Best battery charger for lawn mowers

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So, how do you get your lawn mower up and running again after prolonged winter parking?

Answer: the best battery charger for lawn mowers.

You see, lead-acid batteries can only hold their charge for a definite period.

For this reason, you’re probably going to struggle with a dead lawn mower battery when spring returns (and the turf again needs trimming).

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Read on if you’re currently looking for one because this thorough guide will help you find just the right model for your lawn cutting machine.

First up is our review of the battery chargers for lawn mower that have captured our attention.

Best battery charger for lawn mower: product reviews

Here’s our list of the leading lawn mower compatible battery chargers to choose from.

1.     5 Amp, 12Volts Smart Battery Charger/Maintainer for Lawn Mower

This 5 amp, 12Volts battery charger has been a hit with many lawn mower owners and we cannot see you going wrong with it either.

It comes with a range of professional features that makes it vastly capable.

First, its high frequency charging system delivers 3-stage charging and it conveniently switches from fast charge to top-off and then to trickle charge automatically.

Next, the built-in circuit protection guards make it safe to use for you and your battery- no reverse polarity, overcharging, short-circuits, over-current, sparks, open-circuits, and even overheating.

More good news: The LCD display shows all the essentials including the battery voltage, current charging status, inside temperature, etc.

Plus, it works for nearly all battery types- heavy duty calcium deep cycle type, marine, AGM, SLA batteries…you name it.

The only concern in this pulse repair battery charger is its inability to mend seriously damaged batteries.


  • Excellent price.
  • Nice size.
  • Charges batteries lightning fast


  • Not compatible with Lithium-ion batteries.

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2.     BLACK+DECKER Fully Automatic 6V/12V BM3B Battery Charger

Another model you can bet on for hassle-free starts when the mower isn’t being utilized on a regular basis is this BM3B fully automatic battery charger/maintainer from BLACK+DECKER (6V/12V).

We highly recommend it because of its ease of use.

Look: You simply set its voltage selector switch to 6V/12V depending on the battery, connect the charger with the battery clips/battery ring terminals (it’s pretty simple), and voila, it starts pumping in the juice.

And like the previous brand, it will automatically stop charging as soon as the battery achieves fully charge or tops off.

And to maintain the charge, it will swiftly change to float mode.

You’ll also appreciate the longer cable and easy-to-read display/status indicators.

It looks cute too!

Like most of its rivals, you and the battery are protected against various hazards by the integrated circuit protection guards.

It’s actually ETL certified meaning guaranteed performance and safety.

Another thing: The mounting holes together with the included mounting bracket are great for securing it to your desired location.

In short, give it serious thought if you’re really after the best battery charger for lawn mower.

Note that it charges and maintains GEL, AGM, and WET batteries (12 and 6 volts)


  • Outstanding quality.
  • Compact and lightweight.
  • Setup is a breeze.


  • Shorter 1 year warranty.

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3.     Battery Tender 12 V Automatic Battery Charger

Don’t let the small and unassuming looks fool you here: This Battery Tender 12 V packs a mean punch.

In fact, it’s one of the best sellers in the market right now.

That surely tells you something: you have a genuine jewel in your hands here.

Mind you, it works for pretty much anything you own at home- ATVs, UTVs, motorcycles, all kinds of mowers, back-up generators, golf carts, etc.

The question is, what makes it this special?

Well, it’s absolutely one of the smartest around…

This is essentially smart microprocessor controlled hence your battery receives the correct level of energy at all times.

It’s indeed a technological marvel and will even check for a correct setup before giving power thanks to the onboard computer.

Not only is it spark-proof but it’s also reverse polarity protected.

And because of the quick disconnect harness, you’re ready to charge in seconds.

It’s equipped with ring terminals and alligator clips for smooth hook up as well.

What’s more, you get a handy 12-foot long cord (few beats this) and an impressive 5-year warranty.

Three words: This is fantastic!

Note: This works for all 12V lead-acid, AGM, and GEL cell batteries


  • Functional timer (80 hours).
  • You have nothing to do- it manages charging on its own.
  • Advanced design.


  • Nothing of note.

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Best battery charger for lawn mower: Buying guide

Now that we’re done with the reviews, it’s good to mention that not everything promoted as the best battery charger for lawn mower is equally good.

It has never been, anyway.

Still, every owner has a list of unique requirements they want a charger to meet.

To help you make the right choice, here is couple of the most vital aspects to keep in mind in your hunt for a worthy lawn tractor battery charger…

·         Multiple mode charging settings

Having options such as slow charge, fast charging, and float maintenance mode helps you charge optimally according to your needs.

·         Compatibility with your specific battery

Some chargers won’t work for certain battery types.

We recommend that you read the paperwork before ordering to see if it will charge your installed battery.

It should also have enough ‘bank capacity’ – most common are 6v and 12v battery chargers at this level.

·         Durable construction

A rugged housing and other destruction-resistant qualities such as waterproofing make it a lasting investment.

·         Ease of use

You certainly want a replacement unit that works a treat and recharges your battery with ease.

It should especially switch over to the different charging modes without bothering you much and stop on attaining full charge.

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·         Multiple protective features

For peace of mind, consider:

  1. Automatic temperature compensation- Though not available in all, this helps adjusts the current charging temperature to protect your battery from overheating and possible damage.
  2. Auto-safety-shutdown – Halts charging in case of problems like the terminal clip falling off.
  3. Integrated charging timer- This safety feature cut off charging after a fixed time. You’re well aware that an overcharge could easily ruin the battery.
  4. Hook-up protection- Checks for improper connections before beginning to charge.

·         Additional Wished-for Features

Here is a checklist of extra “wish-to-have” qualities to be on the lookout for:

  1. More connection options – A unit providing multiple battery terminal connections is friendlier since you can use the option you find easier.
  2. Long cables- All the necessary hook up cords should be longer for operational convenience.
  3. Mounting brackets- This allows you to permanently mount it at a desired spot, if you so wish.
  4. A reasonable warranty- Anything beyond one year clearly indicates that the company is backing the product to last and work as advertised. You can also interpret it to mean that the product is of an exceptional standard.

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Final remarks

The best way to make your life easy during the cold weather is by hooking up a quality battery charger to your lawn tractor’s battery.

When shopping, be sure to pick one with the ability to recharge your mower’s battery and with those features that suit your preferences.

The other option is, of course, the jump-start technique – provided you own a compatible battery- but it’s much more troublesome.

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