Best Magnetic Sweeper for Grass

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Metal debris such as nails, pins, and pieces of metal can sometimes fly off into the grass when doing some renovations. You may also have a DIY project or workshop outside your house, and in such a case, the metal debris is not restricted to one particular area.

Well, the small pieces of metal pose dangers to everyone in the household, and especially the kids and also the pets. They can bust tires in the morning when you are in a hurry to get to the office. one of the reasons people love flat free tires for zero turn mowers.

So what do you do? What is the best way of getting rid of all these metal debris after construction or renovation?

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A few decades ago, people used to line up and meticulously comb the grass for any pieces of metal. Unfortunately, this method was monotonous and not very useful. In contemporary times, we have magnetic sweeper with wheels that are not only effective but also quick and easy to use. That said, which is the best magnetic sweeper for grass? Let’s explore!

Best Magnetic Sweeper for Grass Reviews

1. Neiko 53416A Magnetic Pick-Up Sweeper with Wheels

Neiko 53416A is undoubtedly one of the magnetic sweepers based on the various features it boasts.

It is versatile, and you can use it in a variety of places to pick different metal pieces from the surface. That means you can pick the ferrous metal objects, screws and paints from the glass without so much hassle.

The sweeper is easy to use. It comes with a quick-release handle to let go of the debris all at once. It can comfortably sweep a wide area of up to 24 inches so that you are more efficient and quicker. And talking of comfort, the machine comes with a telescoping handle that allows easy adjustment between 29 and 42 inches.



  • A bit expensive
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2. XtremepowerUS 24″ Magnetic Pick-Up Sweeper

Keep your foot traffic and tires safe by getting a versatile and efficient magnetic sweeper like XtremepowerUS.

XtremepowerUS 24" Magnetic Pick-Up Sweeper w/Wheels 30 lbs Capacity, Adjustable Handle & Floor Clearance
● Multiple-use magnetic sweeper
● Adjustable telescoping handle
● Durable wheels
● Easy pull lever

It is effective on all ferrous metal objects, nails and screws that fly off from the renovation site or workshop. The adjustable telescoping handle and a comfortable grip make it easier to use.

It is effortless to use and only requires a simple pull of the lever to release the debris. The sweeper has durable rubber wheels that make it easier to manoeuvre in different spaces at home. You will notice that it has a good grip, thanks to the deep treads.

The finger grooved handle makes the machine comfortable to use. You can keep pushing and pulling it and tell me you are sure that all the metal debris is off the surfaces. Cases of hand fatigue are minimal. On the downside, the machine will not be competent on tall grass.


  • Effective on all ferrous metal objects
  • Powerful magnet
  • Simple and easy to use
  • Comfortable handle
  • Only weighs 16 pounds and therefore lightweight


  • May not be very useful on tall grass
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3. Empire Level 27059 Magnetic Clean Sweep

Simplicity in construction and budget-friendliness is what makes this rolling magnetic sweeper a  favorite to many.

Empire Level 27059 Magnetic Clean Sweep, Rolling Unit
● Powerful magnetic head
● 11-1/2-Inch wide head
● An aluminium shaft that is up to 40 inches in height
● The magnetic head angle is adjustable

It does not have many controls and is easy to push and correct the ferrous metal objects.

The powerful magnetic head is quite useful on various metal objects around the workshop or outside in the grass. Furthermore, the tool is easy to use given that it has a relatively broad head, meaning fewer rounds collecting the metal objects. The 40-inch aluminium shaft makes it even more comfortable to use the magnetic sweeper. You can work on a straight back.

The machine is quite useful in collecting small machined parts, bolts, screws and nails, among others. And with an adjustable magnetic head angle, you can comfortably set it according to your posture.


  • Simple design and easy to use
  • Effective on a wide variety of metal objects
  • You can use it on a straight back depending on your height
  • Lightweight and easy transport


  • The machine may not be competent especially on thick and tall grass
  • The magnet may not be sufficiently robust for some metal objects
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Choosing the Best Magnetic Sweeper for Grass with wheels

The magnetic sweeper is most appropriate for a wide range of environments. It is easy to use and has a simple mechanism. But how do you choose the right among the many best magnetic sweepers ? Here are a few factors to consider.


This is by far the most crucial component in a magnetic sweeper for grass. However, it is essential to note that size does not determine the efficiency of the magnet. You should not go purchasing the biggest magnet you can find thinking that it’ll do the task much better, far from it. Instead, check for the grade of the magnet.

A magnet that does not need frequent charging is better. Essentially, it makes your work easier and lasts longer. How much weight of the object can the magnet lift? Check the specifications and the videos from the manufacturer to have a better idea.


It would be difficult for anyone to work with a 1-inch height. At a minimum, the working height of a good quality magnetic sweeper should be at least 2 inches.

In fact, this height can help you choose the best magnetic sweeper based on capability. Before you check out, enquire about the maximum height of the device.

Wipe Off

Sometimes, some of the debris and grass gets trapped and pushed backwards on the device bottom. This grass and debris fall off when you release the magnet. To prevent this from happening, you always go for a magnetic sweeper with a wrap-around.

Size of the Housing

The depth and width of the housing do not always indicate the efficiency or power of the magnetic sweeper. Magnets do not come on the cheap, and so some manufacturers can space them within the housing to fool buyers. Honest manufacturers will always oblige to provide information on the details of the magnet. Don’t just look at the size of the housing to make a purchase decision.


Simplicity in operation is always an essential factor when choosing tools to help you around the house or in the workshop. In the context of magnetic sweepers, determine the process of cleaning off the debris.

Does it have a removable lever or component? Check the reviews and determine what the other users have to say about the mechanism. Is it effective?

Final Word

DIYers, metalworkers, woodworkers and homeowners need the most efficient tools for the best results.

The best magnetic sweeper for grass will help you collect the small pieces of metal inside your grass turf to avoid accidents and losses.

Magnetic sweeper with wheels will save you a big chunk of your of time that you would spend kneeling to collect one piece of the metal after the other.

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