Chemical sprayers for zero turn mowers

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You can easily transform your zero turn into a powerful multipurpose sprayer with the addition of one of the available chemical sprayers for zero turn mowers.

And it could be yet another smart way of getting more out of your investment – after all, zero turns don’t come cheap.

Chemical sprayers for zero turn mowers ( previews)

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This article discusses the various options you have when searching for chemical sprayers for zero turn mowers.

I will also share useful tips to help you when shopping for a zero turn sprayer.

Read on.

Chemical sprayers for zero turn mowers: What options do you have?

One size doesn’t fit all when it comes to chemical sprayers for zero turn mowers and you can opt to rig up your mower with different sprayer systems.

Take a look:

·         Tow-behind chemical sprayers

You can apply herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, fertilizers, and other products using a tow behind spraying equipment.

For these, you simply connect the sprayer’s wiring to your mower, switch it on, and get down to spraying.

The good news is that they attach to nearly all major brands of zero turns with a standard hitch pin.

At the same time, some have five times the regular capacity of smaller sprayers so you are spared the inconvenience of making frequent stops to refill it.

In addition, the retractable tow-bar, folding boom arms, and detachable axle, as well as wheels, enable ultra-compact storage.

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·         Front fitting sprayer

Another alternative is to go for one of the after-market sprayers designed to mount on the front of your mower.

These have a key advantage: With this sprayer mounted on zero turn mower, you add more weight on the front of your zero turn helping to reduce traction issues.

You operate most of them using a straightforward on/off foot switch.

Plus, the boom folds to allow you to mow without having to detach the sprayer.

·         Other alternatives

There are a couple of other inventions.

For example, some companies manufacture mounted sprayers that fit precisely onto the zero turn’s baggers brackets.

All you have to do here is take the bagger out then slip the chemical sprayer right on.

I have also stumbled on commercial liquid fertilizer sprayer attachments for zero turns engineered with a proprietary locking caster system and narrower profile to help spray difficult and hilly terrains.

Chemical sprayers for zero turn mowers: Buying guide

Let’s now discuss the essentials to consider when shopping for a sprayer for toro zero turn or any other z-turn mower brand.

  • Chemical resistance- you want a sprayer that withstands various pesticides and other chemicals. Features like UV-resistant walls, valves made of materials that resist elements, and a corrosion-resistant frame all point to more longevity.
  • Efficiency- pick a lawn sprayer that’s meticulously built to provide precise and effective coverage. Here you can, for instance, check whether it maintains a consistent spray performance and the radius it can spray.
  • Tank- a bigger tank that’s easy to refill and drain is required. It should also preferably offer a mechanism that allows accurate mixing and constant agitation of your spray mixture for enhanced consistency.
  • Ease of use You obviously want a unit that straightforward to control and attach (where applicable). Look for a model with straightforward controls and an intuitive control layout.
  • Other considerations:

Extras like a marking system (to reduce over-spraying and under-spraying) and a compact folding boom design (for easier storage and cutting operation) are also desirable.

You might also want:

  • Larger tires- for excellent hillside stability 
  • Nimble design- this makes it easy to spray narrow areas.
  • Gallonage indicator– helps track the remaining tank volume.

Where to buy chemical sprayers for zero turn mowers

Well, you can order turf sprayersfor zero turns from online market places such as Amazon and eBay (used).

Besides, manufacturers like Tide industries also sell chemical sprayers such as the Kubota zero turn sprayer attachment directly from their websites.

The last possibility would be the local authorized dealer of your zero turn brand- research if they distribute such accessories.

Chemical sprayers for a zero turn: product reviews

Here now are our reviews of the 3 top selling sprayers for zero turn mowers.

They might help you land the best sprayer for zero turn mower.

1.   NorthStar Tow-Behind Trailer/Spot Sprayer Boom Broadcast

This features an extra-large capacity (21-Gallon) tank and is compatible with a wide variety of pesticides.

It also comes with a long-lasting on-demand pump that’s famous for its quicker priming and great flow rate – very few units reach its 2.2 GPM(Gallons per Minute) while the 70 PSI (max) nozzle pressure gives it excellent reach.

The adjustment on the spraying wand helps you get an even spray pattern.

Plus, you can rotate the boom nozzles to spray where you need.

The control switch is located within your hand’s reach and the controls are really super easy to engage.

Overall, a very impressive best pull type sprayer for zero turns.


  • The agitator keeps the chemicals mixed.
  • Superior reliability – the materials resist most chemicals.
  • Automatically turns off to conserve battery if no flow is needed


  • The 12v battery cord is a bit short

 2.  Agri-Fab Tow Sprayer

The Agri-Fab Tow Sprayer is also configured to easily mount to practically all brands of z-turn tractors.

It packs a durable 12v pump that you hook up to your zero turn mower’s battery.

Moving on, it has a 15-gallon heavy-duty, chemical resistant tank with a nice drain and a hand wand that sprays up to 30 feet to help you distribute chemicals to the hard-to-reach bushes and trees.

The boom provides 4 spray tips and a self-coiling wand with a hose for precise spot spraying.

We also loved the fact that the boom folds up easily on both sides to save on storage space and the large screw cap – it makes the process of mixing chemicals a breeze.

The more maneuverable 10″ flat-free tires smoothly drive even on challenging terrain and are safer.


  • Valve helps control the flow.
  • High quality sprayer.
  • Seamless operation.


  • Complex setup instructions.

3.  Ironton Spot Sprayer

The Ironton spot sprayer is another cutting edge mower sprayer for zero turns (and ATVs).

The resilient 1 GPM pump (made of the famously chemical-resistant Santoprene and Viton materials) and a sturdy 8-gallon tank (made of UV-resistant components) make it a long-term choice.

The tank has a large 3 1/2in opening to help you pour in the blend without spilling and empties easily thanks to the included bottom drain.

Additionally, it has gallon marks molded in to help you monitor liquid levels.

Turning to the operation, you can adjust the spray gun nozzle from stream to cone depending on what you’re spraying.

Still there, the stream has a 12 foot (vertical) and 20 foot (horizontal) maximum spraying distance which is much longer than what some of the cheaper sprayers afford.

Also included is a remote switch (with battery clips).


  • Lightweight, clear PVC hose.
  • Versatile- can spray virtually all types of pesticides.
  • Durable construction.


  • Not meant to work with a boom.

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How to mount a sprayer on a lawn mower

Some units can be mounted using a universal hitch while others will need you to modify the accompanying hitch by drilling some holes.

You can even construct a custom mower sprayer mount to help you connect the sprayer to the mower, especially if you enjoy DIY projects.

In short, the procedure depends on the sprayer you select and the best way to get it right is by referring to your owners’ manual.

Before using your sprayer, conduct a quick inspection to locate any obvious damages and cracks- these can cause leaks (of course, leaked liquid is wasted money).

Furthermore, it’s important to clean your sprayer attachment after use- this helps prevent premature breakdown.

Your operators’ manual specifies other crucial maintenance procedure- follow them to a tee to get maximum return from your new accessory.

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