Farthest throwing snow blower

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When winter comes, the farthest throwing snow blower will enable you to be at the top of your game when dealing with the fallen snow on your driveways and pathways.

In this guide, we present some of the farthest snow throwing snow blowers and take a look at what to look for when shopping for the best snow blower.

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The Farthest throwing snow blower: product reviews

Here’s an overview of our picks for the best farthest throwing snow blowers on the market right now.

1.     Ariens ST28DLE Deluxe SHO28 in. 2-Stage Gas Snow Blower with Electric Start

It’s easy to see why this machine has gained such a massive reputation.

It’s powered by a powerful 306cc Ariens AX engine and will operate at peak torque even when tackling vast amounts of hard-packed snow.

But perhaps what’s more great about this snow blower is that it throws slush as much as 55 feet (sometimes more) at optimal condition.

Plus, it’s one of the fastest-acting blowers around- the 28” wide clearing width moves a staggering 72 tons of ice per hour!

What’s more, it features a wide 14” diameter impeller further enhancing its snow blowing capacity- this larger impeller opening accepts more snow than rivals with narrower impellers.

Like many other premium models, it allows a nice one-handed operation thanks to the Interlocking handles.

Overall, one of the very best around.


  • Well written assembly instructions.
  • Cool electric start.
  • Very well built.


  • Lacks heated hand grips.

2.     Husqvarna ST224P snow blower, 208cc gas Two-Stage Snow Blower, 24 in. ( with Power Steering plus Electric Start)

It’s difficult to get a budget option but this one is at least a bit cheaper than the previously reviewed Ariens ST28DLE Deluxe snow blower. 

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And it does well when the terrible winter weather bared its ugly teeth again..

It actually throws an estimated 35 feet (possibly farther depending on the snow conditions)

Additionally, the unit packs plenty of power thanks to the mounted 208cc gas engine (hydrostatic transmission) and it performs solidly even when slogging it out with extremely wet snow.

It also features a power steering system so turning and maneuvering the snow blower will be more fun.

Plus, the heated handles and easy control ensure maximum comfort and efficient clearing.

We also love the electric start (you’ll never worry about a malfunctioning battery) and the LED headlight (for safety and clearing in darkness)

This time you get a 12-inch auger along with a 24-inch clearing path.


  • The chute rotates 180-degree.
  • More maneuverable 15-inch tires.
  • Again solidly built.


  • Won’t throw as far as the Ariens ST28DLE Deluxe snow blower

3.     Briggs & Stratton Dual-Stage 30″ Snow Blower , 306cc Engine (w/ Heated Hand Grips and Dual-Trigger)

Tackling heaps of snow on driveways and footpaths is certainly a breeze with this elite snow blower from Briggs & Stratton.

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It not only throws snow a whopping 40 feet (you can go farther on occasion) but the uncompromising 1450 Professional Briggs & Stratton Series Engine (306cc) makes the job a piece of cake even in the most demanding winter conditions.

The oversized controls create a mitten-friendly operation while the dual-trigger steering system makes turning safe and exciting.

It adopts a couple of brilliant features from the Husqvarna ST224P including the heated hand grips and an electric start (push button), as well as an LED headlight.

You will also appreciate the 16″ x 5″ tires because of the superior traction and the one-handed operation.

Lastly, it comes with a 12″ impeller and offers a 30″clearing width.


  • Super sturdy construction.
  • Easy dash-mounted chute controls.
  • Simple to assemble.


  • No weaknesses of note.

The farthest throwing snow blower: buying guide

Here we bring you tips to help you decide the best farthest throwing snow blower for your needs now that there are quite a number of models out there.

1.      Decide the type of snow blowers to pick 

Snow blowers come in single-stage (electric/gas), two-stage (gas) and, sometimes, three-stage (gas).

Below is what you should know:

Single-stage snow blowers

On single-stage snow blowers, an auger (those blades found in front of your blower) throws the snow out via the discharge chute in one move.

Two-stage snow blowers

Two moves (hence the name two stage) take place in this category of snow throwers when moving snow: 

Stage 1: The auger collects the snow 

Stage 2: An impeller expels the snow via the chute.

Overall, these machines tend to throw the snow farther away and faster than single-stage snow blowers.

Three-stage snow blowers

Three-stage snow blowers have an accelerator in addition to the impeller and auger.

The work of the accelerator is to aggressively break up heavy, compacted snow and transfer it to the impeller.

This becomes the third stage even though it’s completed before the two steps involved in two-stage snow blowers.

Overall, a three-stage is more appropriate if you often deal with icy/compacted snow.

Needless to say, they cost top dollar but will, in compensation, throw the farthest.

2.      What features do you need?

The following features could be advantageous…

  • Power-assisted wheels- These improve maneuverability and are beneficial when removing snow on uneven terrain and large areas.
  • More speed- More choice of speeds (forward and reverse) could help prevent clogging while battling heavy snow.
  • Headlights- With this, you can work even when its pitch dark.
  • Easy start- Some gas-powered models come with a plug-in electric start for use when near an outlet. This is much easier to use than yanking the pull cord in chilly weather.
  • Ergonomic handle- You will not tire prematurely because of the handling comfort. Heated handgrips are great too as you’ll stay warm.
  • Free hand control- This allows a one-handed snow blower operation. You can hence conveniently use your free hand to adjust the speed/rotate the chute.

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3.      What clearing width do you desire?

Bear in mind that each model offers various clearing widths and you’ll need to choose wisely.

An expanded clearing width means you will make significantly fewer up-and-down trips as you race to finish the job.

4.      Think about the impeller diameter

Though many of the models pack 12-inch-wide impellers these days (and it’s an okay diameter in most instances), a 14-inch impeller diameter (common in some Ariens snowblowers) can be handy.

That’s because the added area takes more snow from the auger shortening the time it takes to remove snow from your drive way.

The Farthest throwing snow blower: Frequently asked questions

How far can a snow blower throw snow?

A: According to Cub Cadet, most multiple-stage snow blowers in excellent working order can throw snow a distance of between 50 to 60 feet.

How do I make my snowblower throw snow farther?

A: Depending on your model, you can take measures such as adding an impeller kit to your snow blower.

This tightens the clearance of the machine’s impeller to its drum and could elevate the throwing distance by as much as 40%.

Besides, fighting rust, for example, by applying a coat of rust-proof paint generously on all the essentials- the impeller, drum, and chute- can be helpful in boosting the distance.

Wrapping it up

For most people, the farthest throwing snow blower makes the job of removing snow much easier and quicker.

We have just revealed our top picks and things to consider when buying a snow blower.

Hopefully, this will help you finally get a machine that puts you in charge of the compressed snow as well as those icy banks.

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