Flat free tires for zero turn mowers reviews

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If you own a zero-turn mower, you might want to try out flat free tires. Or, you probably have used them and are looking for another dose of convenience.  There are various reasons people love flat free tires for zero turn mowers.

They have no treads to wear down, that means they will last season after season. Since they are smooth, it implies no friction. As a result, they allow you to take sharper turns. Finally, they have no tread pattern. That means you are not going to leave any marks on your lawn thus it will be looking its best.

Getting the right tires for your lawnmower machine is very important if you want to get the best performance.

Best flat free tires for zero turn mowers

Here are some of the best flat free tires for zero turn mowers you might want to try out:

1.  Marathon 30326 13×5.00-6″ Flat Free Lawn Mower

Made up of solid, polyurethane foam, this tire is one of the best flat free tires for zero turn mowers out there. It features a turf tread and is ideal for use in the front tire of your riding lawn mower.

It is designed to offer a bounce and load handling properties that are akin to an air-filled tire – and more impressively, with a benefit of not going flat.

The Marathon 30326 13×5.00-6 ” Flat Free Lawn Mower is non-marking, light-weight and comes mounted on a heavy-duty steel rim.

I personally love these tires. My Cub Cadet RZT-S 42’’ runs on these tires. I replaced the factory tires on the mower because they kept going flat. I’m much happier today because I don’t have to haggle over flat tires every time I want to get down mowing grass in my yard.

The only caveat though is that the tire feels much harder and the ordinary air-filled counterparts. You literally feel every divot, bump or imperfect in the lawn. But the benefit of the hard tire by far overrides the disadvantage. Besides, turning the mower has not been easier. It is already several months down, and I haven’t noticed any substantial wear.

However, I had to do something to the hub/rim. The new rim has a 3’’ hub and the old one had 4’’.

That meant I had to find different length spacers to shim the difference.  The tires now look centered despite the modifications, turning the way it should and doesn’t touch or bind anything. 


  • Non-marking
  • Light in weight
  • Commercial grade oil infused bushings
  • Comes with a heavy duty wheel


  • Feels hard on hard surfaces.

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2.    Marathon 11×4.00-5″ Flat Free Lawn Mower 

This is another great tire we are including in our list of flat free tires for zero turn mowers. The solid, polyurethane foam tire doesn’t leave any ugly marks on your lawn.

The tire fits many zero-turn mowers and provides the bounce and load handling characteristics similar to an air filled tire – off-course with the benefit of never going flat.  Besides, the tires are lightweight, non – marking and come mounted on a heavy-duty steel rim with ball bearings or precision bushings.

However, there are situations that will require you to do a bit of modifications. When we were fitting them on Craftsman z6000 42″ cut zero turn riders, we had to remove ¼ inches on both sides of the wheel hub. We used the pneumatic cut off wheel to remove the extra length and painted the freshly cut edge to prevent rust.

Besides, the tires felt a bit stiffer compared to the original air tires. Well, you might not notice that effect on grass, but you will realize they are stiffer when you have them on pavement or concrete and then hit a pump.

After two years, they still show no significant wear, only slight scraping on the center-line molding ride. But to prevent ground from being compacted avoid using consistent mowing lines instead, do random runs to the chances of ground compacting.


  • Flat free tire
  • Non-marking
  • Precision bushings
  • Light in weight
  • Solid steel wheel


  • There are situations that require you to do a modification.

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3.  MARASTAR 00232 Universal Fit Flat Free 11 x4.00-5 Lawn Mower Tire

If you are looking for a low hassle solution to replace or even repair   your mower tires, this is a perfect solution you are looking for.

The flat free tire features a smooth treat and sintered iron bushing that are a perfect even for front mower tires. However, it is not perfectly suited for use in highways.

Since 2014, my step-dad has been fighting to  retain the front tires on the rim of his Cub Cadet RZT 50 mower. However, mid last year, he decided to give a new set of solid core tires a try. After doing a bit of research, I bumped into this MARASTAR model.

The price was good, and the rave reviews it was garnering everywhere were tantalizing. I ordered two for the front tires – and true to their word, they didn’t disappoint. They looked good, came with plenty of washers and spacers.

They fitted well, tight and there wasn’t any problem greasing the units. I get a chuckle though when some people complain that the tire rides rough. Ideally that shouldn’t be a big issue unless you are mowing in a prairie dog village.

Admittedly, the ride might feel a bit stiffer but after using them for a couple of months, I can’t be happier. If you are still hesitant, get one for yourself and see how well they hold up.


  • Fits well, and tight
  • Sintered iron bushings
  • Smooth treads
  • Great price


  • Beware of a stiffer ride when you install the new set of tires. But that feeling will disappear after a few months of use.

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If you love smooth tread tires, flat free tires will be great for your zero turn mowers.

We loved the turf tread on Marathon 30326 13×5.00-6” Flat Free Lawn Mower, making it ideal for you if your yard is mainly grass; If hassle free front tire solution is all you are looking for, then the smooth tread MARASTAR 00232 Universal Fit Flat Free 11 x4.00-5 Lawn Mower Tire will be ideal for you.

If you hate seeing ugly marks on your lawn after a heavy mowing session, get Marathon 11×4.00-5” Flat Free Lawn Mower tires for yourself.

Otherwise, we hope this review will help you get the flat free tires for zero turn mowers.

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