Universal grass catchers for riding mowers

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Sometimes bagging your lawn clippings could be necessary for your turf’s health. Also, many lawn care gurus prefer to bag their grass clippings during cutting for a well-groomed, clean look.

One of the bagger options available for owners of riding mowers is universal grass catchers for riding mowers.

These grass catchers attach to countless riding mowers brands and can be a smarter alternative when you can’t find a grass catcher build precisely to fit your Husqvarna, Troy-bilt, Cub cadet, Simplicity, Snapper, etc. riding mower.

We’ve been looking at these handy lawn mower equipment- we looked at their design, features, specs, performance, and even reviews and narrowed down on the best three.

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We present them below together with some tips to help you’ll identify the model that’s perfect for you.

The best universal grass catchers for riding mowers- reviews, pros, and cons

Here’s are the grass catchers to make grass and leaves collection quick and easy for you, if you have chosen to bag clumps of cuttings over leaving them to sit on the lawn and mulch.

1.     PK-EX4 Large Capacity (4.4 Cubic Foot) Grass Catcher

This universal fit product has all the features you can possibly need for any grass catching operation and hence comes top of our most recommended products.

The unit’s durability, smart design, and versatility make it one of the best universal grass catchers for riding mowers, in our opinion.

Just to highlight, the construction is, on the whole, very well built.

There are all steel panels forming into the frame which ensures not only a better fit but also a neat look.

The other thing that really sold us to this is the lifetime-lengthening features.

First, the tough welded framework is backed by a plated mounting pin assembly resulting in enhanced durability.

Secondly, the manufacturer has applied powder coat finishing that outwears ordinary paint.

We also love that it installs in just seconds in different lawn machines- it’s so easy you won’t believe your luck. 

Plus, you’ll be walking away with a reasonably big capacity (4 cubic feet), especially for domestic applications.

We would, however, like to point out that while it fits plenty of models, there are a couple of mowers it doesn’t support.

For this reason, it’s important to contact the seller to verify that it works for your particular mower prior to putting your money in this.


  • Helpful customer service.
  • Simple to fix.
  • Works like a charm.


  • You may experience a bit of dust while using it.

2.     Grass Catcher Universal Fit for Lawn Mower 5011SC

This grass catcher was designed with owners of riding lawn tractors and walk-behind mowers with a flat-sided outlet in mind and is pretty durable and with an easy-to-use design.

The universal mounting bracket together with the enlargeable inlet makes it real fast and easy to install on your mower- you won’t be bothering your buddy for help!

The capacity is good as well and it permits 3 1/2 – 4 bushels of clippings and leaves, which is one of the highest among all the grass catchers we looked at.

This is a high quality product and you’re guaranteed tremendous airflow due to the unique cylinder shape so clippings won’t be jamming the mower-catcher connection.

Every other part seems well made and we can’t see it pulling apart any time soon.

Overall, the universal grass catcher is for non-SCAG commercial mowers.

Please note that 2 bolts are needed to attach fix it to the mower (not included).


  • Easy to carry (Weighs only 15 lbs.).
  • Larger, easy-to-use handle.
  • Full 6” ground clearance.


  • The hardware for attaching the unit missing.

3.     CatchPro Grass Bagger/Catcher – Aluminum & Stainless steel 4.1 Cubic Feet

The CatchPro Grass Catcher Bundle also performs well and is another alternative that could prove magical for your riding mower.

Some of the Catchpro’s grass catcher best features include an all-aluminum panel plus a stainless steel mouth for maximum strength, a design that reduces dust while directing air away (from the engine), and the quick opening door for easier emptying.

Still, it’s engineered such that the clippings are predominately pushed to the rear, helping bring even clipping packing.

The unit’s 3 top handles have been positioned in a way that creates balance and more convenient handling.

It comes with a universal mount bracket and like the rest, installation is incredibly easy.

The only issue is that it’s not 100% universal- the manufacturer recommends it for Gravely riding mowers such as ZTXL, ZTX, Pro Stance.

The good news is that the company is always upgrading and has been suiting newer models each passing day.

But to be sure, chat with them about your particular lawn tractor ahead of purchasing.


  • Replacement panels and other parts readily available.
  • Built to last.
  • Easy to handle.


  • Doesn’t work with as many models as its rivals.

PS: Watch this video to see how it’s installed.

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universal grass catcher for zero turn mowers buying guide

Chances are, you’ll meet tons of other universal grass catchers for riding mowers out there including some from offline stores in your area.

Here is how to tell if it’s going to be the right choice for your needs:

·         Look at the construction material

Many grass catchers tend to suffer rapid deterioration either because of decaying wet grass clippings messing the construction material or on account of the stresses put on the material, mostly by the support structure.

In view of the above, it is in your best interest to select a grass catcher that is made from quality grade materials that won’t be subject to decay.

Think of sturdy aluminum (nice because they additionally make it lightweight) and similar good quality materials (stainless steel and the like).

Powder coating is also a bonus because it helps improve longevity.

·         Ease of use

One of the most important requirements is an easy operation, that is, it should be straightforward to add to your riding mower.

One way of telling if it checks this box is investigating if the installation directions are well written and illustrated.

Furthermore, almost everyone has the idea that enhanced airflow helps clippings pass through grass catchers with little trouble, eliminating the problem of clogging.

Also, check if the model you’re favoring offers good ground clearance above the lawn.

·         What size grass catching capacity does it offer?

You also have to be particularly careful about the grass catcher dimensions before buying.

It goes without saying that one definite intention is to have an accessory that holds large amounts of various vegetation because of the operational convenience.

So, how many bushels of grass clippings do you have in mind?

All these products have varied abilities and you should order according to your actual needs.

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Grass catchers are a great intervention when your grass is extremely overgrown or too dump for mulching.

We have just brought you the top 3 universal grass catchers for riding mowers that fit nearly all popular brands including John Deere, MTD, Toro, Gravely, etc. to help you discover an ideal one.

Don’t forget to contact the seller where necessary to confirm your choice’s compatibility with your precise riding lawn mower.

We hope that this comprehensive guide will help point you in the right direction.

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