UTV/atv spreaders with agitator

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Proper agitation is crucial if you’re going to do a professional job when distributing seeds, compost, small grain, fine limestone, and more across your garden space.

And one of the many ways you can achieve this is by attaching a UTV spreader with agitator to your UTV vehicle.

This guide focuses on UTV mounted spreaders added with an internal agitator to ensure a trouble-free spreading of different materials.

We also bring you our top 3 picks for your quick shopping for a UTV spreader with agitator.

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Let’s dive right in:

UTV spreader with agitator: product reviews

We looked at dozens of UTV-compatible spreaders with agitator from budget brands to commercial implements and shortlisted our 3 favorites on the market right now.

Here is our take on each:

1.     Guide Gear ATV/UTV Heavy-Duty Spreader with agitator

This Guide Gear ATV/UTV Heavy-Duty Spreader with agitator will do job well without breaking the bank.

Plus, it has most of the perks you’d get with more expensive spreaders like a powerful, 12V DC motor (570 RPM speed rating), a rain cover to help it last, and controls you can reach from the driver’s seat.

Despite its pretty affordable price point, the tool is a top-quality option that might leave you in awe of how well it throws.

Above all, this spreader spreads to a reasonable radius and can complete the job quite fast and efficiently thanks to the 12’ broadcast width.

The implement’s polly hopper has 125-lb. capacity and should hold about 16 gallons of material.


  • Heavy-duty and durable.
  • Mounting it to a UTV is a breeze.
  • Great price.


  • The operation could have been made even smoother by a better-designed cable adjusting system.

2.     Agri-Fab  130-lbs Tow-Behind UTV Broadcast Spreader

Another spreader with agitator for UTV to catch our attention is this 130-pound tow behind broadcast spreader from Agri-Fab.

There’s again a lot to like in this one – from the precise flow setting adjustment (accessible from the UTV’s seat), smooth running tapered gears, and the rust-proof poly hopper, this has everything it takes for years of clog-free spreading.

And the good thing is that the unit is easy to install- the universal hitch attaches seamlessly and quickly to various brands of UTVs.

The other winner is the 13″ x 4″ pneumatic tires along with the wide wheelbase for smooth transport even on rough terrain.

Note that you can even get more value and performance from this Agri-Fab’s 130-Pound Spreader by ordering the optional accessories.

For example, the hopper covers can help prevent spillage of materials while the material deflectors limit the width to eliminate waste and keep products out of unwanted spots.

Likewise, the hopper grates could be useful as they can avert the blocking of the flow control hole by clumped material.

We recommend it for home owners with larger swathes to handle (one acre and more).


  • Easily accessible handle.
  • Industry best 3-year limited warranty.
  • Spreads evenly.


  • Near perfect model.

3.     Field Tuff ATV12 AS-80 Receiver Mount Spreader, 80-Pound with agitator

Originally built for ATVs, this spreader has been modified and nowadays attaches to the 1 ¼”/2” receiver of your UTV.

Like the rest, the integrated agitator keeps the material inside its hopper moving and won’t get clogged easily.

We picked it because of the heavy-duty construction and convenient operation (think of the added on/off switch and adjustable flow).

In fact, it packs the same beefy 12-volt DC motor (with a speed rating of 570rpm) found on the popular Guide Gear ATV/UTV heavy-duty spreader so it’s a tool you can trust.

It also matches its Guide Gear rival 12’ broadcast width meaning that you’ll cover large ground in significantly less time. 

It, however, loses out to its competitor in terms of the load capacity (80 lb. vs 125-lb.) but the manufacturer compensates for this by selling it at a couple of bucks less.

It’s worth mentioning that the quoted capacity holds 8 gallons of product.


  • Rain cover provided.
  • Simple installation (use the included wiring harness).
  • Spreads anything you can think of.


  • Reduced capacity.

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How does a UTV spreader with agitator work?

As you might be aware, this must-have equipment comes with a built-in agitator to help break up the fertilizer (or other products) if it clots.

For the most part, the rotating agitator is placed just above the hopper holes and feature claws that dig deep into the openings to break through the clogs.

The result is a consistent flow of your fertilizers, seed, ice melt, salt, sand, and other types of dry turf care materials.

In short, used correctly, UTV spreaders with agitators are one of the most efficient ways to distribute powdery/clumpy fertilizers, lime, sand, and other lawn care products on your lawn.

Atv pull behind fertilizer spreader with agitator : Buying guide

The best way to buy a ATV spreader with agitator is to focus on its ability to serve your needs.

Here are some things to keep in mind:

·         How well it works

You surely don’t want a spreader that throws materials all over the place.

Okay, I understand that you can make up a shield with cardboard or some sheet metal to help direct the flow where you want it but why all the trouble if you could have avoided it in the first place?

·         Overall construction

We all want a tool that lasts.

For this reason, pick a model comprising of sturdy parts starting with a good motor.

On the same token, select a unit whose hopper is made of durable material as it will stand up to harsh salt and sand combinations as well as the elements.

A powder-coated steel frame is also preferable because it increases resistance against rust.

·         Weight Capacity

When it comes to the market offers different options.

What you should know is that a higher weight capacity model is required if you’ll be tackling medium and large acreage (you won’t be stopping/starting every few minutes for refilling).

·         How wide of an area does it cover?

This varies from one model to the next.

You should check the product’s description before buying to be sure of the foot width it spreads.

·         Easy of mounting

Some need a few modifications to work.

For instance, I have come across models that need you to engineer a custom bracket to make it mount to the back of your ATV. 

Others require that you drilled extra holes on the hardware the manufacturer provides before mounting it.

That’s more work and I would go for models that mount directly to the current rear utility rack on the UTV unless unavailable.

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Although the conventional spreader can do the job, a UTV spreader with agitator keeps the dropped materials in motion and will help you get a continuous flow of all kinds of products.

And as we have seen, some great brands are waiting for you out there including the impressive products we have reviewed in this article.

You also know what to look out for when buying so your decision shouldn’t be that tough.

Take it from me: It could be an investment you’ll be proud of for years to come.

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