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There are various routine maintenance tasks that help keep your car’s engine working optimally. Timely oil change is one of those routines. You might head to the nearest dealership anytime you want to change the engine’s oil.

However, if you are a car enthusiast, you might want to do it yourself.  Most vehicles are designed such that you can have the oil changed even at the comfort of your garage.

So it is not rocket science. You will only need a jack stand, a jack, and an oil drain pan. Large vehicles will require large oil drain pans.

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The truth is getting the best oil drain pan that works for your needs is easier said than done. Some are not so good.

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Some spill oil to the floor of the garage – which will harm the environment. Other brands are super good and will get the job done smoothly and without leaving a mess for you to clean up.

There are various factors you might want to look at when choosing a great oil drain pan for your vehicle. Some of the factors include your preferred design, oil capacity, durability, ease of use, ease of cleaning and price.

Based on these factors, we have rounded up 5 best drain pans that we feel you will fall in love with:

1.     ATD Tools Black Drain Pan

If you are looking for something more basic, ATD Tools 5184 Black Drain Pan will be a great choice.

Take note though, when we talk of basic, we don’t mean it’s a cheap knock off probably imported from a certain country. Actually, this drain pan is carefully designed to offer not only convenience but also superb service to you.

Some of the models best features include:

  • Large spout for easy pouring
  • Anti-splash lip contains fluid
  • 6″ deep x 15.25″ diameter
  • Molded handle for easy, carrying and pouring.
  • Large capacity – 30-quart

ATD Tools 5184 Black Drain Pan packs a large capacity oil drain featuring 30 quart which is about 7.6 gallons of fluid when full. The anti-splash lip on the other hand helps ensure all your fluids stay within the drain pan. For easy disposal and pouring of liquids, it features a large spout on one end so that you can use it without a funnel and won’t have to worry about unnecessary spills.

 The molded handles are carefully designed for easier and convenient use of the oil drain pan around. If you are a mechanic or have ever changed transmission fluid, you know what a mess the whole thing may turn out to be. Most drain pans will bend or flex when full of the fluid. That means you will most likely end up with a mess to clean up.

Thanks to ATD Tools 5184 Black Drain Pan all the used-up transmission fluid will end up in the drain pan and none will be spilled on the floor of your garage.  So you won’t have any mess to deal with. On top of that,  ATD Tools 5184 Black Drain Pan is designed to make oil changes efficient and clean.

Overall this is a great oil drain pan. If you thought this is something cheap you could easily throw away, you probably won’t need this. Look elsewhere. However, if you want a high quality, big drain pan that you can use again and again, you cannot go wrong with this one.

Take care though if you want to fill your drain pan to capacity. Otherwise, the fluid might backflow, and come out of the spout, messing the floor.


  • Allows easier fluid changes
  • Has a large spout that facilitates easy pouring
  • Molded handle makes it easier to pour, carry or store the fluid.
  • Anti-splash lip that prevents oil spillage
  • Lightweight and durable plastic material, so that it will serve you a little longer.


  • ●       Not recommended for transporting oil
  • The pouring spout might need a bigger lip above it

2.     Lumax Black LX-1632 15 Quart Drainmaster Pan

If you are looking for the best oil drain pan that will help you recycle your oil, probably this is the unit you are looking for.

Engineered with the user-in-mind, the Lumax LX-1632 Black 15 Quart Drain master packs unique features that makes your job much faster, easier and co-effective.

Here are some of the models best features:

  • Great for oil recycling
  • 15 Qt which is synonymous to 14. 25 litres.
  • Direct drain – no oily tub, mess or funnel
  • Heavy-duty Construction with E-Z Roll Wheels & Handle Design
  • Large opening screw cup( diam.8″ ).

The large opening and a basket makes it easier for you to recycle oil for reuse.  The opening offers more spacing for the oil and minimum chances of oil spillage. However, unlike the ATD Tools Black Drain Pan, this tool has much lower capacity – 15 quart.

Thanks to the heavy-duty construction, Lumax LX-1632 Black 15 Quart Drain master will easily resist damage including accidental misstep. The rolling oil drain pan packs great Roll Wheels that makes it easier for you to maneuver the unit around without having to carry it. 

Besides, it stands 5’’ high, making it great for fitting under different cars. 


  • Leak-proof
  •  Larger opening and screw cap
  • Affordable price
  • Roll Wheels for easy maneuverability. 


  • No gasket

3.     Roughneck Low-Profile Oil Drain

If you are looking for a portable oil drain pan with a pump that will change the way you change oil, Roughneck Low-Profile Oil Drain will make a great choice.

It is one of the best oil drain pans out there that is commanding rave reviews from different consumers. The design is great, it’s actually what a serious mechanic or auto enthusiast would not want to miss in their car maintenance arsenal.

Some of the best features include:


  • 1.6 Amp pump, 110V, 60Hz pump at speed of 13,000 RPM.
  • Expanded metal shield helps to reduce messy fluid splash.
  • 15 Amp GFCI with test/reset switch for safety.
  • Measures 48’’ long x 25’’ wide x 7 7/8’
  • Metallic cover sheet.

The 7 7/8’’ height makes it a great fit for fitting under different vehicles while the pan is  essentially designed for tight places, where other oil drain pans can’t manage. 

The Roughneck Low-Profile Oil Drain comes with a metal cover that stretches across a large portion gadget so it helps reduce splash and also leaves a less clean up job. The mesh grate, on the other hand, covers the tub so that dirt and debris won’t fall into the oil.

Interestingly, once the oil is finally drained, you can start the pump and start emptying the drain pan. That way, you won’t have to do the dirty job of cleaning up the oil spill mess in your garage.

What’s more? The heavy duty oil drain pan features a steel construction making it more durable while the powder-coat finish helps resist rust. Both these features work harder to extend the lifespan of your oil drain so it can serve you for a little longer.

Overall, it is a great device that makes it easier for you to change oil compared to most plastic oil drain pans out there. If you have a larger family and you all drive, this drain pan will make it easy for you to perform a bunch of oil changes.

However, the device is larger, making it unsuitable for use in garages that occupy smaller spaces. The pump is also slow and takes a bit of time to pump all the drained oil out of the drain pan.


  • Portable design that can conveniently go anywhere
  • Features a durable steel construction
  • Comes with great pump system


  • Occupies large space, thus not ideal for smaller garages
  • The pump takes much time to clear the drained oil

4.     Lincoln 3669 Low Profile 17 Gallon Large Capacity Oil Change Truck Drain

If you are looking for an electric oil drain pan, The Lincoln 3669 will be a great choice. sitting a mere  7’5’’ tall, the 60’’ long x 28’’ wide  oil drain pan  a great choice if you want to use it for most cars.

Some of the model’s  top features include:

  • Capacity 17 gallons
  • Heavy-duty polypropylene construction
  • Electric Pump
  • Four  Casters for maneuverability
  • T-Handle & hose
  • Filter ScreenSize 48’’ long x 25’’ wide x 7 7/8’

Why are adding it in our list of the best oil drain pans out there? To start with, this unit is easy to maneuver thanks to the swivel-style castors.  Secondly, a heavy-duty build ensures you don’t have to worry about anyone stepping on.

Actually, it can hold up to 200lb without caving in. The handle packs comfortable  grips that fold and unfold nicely while the built-in holders makes sure your oil tube holds onto its proper place.

The screen on top of the oil drain hole allows oil to flow in while the filter catches any bit of debris that might land on top of the screen. That way, it ensures that debris won’t be getting into the unit while the built-in pump works hard to fill old containers – or a drum if need be.

Overall, this is a great oil drain pan that works efficiently and will last for a long time.


  • Features a robust design
  • Great filter that traps debris
  • Hole stopper that prevents spills
  • 7.5’’ high so can fit under most cars


  • The length of the warranty not clear

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5.     Goplus Portable Oil Drain Pan

The Goplus is another best oil drain pan out there that comes with a built-in pump.

The device also features incredible functionality that is above many plastic oil drain pans out there.

Some of the features we liked about the model include:

  • High practicability
  • 8’ hose so it can be used in multiple occasions
  • High capacity  up to 17 gallons.
  • Four swivel casters
  • Mesh gate & Screen
  • Durable polypropylene tank
  • T-handles folds for easy positioning

The 8’ hose pipe allows you to drain oil even if there is no hoist or pit that will give you a good working angle. Thanks to the hose, you can securely drain the waste oil or transfer the oil as needed. That way, it gives you the much needed flexibility in how and where to use the waste oil.

However, this drain pan is much heavier and larger and can store up to 17 gallons of oil. But that won’t affect its portability. The whole pan unit rolls on a tray, so you won’t have to keep carrying the whole weight by yourself. Thanks to the low profile (at only 4 inches), it makes the drain pan ideal for use for a variety of automotive oil drain operations.

On top of that, the oil drain pan features a durable reinforced, high-impact propylene construction so you can use the unit repetitively with confidence. This unit, however, is much more expensive. But you get what you pay for.


  • Comes with a pump
  • Durable high-impact propylene
  • Has a large capacity for draining waste oil
  • Wheels that makes it easy for maneuverability


  • Expensive compared to other models
  • Not ideal for use in cold climatic conditions

It is not easy to get the best oil drain pans for your needs. There are many models out there that might look ‘good’ to the inexperienced users.

So you have to dig hard, deeper and gobble up a lot of reviews before you get the one that exactly fits your very needs. 

We hope this review will help you get the best oil drain pan you are looking for.

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