Best Snow Blowers for Elderly

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Are you looking for the best snow blower for elderly but have no idea what model to choose? We have some recommendations for you.

We’ve scoured the internet, from discussion boards to brand reviews, and spoken to at most a dozen seniors who live in areas subject to arctic condition and heavy snowfalls.

After what seemed like a research process that spanned up to 72 hours, we put together this guide to make your work easier.

Ideally, the best snow blower for an elderly person should be lightweight, safe, and easy to push.

Gas-powered models are great. Their ability to clear up to 2 feet of snow with a pass makes them incredibly powerful. However, they’re too heavy to recommend for seniors, so they’re unquestionably unsuitable.

Electric models are easy to use, but only worth the consideration for clearing snow from a small area. If   you prefer to use these on a large area, you should consider getting an additional extension cord.

Battery-powered models are perfect because they don’t limit your movement, but check to make sure you know how long the battery can last before you choose one.

With that said, here’s a list of the best snow blowers that we recommend for seniors:

  1. Greenworks Pro 80V 20 inch Snow Thrower
  2. Snow Joe SJ627E Electric Snow Thrower
  3. Earthwise SN74018 Cordless Electric Snow Thrower
  4. EGO Power SNT2102

How to Choose the Best Snow Blower for the Elderly

Here are a few things to consider when choosing the best snow blower for the elderly persons:

1. Electric vs Gas Powered: Which is better for Elderly?

An elderly needs a lightweight and easy-to-use snow blower, which makes an electric model the best option to choose.

Given that they require less maintenance, not to mention that they’re eco-friendly, electric snow blowers can get the work done without demanding a lot of input.

2. Reliability

There’s nothing worse than a snow blower that shuts down in the middle of work. That’s why it’s important to know whether the machine is reliable before buying.

In particular, you should choose a snow blower that works well in light and thick snow, even in areas subject to extensive snowfalls.

3. Battery Life

A good snow blower for the elderly is one that comes powered with a battery that has a decent runtime. The machine should run for at least 90 minutes on a single full charge and take the least time possible to recharge.

Best Snow Blowers for Elderly Reviewed

1. Snow Joe SJ627E Electric Snow Thrower

With Snow Joe SJ627E electric snow thrower, you can clear snow from driveways, decks, walkways, patio, and pavement in the cold season.

And since it’s a cordless machine, with a lightweight build that’s easy to push, older men and women in their twilight age should find it easy to push. 

Powered by a 15-amp motor rated 120V, 6 Hertz, and compatible with an extension cord that shouldn’t be longer than 100 feet, this mode has enough power to propel and remove snow from your path.

In term of performance, San Joe SJ627E can blow snow at the rate of 840 pounds.

At 22 inches, Snow Joe SJ627E’s working width is 2 inches more the size of Greenworks Pro 80V. With this, you can cover quite a larger area with each pass.

Being a single-stage blower, San Joe SJ627E uses a steel auger with rubber tipped blades to scoop snow and throw it away through a discharge chute.

It doesn’t struggle with heavy, wet snow nearly as much. But you can expect the snow to stick in the chute. While this might be a problem, somewhat, there’s a chute clean out tool included to help you remove obstructions form the chute.

It weighs only 35 pounds, so the elderly will find San Joe SJ627E snow blower easy to push through the snow. 

Best single-stage snow blower


  • A durable, powerful snow blower with an incredible level of performance
  • Versatile model for clearing snow from driveways, sidewalks, pathways,  and walkways
  • Includes bright LED lights to help you blow snow under low light condition


  • Has a shorter warranty

2. Greenworks Pro 80V 20 inch Snow Thrower

Greenworks Pro 80V is a lightweight snow thrower for the seniors who don’t have immense muscle strength. The brand has simplified the design, trimmed down the weight, and made every part functional for better performance.

Since Greenworks Pro is a cordless electric snow blower, it doesn’t limit you on how farther you can go with it. With no carbon fuel to burn and no smoke to emit when working, this model is safe for an elderly’s health as well as for the environment around them.

Speaking of performance, the Greenworks Pro, powered by an 80V rechargeable battery, can only handle lighter snow not more than a foot deep. Put it to work on heavy, wet, extremely thick snow and it just won’t give.

The battery runtime on a single charge isn’t that bad. But owing that it can power the machine for about 1 hour and 30 minutes, we wish the runtime could have been better.

On the other side, the working width is quite decent, allowing you to clear 20-inches of snow with one pass.

Being a two-stage machine, Greenworks Pro’s auger doesn’t touch any surface. So you don’t have to worry about the model scratching the surface of your wooden deck, patio floor, or graveled lawn.

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  • Includes a brushless motor for better performance, with more torque and less heat as you blow snow
  • Cordless operation doesn’t limit you in terms of coverage
  • Doesn’t make noise when in use


  • We wish the battery runtime was somewhat better
  • Many parts are made of plastic that’s likely prone to breakage

3. EGO Power+ SNT2102

If you’re looking for an easy-to-push, easy-to-use snow blower built by a brand that has a positive reputation in the market, you might want to consider the EGO Power+ SNT2102.

Powered by a 5.0Ah battery that has a decent runtime, you can expect this unit to run for longer and therefore require less frequent recharging. 

In the machine is a brushless motor combined with Peak Power technology to deliver the best performance throughout the snow blowing session.

With a battery that powers the machine for up to 40 minutes on a single charge, you can easily manage an extended clearance before the need to recharge.

EGO Power+ SNT2102 stands out for its ability to provide a clear edge as its auger cuts through the snow. There’s handle for adjusting the cute by up to 180 degrees.

Plus, EGO Power+ SNT2102 can throw snow up to 35 feet away from where the machine stands, making it one of the best options for the elderly.

You will also love this machine because it’s a heavy-duty model. Put it to thick snow and it will do just fine. Even if you throw wet snow to it, it has the power to handle that, too.

EGO Power+ SNT2102 doesn’t have a self-propelling mechanism. But it’s lightweight and features an auger with a variable speed that makes it easy for an elderly person to move it through thick snow.

Electric snow blower reviews


  • LED lights included for blowing snow in low light condition 
  • Strong and durable materials used for construction
  • Metal auger features a rubber tip for durability


  • Might be somewhat heavy for some seniors
  • May not be suitable for extremely wet snow
  • Terrible battery life

4. Earthwise SN74018 Cordless Electric Snow Thrower

Earthwise SN74018 is a lightweight snow thrower that’s ideal for the elderly persons who need an easy-to-push snow blower that isn’t limited by an extension cord.

Its ability to move about 500 pounds of snow in just 60 seconds makes it a solid recommendation for clearing snow from driveways, pathways, walkways,  and pavements.

Powered by rechargeable 4Ah battery, Earthwise SN74018’s 40-volt motor propels the entire unit at a consistent speed for a consistent performance.

You can expect at least an hour of runtime on a single charge and about two and a half hours to juice up the battery to its full charge.

The lighting condition isn’t always friendly in the snowy weather. And if you’re an elderly with a vision problem, you may have a hard time navigating through as you blow the snow.

Thankfully, Earthwise fixes this issue by including two LED spotlight, which makes it easy for you to use the blower even in low light condition.

It doesn’t have the largest working with, but that’s expected from a machine this compact. With its 18 inches wide blowing section, you may have to invest more time if you intend to work on a larger area.

In terms of depth, the Earthwise SN74018 can clear snow as deep as 12 inches without struggling.

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  • A lightweight and compact snow blower that’s easy to use
  • Include LED lights for blowing snow even in low light condition
  • Powered by a rechargeable battery


  • Some parts are made of plastic, making the model suitable only for flat, paved surfaces 
  • Not ideal for long driveways
  • Poor battery life

Blowing snow from driveways, sidewalks, decks, pavements, walkways, pavements, and patios doesn’t have to be difficult for the seniors. All you need to get is the best snow blower for elderly and you’re good to go.

Keep in mind that the best model for this age group should be lightweight and easy to use. Consider an electric model. And if you choose a battery-powered model, make sure the runtime on a single charge is slightly over an hour at least.

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