tile?


Particular brands like Bosch have carved a niche in the market for power tools. If you are buying the laser level for the first time, then it would be safer to settle for the most respected and reliable brands. When it comes to special electronic equipment, it is always best to go with known brands. It is not advisable to put your curiosity cap on and go testing unknown brands.


Of course, the main goal of getting a laser level is the accuracy and ease of use. It defeats the purpose if you are to get something complicated. In contemporary times, something is innovative if its controls are self-explanatory. Nothing should be rocket science.

Scan the user reviews in the marketplaces, and you will get a better idea of whether the machine is easy-to-use or not. For example, something like a self-leveling system will come in handy.

Laser Range

A good quality laser level for tile has particular features such as a good laser range to make your work easier. It would be tedious to have a tool that you need to set after every short distance. A range of 50 feet is mostly sufficient.

Well, the best laser level for tile makes your work much easier. For any builder worth their salt, a laser level should be an important tool for them.

The above suggestions can pretty much be ideal for you. Pick the one that most suits your needs and budget, and produce your best tiling work.

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