Snow rake for solar panels

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If you live in an area that typically receives a lot of snow, you may want to invest in a snow rake for solar panels.

What makes this rake wonderful is its gentler construction- most feature kinder materials and will get rid of the frost on solar panels without making nasty marks or causing other damage.

Plus, they’re easier to use than approaches such as using rock salt to melt piles of snow from snow-covered solar panels.

This guide will help you select the best snow rake for solar panels for your home, RV, trailer, and other roofs.

First, we reveal the 3 best-selling models, which also happen to be our favorites.

Best snow rake for solar panels- product reviews

Below are our top-rated snow rakes for solar panels…

1.     Ames Companies 24 inch. Telescoping Snow Rake Roof

This rake is made soft enough to handle your solar panels with tenderness but rugged enough to clear difficult snow with utmost ease and efficiency.

This telescoping roof rake for solar panels is made from lightweight aluminum so you’re sure of lasting service and hassle-free use.

And because of the convenient telescoping feature, it easily telescopes to 17 feet to help you easily reach where you want (press the push-button to have it extend).

Another thing that makes it stand out is the distinctive non-slip handle (oval-shaped) because it helps you get a firm grasp.

We also love that it collapses nicely for easy storage.

The poly blade is 24 inch so it gets the job done in no time.

This is an excellent tool and it rakes snow very well.

We really like it.


  • Pretty lightweight.
  • Lasting construction.
  • Extremely easy to put together.


  • Handle may be a bit tall for shorter users.

2.     Garelick 21-Foot Snow Roof Rake Aluminum (With 24-Inch Blade)

The Garelick Snow Roof rake extends even farther than the previous product, probably explaining why this product has been such a hit.

More important is the unit’s patented snow flake roller design (featuring rollers) which prevents the blade from touching (and hurting) the solar panel’s surface.

What’s more, the innovative build makes the rake incredibly easy to roll back and forth to help you effortlessly push ice chunks off the panels.

The other attractions are the fairly rigid aluminum poles – most of the cheaper competitors are very flimsy- and the wider blade (24-inch again).

Moreover, the blade has some extra weight to help it move tough snow.

It’s one of the best snow rakes on the market and clears even heavy snows impressively making it great for users who often experience serious snowfalls.

In a nutshell, this snow removal equipment for solar panels fits nearly all jobs with little issue and is another fantastic option.


  • Good price point.
  • Pulls more snow each time
  • A breeze to use.


  • Slightly more involving during assembly.

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3.     Garant Yukon 24-Inch Snow Roof Rake Poly Blade

This rake has a magnificent polyethylene blade that doesn’t scratch surfaces and is our final recommended model for owners who struggle with nasty snowfalls.

Like our two other picks, the Garant Yukon rake is a reliable solar panel snow remover with a well-rounded feature set.

A tough, ultra-light aluminum handle with a pleasant length and balance, 24-inch wide snow angled head for easier snow removal, and quality parts are the biggest draw.

It also has handy extra poles (all fitting together perfectly) and just enough weight to cut into the snow.

Because it’s all-metal, the Garant Yukon rake is stiff enough to stand up to heavy snow build up.

This also means that it will probably last for many seasons.

Truth be told, this is a collection of features not typically found on regular snow rakes.

You’ll also appreciate that it comes at a relatively reasonable price.


  • Awesome anti-slip grip.
  • You rake with optimal comfort.
  • One of the most affordable snow rakes for solar panels. 


  • Handle not telescoping (uses 3, 5-feet extension poles)

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What to look for when buying a snow rake for solar panels

Here now are tips to help you choose a snow rake for solar panel that’s up to the task.

·         Does it do the job without drama?

No snow rake is flawless but you want something that’s dependable for the task.

For instance, an angled rake head is generally more efficient in scooping snow.

The wheels should turn fine too if you opt for a model with rollers like the Garelick Snow Roof rake.

Also, select the correct width depending on your needs.

If buying online, check the reviews for hints about its finesse when raking snow over delicate surfaces.

·         Ease of use

A super lightweight aluminum handle makes a snow rake easy to push around when removing snow on solar panel.

Additionally, a long handle reaches the spots that are otherwise hard to access easily and you won’t require an extension ladder. 

That said, anything too long is downright scary especially if you’re a smaller person.

·         What is the snow rake made of?

Rakes made with metals tines last longer than most plastic products because of obvious reasons.

Of course, the pole may curve (it often happens due to the physics of motion) but they still remain sturdy

·         Is it stowable?

Your rake should either break down compact or be simple to eliminate sections of the handle easily for storage.

Snow rake for solar panels: Frequently asked Questions

Can snow damage solar panels?

Snow will not damage properly fitted, well-maintained solar panels.

But you’re bound to face a couple of problems if snow blankets the panels.

First, we all know that you’re likely to remain in darkness because they won’t produce any power in that state (or they generate measly electricity).

You could have reason to be more concerned if water is leaking into any small openings/weaknesses because it may interfere with the hardware itself.

Do solar panels cause ice dams?

Solar panels won’t trigger ice dams. 

You should, however, strive to keep them clear of snow to reduce the likelihood of ice dams forming on your roof/solar panels.

You have a new entrant to your winter preparation checklist: shopping for a snow rake for solar panels.

Safety is your number 1 issue and I’m assuming that you’ll only consider rakes specially made with materials that are non-abrasive to prevent damage to your panels.

Don’t forget the other key factors as discussed in this article when buying.

Your panels will thank you.

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