UTV spreader with electric gate

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An easier way to apply materials such as fertilizers, ice melt, and grass seeds over the ground is by using a UTV spreader with electric gate, that is if you own a UTV.

What I love most about this spreader is that you start and stop material flow from inside your UTV thanks to the included electric gate kit.

Below you’ll find the top-rated UTV spreaders with electric gate:  best for the money, best in holding up when you put down massive amounts of material, and so on.

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Here are three quick things to know about buying a UTV spreader with electric gate before we start.

UTV spreader with electric gate: Buying guide

1.      Durability

It’s the question that pops in our minds most: will it last?

Or more to the point: since they can be quite expensive, can I use it for a lifetime (no pun intended!).

Well, the thing is if it’s built solid and everything is heavy-duty (start with its motor), we won’t bet against it even if you don’t treat it that good.

2.       Capacity

Another thing you have to worry about is the amount of load the hopper can carry.

And the bigger, the better if you want to cover large plots in one go (although you might need to dig deeper into your pockets to purchase large scale models).

Are you business-minded?

If you answered yes, go for nothing short of units designed for commercial users (we met one or two good ones out there).

Of course, a medium capacity could suffice for small to medium-sized food plots.

And finally…

3.      Is it compatible with your UTV?

You probably already know this: the UTV spreader with electric feed gate mounts on your vehicle to spread materials.

To be specific, this device goes to the back of your UTV (although certain models can be hooked to the front).

And that’s what should concern you because you need it to connect effortlessly with your vehicle for it to work.

But we have some good news: most come with universal mounting brackets making them compatible with almost all UTV models.

UTV spreader with electric gate reviews

To make it easy for you to find the best UTV spreader with electric gate from brands such as Moultrie, Agrifab, Snowex, and more, we carefully looked at their leading models.

Here is what we think about each along with the most noteworthy pros and cons:

1.     Moultrie ATV/UTV Spreader with Electric Feedgate

Originally made for ATVs, this mounts to UTVs too to take the hard work out of your food plot preparation chore.

This popular attachment gives you 100 lbs of feed load at one time and is up to the challenge of effortlessly spreading seed mixtures, ice melt, sand, fertilizer, and a variety of other materials.

It comes with an adjustable feed gate (electric) to allow you feed different kinds of feeds through the gate, making it ideal for nearly all your spreading needs.

Plus, you easily get it to dispense with a simple push of a button.

It’s also equipped with a handy quick release system to help you quickly and easily detach the spreader’s bucket.

Furthermore, it’s a lasting model as evidenced by the heavy-duty deflector shield (abrasion resistant), a stout motor, and durable hopper (made of rust-proof tapered plastic).


  • Works with most UTVs (comes with universal mounting brackets).
  • East to put together.
  • Friendly operation.


  • Costly.
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2.     Moultrie ATV/UTV Food Plot Spreader – Electronic Feed Gate

Another electric gate fitted model from Moultrie to win praise is this amazing UTV/ATV seed spreader.

It features settings 1 through 6 to give you flexible control of the seed/fertilizer dispense rates and works amazingly for seeding and fertilizing tasks.

Like its sibling, there’s plenty we love about this unit including the non-corrosive hopper, a 60% larger deflection shield, and the secure-fitting lid to protect added substances from the elements.

Additionally, it comes with a robust 12-volt motor and the nice built-in quick-release system to allow an easier detachment after getting the job done.

It matches the 100 lb. capacity offered by the previous seed/fertilizer spreader with electric gate from Moultrie making it an excellent option for owners of large properties.

For this equipment, you have to add Moultrie’s UTV spreader conversion bracket to distribute seed/feed corn from the comfort of your UTV.


  • Hopper empties completely.
  • Comes with all you need.
  • Super-powerful motor.


  • A couple of flimsy parts.
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3.     SnowEx SP-100-1UTV spreader with electric gate

Don’t let the size fool you…. The SP-100-1 tailgate spreader delivers a huge performance for smaller applications.

This SP-100-1 is designed to spread materials like calcium chloride pellets and bagged ice melters up to about 20 feet wide and includes useful features that make it a favorite even among pros. 

Like the competition, the SP-100-1 is installed with a well-built electric gate- just flip the switch to open or close the unit’s throat to trigger or stop material flow.

Then there’s a weather-resistant, cab-mounted variable speed control to help you adjust the spinner speed and manage the spread swath appropriately.

Another thing: It uses a standard hitch mount so there’s a great chance that this electric spreader will mount without much fuss to your UTV vehicle.

Also noteworthy is the clear weather cover (keeps the material safe from the outside moisture) together with a hardy electric-powered spinner motor (gets electricity from your vehicle).


  • Constructed like a tank.
  • Easy to mount.
  • Multi-use capabilities- allow the spreading of countless materials including pelletized lime.


  • Reduced capacity.

More Helpful tips

·         Care for your equipment

At the end of the day, this is pretty much like other garden equipment meaning that the secret to longevity is proper care.

Subsequently, put some effort and follow your vehicle’s owner’s manual instructions with respect to recommended maintenance procedures and routine care.

For instance, wash the spreader after using it with fertilizer and apply rust preventing spray.

Likewise, don’t leave unused material in the hopper- material could harden up/freeze, messing your unit.

·         Look out for the total spreader weight

For safety, do not exceed the maximum material capacity shown on the paperwork (overloading could cause an accident/damage.).

Be sure to add the weight of spreader, mount, plus the material weight when determining the total spreader weight.

·         Observe spreading best practices

Implement the following advice to achieve accurate and even spreading:

  • Pay steady attention to your UTV spreader settings- Getting them right might be the best bet for an efficient distribution of chemicals and other products on the yard.
  • Spread at the perfect speed- For every material type, adjust the speed up/down to obtain an acceptable pattern.
  • Managing the pass- Increase the spinner speed to widen the pass and drive slower (or elevate the auger speed) for a heavier pass.

Wrapping it up

We’ve dug up the best UTV spreaders with electric gate and presented them to you in this guide.

They can be expensive, yes but looking at the big picture, it’s a little price to pay for a device that brings so much convenience to your gardening hobby.

Whether you’re distributing grass seed, chemicals, ice melts, or even granular fertilizer on your yard, this gear will have you covered.

One last word: just don’t forget to calibrate its electric flow control.

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