Best ride on mower for uneven ground

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Ride on mower makes life easier. Nowhere is this more evident than in large lawns (1/2 acre and above), where these appliances save people time and effort every single day.

But they don’t cope satisfactorily on uneven ground unless you’re lucky to own one of the best ride on mower for uneven ground.

Worry not if you’re among the unlucky ones.. You’re just about to meet the models constructed to be champions of rougher terrain.

The customized engineering in these top of the line models gives them maximum maneuverability making them fit for mowing tasks on uneven surfaces.

Read on to discover these ultimate masters of mountainous yards.

Tip: Mowers are seasonal items and are cheapest in the month of September moving into early fall when demand is sluggish (the hyper-busy summer season has just ended and dealers are struggling to attract buyers at this time).

Best ride on mower for uneven ground: Product reviews

Whether you’re looking for your first ride on mower unit for mowing sloping embankments or a top drawer machine featuring stability-improving additions such as dynamic tires (with deep treads), the ride on mower reviews below should help.

1.     Raven MPV7100 Hybrid Ride on Lawnmower/Power Generator/Utility Vehicle

A lawnmower so nice, it converts into a multi-purpose vehicle or a generator in minutes!

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The Raven MPV fabricated deck is 46” for an accelerated cutting operation.

In addition to the flawless grass mowing and a breathtaking finish, this mower model tows a variety of your accessories (think pull carts, dethatchers, aerators, and the like) magnificently (up to 550 lbs).

Above all, it’s great on steeply sloping land and other challenging terrains because of its outstanding power (has a 420 cc gasoline engine) and tire grip.

The off-road style shocks (on the front) and suspension mean it absorbs shocks excellently as it moves over bumps and low spots.

You can also vary the ground speed as you wish thanks to the cruise control.

It also turns very well.

Away from that, you can use the generator part to keep your appliances going during power outages.

You can as well make it a handy utility vehicle by removing the deck. 

And with both electric and gas modes, this machinery’s unconventional design does offer you plenty of flexibility.


  • This is truly versatile.
  • Very fast.
  • Good at turning.


  • Wish they can add bigger tires.

2.     Craftsman T225 19HP/540cc Briggs & Stratton 46-Inch Riding Lawn Mower Gas Powered

This 46-Inch ride on lawn tractor mower comes with a powerful gas engine making it the best bet for big yards.

As expected, it lets you change the cutting height until you get the perfect cut.

The engine uses Briggs & Stratton’s patented ready start technology so it starts just as easily as your car.

Of course, the machine made it to our last primarily because of how well it traverses uneven ground.

For this, you have the larger wheels (15-Inch on the front and 20-Inch at the back) to thank.

The response time is amazing and the acceleration fantastic because of the Hydro-transmission system.

You’ll also be happy with its reverse mowing ability as it will help reach tight spots easily.

Your comfort is guaranteed by the supportive high-back, cushioned seat as is your safety- it automatically switches off if you move out of the seat.

Like most Craftsman mowers, this requires little assembly – you only need to fix the seat and the steering column and get off to the races.


  • Rides smoother.
  • Wonderful turning radius.
  • Can accommodate attachments.


  • No major issue.

3.     Troy-Bilt  Briggs & Stratton 540cc Intek Automatic Riding Lawnmower 46-Inch

We recommend this if you would rather have a mower with the easiest-to-use design to take on those slopes and ditches.

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I really haven’t met any other unit as favorable as this in terms of use and comfort.

There’s a soft touch steering to provide easier grip along with a mid-back (padded) seat for optimum comfort.

The other highlight is the unique Step Thru frame which allows easy in-and-out access.

It utilizes a foot pedal operated automatic transmission and as a result, it’s easier to control the mowing speed when working around obstacles and landscaping features.

Like the Craftsman T225, this mower offers a lot of maneuverability advantages on uneven fields including a shorter turning radius and bigger tires (15-Inch and 20-Inch front and back respectively) to increase its ground clearance.

The 19 HP Single Briggs & Stratton engine is workhorse like and will fly through hilly terrains while making smooth, even cuts.

It’s another product with a large 46-inch mowing deck (side discharge) and reverse mowing capacity.


  • Easy deck cleanup.
  • Easy ignition switch.
  • Most comfortable ride.


  • A bit slow in reverse

Best ride on mower for uneven ground: Buying guide

If you’re new to ride on mowers, keep in mind the following when shopping.

Should you buy a zero turn ride on mower or a tractor model?

This is a question asked by many first-timers and it’s important that we tackle it first.

Now, a zero-turn ride lawn mower (also called a z-turn) has a turning radius that’s essentially zero. Different manufacturers achieve this variously; although the hydraulic speed control method remains the most common.

What you will love: Zero-turn mowers cut closely around barriers like bushes and flowerbeds on inclines.

What we dislike: They’re not very safe on sloppy areas.

On the other hand, tractor ride on mowers resemble ordinary garden tractors and use a conventional steering system.

What you will love: There’s an improved center of gravity in these machines hence they hold traction better on steep rises/falls. Additionally, they’re tremendously powerful and can tow tons of attachment around the yard making them extremely useful.

What we dislike: They struggle to turn and don’t cut grass that well near hindrances like rocks.

We move on now to other vital issues…

How well it works

You certainly want a mower with lots of power, decent speed, and that cuts the grass immaculately.

Reading the reviews from previous purchases should give you an idea here.


Next, you want the friendliest machine. You should, therefore, be on the lookout things like:

  • An adjustable blade– A riding mower featuring an adjustable blade along with fast blade engagement is easier to use. 
  • Cruise control– this makes it more maneuverable.
  • Safety add-ons– I have seen units with innovative brake systems that automatically activates/deactivates as you move the steering levers to prevent it from spinning in circles.

Comfort features

For added comfort because you’ll sometimes be mowing all day long, look for features such as an adjustable seat and a steering wheel with soft grip.

The steering column should also allow you to adjust it to your preferred height.

Ergonomic features, for example, a high back seat (with armrests) is great for seniors and disabled users.

Convenience features

The availability of the following extras make your mowing operation more convenient:

  • Fuel sight window– allows you to keep an eye on the gas levels.
  • Towing ability- you can pull attachments such as a trailer full of required garden supplies. There are those with a storage bed for the same purpose.
  • Others- Cup holders, USB charging port, and a place for your smartphone/gloves would be awesome.

Wrapping it up

We hope that the above reviews will help you make an informed decision as you go for the best ride on mower for uneven ground.

Remember that you can further enhance your safety when moving uneven yards by driving up/down a hill and never across.

Also install wheel weights, if available, to boost stability, steering, as well as traction.

The last critical precaution is to slow down the speed so as to have time to see and react in case hazards appear on your path.

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