Best sprinkler for long narrow lawn

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Everyone – including you – wants to have their lawns looking green, beautiful and healthy. That means you need to keep it mowed and watered.

However, most people find watering the lawn with a watering can or a hose often too hard. That is why you might be wanting to get the best sprinkler heads. If you own a narrow lawn, you will look out for the best sprinkler for a long narrow lawn.

It will not only do the watering for you but will also save you time and money.

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Best sprinkler for long narrow lawn reviews

However, getting a good sprinkler head from the hundreds of brands out there isn’t easy. We want to make the process of shopping a breeze for you so you can shop with confidence.

1. Rain Bird 1804VAN Professional Pop-Up Sprinkler

If you are looking for  heavy-duty, reliable, versatile sprinkler heads, the Rain Bird’s 1800 series offers you a broad selection of nozzle combinations and pop-up heights that are ideal for watering small lawns, shrubs and irregularly shaped yards. 

It is one of the best choices for a sprinkler head that comes in a box of five so you can have a replacement in case one breaks. It covers a distance of 8 to 15 feet and a four inch pop-up height.

You can, however, reduce the radius accordingly. The unit is constructed with Rain Curtain Technology that helps spray your lawn evenly. The encased plastic cage offers resistance to environmental factors, pressure and grit. 

The pressure-activated seal design assures a great seal that doesn’t allow excess ‘flow-by’. As a result, it allows you to install more heads on the same valve.

In our area, some repairs are relatively hard to get resolved. Most sprinkler guys are occupied with the many larger and lucrative projects. As a result, they tend to push the smaller home maintenance projects to the bottom of the list.

When our sprinkler technician was becoming less reliable, we knew we had to find another way to resolve our issues. But, finding the best sprinkler head to replace the ones that were already malfunctioned wasn’t easy.

After a long search, we found Rain Bird 1804VAN Professional Pop-Up Sprinkler. The good news is it was pretty easy to install, even for non-techs like us. We were happy we had an opportunity to show the rogue sprinkler heads who were the boss in the yard.

Thankfully, we didn’t have to rely on the guy anymore. We loved the experience that we have ordered a couple more to replace the old ones if need be. However, they don’t shoot far enough. 

If you need a good performance, put them in multiple rows of 8-15 feet wide. But, if you are hesitant to go that route, you can instead get the Rain Bird’s rotating sprinkler heads that can cover twice the distance.


  • Pressure- activated wiper seal
  • Strong construction
  • Heavy-duty spring
  • Uniform coverage
  • Adjustable spray


  • They don’t shoot far enough

2.  Orbit 54071 Half Pop-Up Sprinkler Head

If you have a long but narrow short-grass lawn, this mower is ideal for you. Made up of pure brass mold, it doesn’t rust away like most sprinkler heads out there do.

Most sprinklers have a cast iron core, which is susceptible to rusting but this sprinkler head has a great resistance against corrosion. Besides, the brass nozzle features an adjustment bar that helps you maintain your desired amount of watering depending on the time of the day and season.

What makes this sprinkler perfectly suited for watering long, narrow lawns? Orbit 54071 Half Pop-Up Sprinkler Head packs a 1.75-inch pop-up that helps spurt water to the intended distances. So that the sprinkler can develop a stronger stream of water, the pop-up comes with a female threaded inlet.

Another feature we loved about the sprinkler is the its half-circle pattern that comes in handy when you want to water stripped-lawn rather than a sprawling vegetation area.

The Orbit 54071 Half Pop-Up Sprinkler Head generates water jets that can cover up to 15 inches. That means two sprinklers can sufficiently water a long, narrow strip of a lawn.


  • Great choice for use with shallow irrigation
  • Comes with an adjustable flow screw that allows you to set different watering values for different times/seasons –Day/evening, summer, winter.
  • Half-circle pattern which is great for floral strips and narrow lawns.


  • Over time, the sprinkler head develops black tarnish.

3.  Rain-bird 5000 Series Rotor Sprinkler Head – 5004 PC Model

If you don’t have much time and want to get started right away, The 5000 Series Rotor Sprinkler Head is a great for you.

The sprinkler packs a dozen of great features, making it a convenient water system that you can customize to fit your spraying needs.

The heavy duty construction makes it ideal for use both in commercial and residential applications while the heavy-duty retract spring helps foster a positive pop-down.

The gentle and efficient close-in watering helps eliminate dry spots that usually form around the rotors of most sprinklers. As a result, it allows your turf to grow without bending or matting and also prevents incidences of seed washout.

To protect the sprinkler system from blockage from debris, the sprinkler comes with a pressure-activated wiper seal. The seal also assures positive pop-up and a successful retraction. In case you are using ‘’gritty’’ water, the sprinkler packs extra seals and O-rings that offer an extra ‘layer’ of protection.

The sprinkler comes with pre-installed nozzles, giving you – and any other non-technical user – an easy time installing the sprinklers. Besides, the nozzles feature the Rain Curtain Technology that ensures that every portion of your lawn is even watered.

The sprinkler head comes with a total of sixteen nozzles – 8-standard angle nozzles and 8- low angle nozzles, a brilliant arrangement that improves the water delivery process. As a result, it ensures that your lawn is adequately watered. 

The slip-clutch mechanism, on the other hand, allows you to make all the necessary adjustments that will foster proper delivery. The sprinkler head covers a distance of 25 to 50 feet when fully tuned.


  • Comes in a heavy-duty casing, and rings.
  • Highly economical with water
  • Spray is delivered under high pressure
  • Delivers larger droplets limiting wastage and misting


  • No major drawback noted.

Final Words

Beautiful lawns require reliable and beautiful watering systems. However, getting a reliable sprinkler head that is a perfect fit for your lawn watering need is rather difficult.

We have done the dirty job for you and rounded up 3 winners you might want to take a look at. If you are looking for a heavy-duty, versatile and highly reliable sprinkler head, we have no doubt you will love Rain Bird 1804VAN Professional Pop-Up Sprinkler.

If you are looking for a real winner that won’t rust, Orbit 54071 Half Pop-Up Sprinkler Head will do the trick. If are not-technical, and want to get started right away, Rain-bird 5000 Series Rotor Sprinkler Head comes with pre-installed nozzles, making the process of installation a breeze.

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