Best non stick spray for snow blowers

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You have to take care of your snow blower to keep it working like a charm.

And one of the best ways to do this is by spraying it with non stick spray- it repels ice buildup and snow wonderfully making your blow fun to work with even when blowing heavy and wet snow.

Here we bring you the best non stick spray for snow blowers and tips about how to best spray your blower to keep snow from sticking to discourage clogging.

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How non stick spray for snow blowers work

Like non stick spray for snow plows, these apply a slippery coating that averts sticky build up.

They contain a rapidly drying formula and dry completely within minutes forming a powerfully-built protective shield on the snow blower chute assembly.

As a result, ice and snow won’t lodge in the chute or auger during operation and you won’t be slowed down- the snow awesomely slides right through!

Of course, the faster you go, the faster the stubborn plow piles flow through your machine and the less its likelihood of getting clogged.

Conveniently, most of the formulas are clear and non-staining.

Where to buy the best nonstick spray for snow blowers

You can purchase a non-stick snow blower spray from most hardware stores.

We are in the age of e-commerce and you can as well conveniently order your best spray lubricant for snowblower chute online in sites such as Amazon.

Other websites selling non-stick snow shooter sprays at amazing prices are Walmart, Home Depot, and more.

The best nonstick spray for snow blowers: buying guide

These sprays are not made equal and it’s important to factor in a couple of considerations when buying.

Take a look:

  • The time it takes to dry– the faster it dries, the less time you spend spraying because of reduced delays in-between layers.
  • Safety- your health comes first and you don’t want a spray made of hazardous materials. Check the label for the ingredients.
  • Bonuses– some of the sprays offer extra benefits such as fighting rust in the various snow blower parts. They are those that add a pretty shine too in addition to supplying UV protection.
  • Ease of application– the container should be simple to shake and a joy to spray with.
  • How long it lasts- you want one with a coating that lasts the longest without needing fresh application.

Best non stick spray for snow blowers: product reviews

Here now are our reviews of some of the best nonstick sprays for snow blowers in the market.

1.     Snow Wax Snow Coating for Snowblowers (and Ice Repellent) – 11oz Spray

This multi-purpose snowblower non-stick spray is made of an incredibly quick-drying formula and forms a long-lasting coating that makes it near impossible for snow to stick.

The nozzles have excellent pressure and it will help you spray all the components in less time.  

You simply spray it to the snow blower blades, on the inner side, and the chute and get down to work- no snow will build up and the issue of clogging will no longer frustrate your attempts to clear snow from the driveway.

Plus, it keeps your equipment looking very new.


  • Very effective- works way better than most of its rivals even when the blower is facing big pileups.
  • Straightforward application- spraying is super easy.
  • Won’t wash off prematurely.


  • Highly flammable ingredients.
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Zero turn snowblower attachment

2.     DuPont Teflon Snow & Ice Repellant- 10-Ounce

This is immensely popular because it forms an impregnable non-sticky clear coating on your snow blower.

And it’s all because of the Teflon Fluoropolymer chemical compound- Fluoropolymers are not affected by hydrocarbons like other mixtures and hence have impressive non-stick and friction-reducing properties.

Then, Teflon is largely safe and is in fact used in most nonstick cookware (unless when heated to temperatures 570°F (300°C)) meaning that the fumes are harmless when inhaled.

It’s also beneficial in protecting the equipment from developing rust.

And just like Snow Wax Snow, it’s so easy to apply thanks to the unique applicator tip.

In short, this is one of the best non stick spray for snow blowers out there.


  • Enhanced snow repellency.
  • Invisible coating.
  • Lasts longer.


  • Not as quick drying- it should be applied at least a day in advance lest it’s washed off. 
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3.     Snow-Jet non-stick spray

The last product that we can recommend to keep clogs at bay when blowing after a heavy storm is Sno-jet spray.

It’s another polymer-based treatment and it doesn’t compromise even under severe ice and snow conditions.

Moreover, this spray’s properties help reduce friction and you are likely to blow the snow further while keeping it blowing at peak levels.

The aerosol can design again make it pretty easy to use.

In short, this should make your winter blowing job more pleasant.


  • Quite easy to apply.
  • Gives snow no chance.
  • Helps keep the machine in tip-top condition.


  • Its blend of polymer is harmful when swallowed.
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How to apply non stick spray for maximum protection

Even the best non stick spray for snow blowers won’t save your machine if you fail to observe the correct application procedure.

Luckily, the steps are straightforward as you’ll learn below.

  1. Start with the snow thrower’s control buttons- spray underneath the buttons to repulse water as you battle the snowstorm.
  2. Next, move to the chute and spray as follows:
    1. The sprocket and the chute rotation motor- for these you can spray as it rotates for optimum protection.
    1. Chute deflector motor – try to adjust the deflector up/down until you note it’s sprayed lavishly.
  3. Impeller, impeller housing (if you own a 2-stage blower), the auger, gearbox, the discharge chute (inside), and inside the auger housing – here you apply a measured amount.

Don’t forget to coat the snow blower blades adequately as well as the spout.

Pro-Tip: You can spray several coats of the non-stick spray if you want the coating to be effective for hours on end without experiencing difficulties.

Simply let the first layer dry up before applying the second coat. You again leave it to dry then re-apply your third coating, if you deem it necessary.

Alternatives to the best non stick spray for snow blowers

Here now are other remedies for clogging, sticking, and clumping problems in snow blowers:

  • WD 40 – some folks apply the WD 40 on their snowblower chute and it helps.
  • Fluid film –several coats of a fluid film on your snow thrower might also be efficient.
  • Slippery paint for snow blowers– though a bit cumbersome, painting the most susceptible parts like the chute can make some difference too when it comes to minimizing clogging in  really wet snow.

The list can be huge here- I have heard of guys who use car wax, automotive paste wax, and even cooking spray.

But overall, most of these are not as effective in blocking clogs as a non-stick spray because of the use of superior formulas such as Fluoropolymers.

Snowblower not throwing snow very far this is what you should do.

Final word

Even as you invest in a non-stick spray for your snow blower, it’s important that you blow faster.

You see, it’s common for clogs to arise if you’re not going fast enough.

That’s because the snow tends to get stuck since the auger lacks enough force to push it through the machine due to your reduced speed.

Also, remember to follow the specific instructions on the container when using your newly purchased product.

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